Moses “Woman Beater” Dixon Won’t Support Ron Tarentino Inspired Bill To Make Assaulting Cops A Felony, Blames His Death On Weak Gun Control Laws

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Moses “woman beater” Dixon got annihilated in his first publicized head to head debate with incumbent State Representative Kate Campanale. Check out some of the highlight’s from the Turtlegram’s coverage:

In the only scheduled debate for the state representative seat in the 17th Worcester District, Democratic candidate Moses S. Dixon came out swinging at state Rep. Kate D. CampanaleThursday night.

Stop right there. Fantastic choice of words by the Turtlegram. So appropriate. After all, this isn’t the first time Moses Dixon has come out swinging at a woman who had the audacity to disagree with him. 

Ms. Campanale, R-Leicester, tried to take the high road and said she did not want to make personal attacks. She said she stands by her record and accomplishments. Mr. Dixon criticized the recent domestic abuse allegations against him, calling them a “smear” campaign by Republicans.

Addressing a recent mailer from the Massachusetts Republican State Committee stating that Mr. Dixon, D-Worcester, is “Too Dangerous for Massachusetts” and “Our Community Must Not Condone Domestic Violence,” Mr. Dixon said, “My opponent and some of her Republican friends have been using false allegations that was from a few years ago to try to smear my campaign and to try to smear me with false allegations.”


While Mr. Dixon always seemed to be on the offensive, he couldn’t avoid addressing the assault and battery charge made against him in May 2012 and a restraining order affidavit that states Mr. Dixon “physically choked” his girlfriend and “pinned” her up against the wall in the Main Street apartment the couple shared, allegations that are presented in the recent mailing. Mr. Dixon says the allegations made in the restraining order and the charge of assault and battery are false. The case was sealed and no more information is available.

“For my opponents and the Republicans to use this for political points is wrong,” Mr. Dixon said. “This was a false allegation years ago and my ex-girlfriend has come out and said they were false and they were wrong. And she is now supporting my campaign for state rep. … And to continue to dig at it is nothing more than a smear.”


Wait……REPUBLICANS are trying to smear you with false allegations? That’s rich. Nah, Moses. The only one making allegations against you is your ex-girlfriend:


An allegation that was listed in both the police report AND signed under penalties of perjury by the victim, Kristal Hansley, on the restraining order she took out against Moses:


We’ve also seen the arrest report. We can’t show you a picture of it because doing so would lead back to the person who sent it to us. But the arresting officer confirmed in the report that the woman had red marks all over her neck. Either Moses put them there or she did. But the cop clearly saw them and it’s in the report. If Moses would like to refute that and prove us wrong then he should voluntarily release the report to the public. But he won’t, because just like Turtleboy he knows EXACTLY what is in that report. 

Yet this woman, who Moses claims not only made up a lie about assaulting her, but also choked herself until she was red so that the cops would believe her, is still best friends with him today:


No objective or reasonable person would believe someone would remain friends with a woman who made up a story like this. But it’s well documented that women who are abused by men often go right back to their abuser and do not pursue charges against them. If you are actually defending this man and choose to believe his lies, then you’re purposely covering your eyes to the truth.

Oh yea, and that picture she tweeted out of the two of them – guess what happened to that right after we published it?


Her entire Twitter account was erased!!! Nothing shady about that!! So basically Jim McGovern or one of his foot soldiers made a phone call to this VICTIM of domestic abuse, and told her to disable her social media. I hope they’re paying her a lot of money to keep quiet, because I sure wouldn’t do what she’s doing for cheap. Maybe Moses is just really good in the sack. Who knows. Either way, he’s certainly not fit to be a State Representative. 

Ms. Campanale said she is not interested in putting personal issues into her campaign, but rather her record and accomplishments. However, Ms. Campanale said her opponent “owns this issue,” and said, “It’s up to him in order to be transparent and release the police report.”

“I do not agree in putting personal politics into the campaign,” Ms. Campanale said. “Truly, I had nothing to do with the Republican party putting out this mailer. But if they are false allegations, are you willing to release the records? Are you willing to be transparent?” 

You go girl!!


In response, Mr. Dixon said the alleged assault and the subsequent mailing constitute “a very hurtful thing,” and he went on to blast the Republican party.

HAHAHHAHA!!! You know what’s a very hurtful thing Moses? Getting choked until your neck is covered with red marks. I guess only Republicans have a problem with that though. 

“First of all, have you ever been falsely accused of something?” Mr. Dixon asked.

“I have tonight by you,” Ms. Campanale answered.


“Mr. Dixon never answered whether he would ever release the police report, rejecting the issue as nothing more than a “smear” campaign and “nasty politics.”

Typical lying politician in the making. Could this guy get any shadier? It’s a yes or no question. Can you prove to the voters that you are truly innocent, or would you prefer to have this cloud hanging over your head? I know what an innocent person would do. But I guess that makes it a “smear” campaign to bring up the fact that a candidate for state office once beat a woman, and is now campaigning on a platform of ending domestic violence. 


Mr. Dixon was also on the defensive on the question of whether he knew about the “mishandling of funds” at Centro, formerly Centro Las Americas, where he serves as the public relations and community affairs officer; he was asked if he felt comfortable working for an organization with “this level of impropriety.” Ms. Campanale said a state audit of Centro found $300,000 from MassHealth was inappropriately used, in addition to $75,000 “inappropriately spent on trips to the Caribbean, golf outings, meals, alcohol and other things.”

“First of all, it’s a mischaracterization to say that this was misuse of money. … They said there was no wrongdoing,” Mr. Dixon said. “This is an issue with MassHealth with a lot of service providers across the commonwealth. MassHealth is saying they have the right to bill and Centro did the right thing. And the state auditor said to MassHealth, no you can’t do that. This is something that service providers like Centro is caught in the crosshairs of.”

Notice a pattern here? Moses is involved with illegal and shady things frequently. And what does he do when he gets busted? He deflects and blames other people. 


But his biggest gaffe of the night came on a question about whether or not he’d support a law that makes it a felony to assault a police officer, since their district is the home of deceased Auburn Police Officer Ron Tarentino:

“Motivated by the murder of Auburn Police Officer Ronald Tarentino Jr., 42, of Leicester, who was shot in the back on May 22 with a stolen gun during a traffic stop on Rochdale Street in Auburn, Ms. Campanale asked where Mr. Dixon stands on a bill that she cosponsored and filed that would make assaulting a police officer a felony. Never answering the question, Mr. Dixon said people have to make sure both sides understand the bill and the core issue is how Officer Tarantino’s murderer got the gun in the first place and how society can make sure that people who have “repeated histories, bad behavior and mental illness” don’t get their hands on guns.”

Oh. My. God. He just blamed Officer Tarentino’s death on weak gun control laws. Hey numbnuts, we live in a state with the strictest gun control laws in the country. And a career criminal like Jorge Zambrano still had no problem getting his hands on a gun. Because at the end of the day Moses Dixon supports the cop-hating assholes amongst us that created the monster known as Jorge Zambrano. He couldn’t even commit to supporting this common sense law to come down harder on people who attack cops. Instead, he blamed it on guns. Because this is what Moses Dixon is all about – blaming other people instead of taking responsibility himself. 

Guess it’s not surprising that Moses Dixon wouldn’t support a law that would protect cops like Ron Tarentino. After all, he’s good buddies with District Attorney Joe Early, who could’ve kept Jorge Zambrano behind bars, but didn’t because “jail wasn’t working for him.”


It’s a joke that Maura Healey, Joe Petty, Rep. Mary Keefe, and Congressman Jim McGovern wrote a letter supporting this woman beating piece of garbage. Especially since these are the same people who are calling Donald Trump unfit for office because he bragged about “pussy grabbing” one time in ought five. They pretend like they care about women, but they really only care about keeping themselves in power. That way they can continue to give out grant money to their friends and give themselves raises. 

At this point you’d just have to be a total asshole to even consider voting for him. Like all of these idiots:

screen-shot-2016-10-28-at-1-08-43-pm screen-shot-2016-10-28-at-3-45-55-pm


Hey “Darby,” we’d love to hear all about Kate Campanale’s big secret. Why not just post it on Facebook? Oh that’s right, there is no big secret. Because she’s too busy doing her job every day and NOT choking women she’s mad at. 

I’ve voted democrat several times in my life and been proud of it. I can honestly say that this election cycle had made me so thoroughly disgusted with them. The fact that they’re standing by this asshole locally, and THAT asshole running for President, speaks volumes about what they really want – power and control. All the other stuff about helping women is just bullshit they use to gain power and control. 


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15 Comment(s)
  • Boss Tweed
    October 30, 2016 at 12:46 am

    How is Rep. Campanale Running for the 17th Worcester Rep office again, when she spends the majority of her time (sleeps over) her boyfriend’s(Rep. Peter Durant) house in Spencer, or is it in Southbridge now that his wife left him, after she found out he was cheating on her with Rep. Campanale. Pretty sure the rules are clear that you must live more than half the year in your primary residents if you want to run in the same district. Why is nobody talking about that????

  • Jay
    October 29, 2016 at 8:31 pm

    To be honest I don’t think someone who spends the night at the bar and ends up getting so drunk he resists arrest and gets physical with the cop should be a felon.

  • Joe Max
    October 29, 2016 at 12:18 pm

    Can’t they find a better candidate than him ? On the best day, he would be considered fair at best, realistically lower. They created this clone-team, if a person votes for one, it’s like voting for them all. Fresolo is running again, I never thought I would vote for him. But since I saw the how they created the clone-team. I will vote for Fresolo, just because he’s not part of the so-called team and is not endorsed by the mainstream.

  • bigdaddy
    October 29, 2016 at 10:36 am

    Moses sounds like a real piece of shit Perfect d-bag for a democrat pol on this state

  • MommaH
    October 29, 2016 at 8:14 am

    Guns don’t kill people Moses, people kill people.
    You can’t toughen up gun control, drug control, homeless control…people make choices!
    When Moses tried to strangle his girlfriend, that was a choice, he could’ve walked away, but he didnt, he chose domestic violence instead.
    JUST let that sink into your stupid DEMOCRATIC, way of thinking, minds.

  • Justice
    October 28, 2016 at 10:18 pm

    I thought Gary Coleman was dead.

  • Really?
    October 28, 2016 at 10:04 pm

    If the toughest gun control laws were put into place and NOBODY could own any type of gun, do you really think that would keep that Zambrano prick from having one? Tell me Zambrano had a legally owned handgun. PLEASE. If you can, I will stick it up my own ass and blow my guts out. Fucking morons.

    • auburnite
      October 28, 2016 at 10:21 pm

      If the dickead didnt have a gun- he wouldve used a knife- like hes attemtped to do in the past. I wish Zambrano ate a bullet long before 5/22. Him and his idiot fktards can all rot in hell.

  • seriously
    October 28, 2016 at 9:10 pm

    “No objective or reasonable person would believe someone would remain friends with a woman who made up a story like this.”


    Let’s even take the “romantic” relationship out of it…it a man’s MALE friend claimed he attacked him, and then the friend filed a police report against him, what man with any common sense would remain friends with him?

    Bad judgement, if nothing else, on Dixon’s part.

    That fact, and the illogical replies from the left, on this story, the Petit family story in CT, and so many others, shows how warped and illogical many Democrats and their party line are.

    The common response to any accusation against a Democrat is “Well?”, “So?”, and “Yes but…”

  • October 28, 2016 at 8:13 pm

    just another way to put more and more disenfranchised minorities in jail! Cops are liars and say whatever… to stick charges on people.
    if this becomes law the charges on assault will probably quadruple.

    • auburnite
      October 28, 2016 at 10:18 pm

      Go fuck yourself you piece of shitl Did you know pussy zambano shot the officer in the BACK- in the back. Like a dickless spineless wonder- which is exactly what I heard he was according to the staff at the worcester jail. Wanna talk shit about the police? Dont call one when you need one- you assmunch. Buncha fkn shit talkers- oh the cops are bad but call 911 cuz my tricycle got stolen off the porch. Disrespectful assclowns. Yall make me fkn sick.

  • Uncle sam
    October 28, 2016 at 7:55 pm

    Do you believe that all men are created equally? If not, get the fuck out of my country, if you do, then you can’t put police officers above the average citizen no matter how much of their life they sacrifice to support and help us. The work they do is very much appreciated but you can’t have a different set of charges for them and a normal citizen. Fuck it, make any assault a felony for all. Why should we deal with assault at all? Garuntee you assault charges will go down after that. For all the assault charges against cops you talk about, the majority are committed against civilians. What happened in the tragic case on Ron Tarentino was carried out by a huge pussy, but I’m sure you would rather have him get charged with assault instead of what ended up happening to him, right?

    • auburnite
      October 28, 2016 at 10:15 pm

      Umm youre an asshole. First off- cops sign up for a job- to protect and serve. Officer Tarentino died doing that job- when he was shot in the fkn back by a pussy mother fkr who, While Im glad hes dead so we didnt have to deal with trial bs- I wouldve loved the opportuntity to punch him right in his cum catcher. Anyone who thinks that an officer shouldnt have some added legal protection is a fkn sped. Assaulting an officer is a form of a hate crime. If youre going to be a fkn asshole- leave Officer Tarentino out of your dialogue you piece of shit.

      • Uncle sam
        October 28, 2016 at 10:34 pm

        You think him assulting (name I won’t mention) was a hate crime? He was a fucking shithead that didn’t want to go back to jail. Nobody goes out of their way to assault cops because they’re cops. They do it because they’re pieces of shit who don’t have respect for authority. Again, what happened was a very tragic situation but this law being instituted won’t stop anything from occurring. The only instance I can see it being applied to in a sense that it might stop the offender is when they’re resisting arrest and assault a cop. At the same time, when you’re resisting arrest, it’s hard to be calm especially as when people do get arrested they’re usually on some sort of drug. It would greatly hurt the offender in that case as it’s be a felony instead of what it is now. As a cop you have to anticipate that the person you’re trying to arrest might react differently to others and some may try to assault you.

  • Walter Sobchak
    October 28, 2016 at 6:45 pm

    Moses Dixon needs to go back to the Mason Dixon line, and take the McGovern mafia with him

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