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  • Mount Kilamanlargeho Asks Facebook If Her Sex Offender Boyfriend Has To Register With Coventry Police Before Sleeping Over

    Mount Kilamanlargeho Asks Facebook If Her Sex Offender Boyfriend Has To Register With Coventry Police Before Sleeping Over

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    This is Amanda Bray of Coventry, RI:

    And this Honey Nut Hambeast apparently wanted to know if her sex offender boyfriend was allowed to sleep over at her house. Naturally instead of just calling the police she decided to do what any rational person would do – ask Facebook:

    Shocking that this beauty queen right here would have to settle for a sex offender:

    But of course it turns out she’d already consulted with the police:

    So then……why are you doing this?

    Oh I see. So you got the answer to your question from the cops, but you still decided to throw it out there on Facebook because you’re “confused” about the answer you received to the yes or no question. Got it.

    It’s all good though, because he’s not a regular sex offender. He’s one of the good ones, whose only crime was tossing the bologna baton at a 15 year old:

    The victim lied about her age, therefore she’s not a victim. Makes sense.

    But just for the record, he doesn’t sleep over:

    Once again, I cannot believe that there is a man out there who would not want to wake up and climb up Mount Kil-A-Man-Large-Ho:

    Shockingly Amanda Bray has some issues with the police, and seems to be a vocal supported of Joseph Santos, who was justifiably killed by police while trying to ram his truck into an innocent woman on I-95 in Providence:

    So the lesson here is simple. If you’re a gravy dumpster who’s just happy that someone is willing to give you a ride on the yogurt slinger, make sure you check in with the local police if they’re a registered sex offender instead of asking strangers on Facebook what they think.

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    1. Johnny5

      got damn, got damn, got damn

    2. KJDS

      EYE BLEACH!!!! STAT!!!!

    3. S

      Even the hat has curves

    4. Stunt Penis

      is that a man or woman in the picture?

      1. KJDS

        It’s a Jabba.

    5. Ryan

    6. Spankster

      THATS A WOMEN????

    7. Too Tall Tim

      Is she TRYING to look like Ms. Piggy?!

      1. Savage Squaw Bitch

        She is trying to look like TWO miss piggies.

    8. JoeMomma

      I don’t want the Providence police charged, I want them to get medals.

    9. Irishcurse

      I thought John Candy was dead? She is asking while already knowing the answer just to let people know she has a boyfriend.

      1. Pennsrant

        That’s not entirely why–she’s looking for a different answer. This happens all the time–they don’t like the answer, so they will ask around until they get a different answer. But yeah…your reason is a good one.

      2. Slick

        Not just any boyfriend…a SEX OFFENDER boyfriend…I bet she met him on POF.

    10. Some Guy

      Good god almighty – It’s the reincarnation of Chris Farley!

      “Lay off me, I’m starving!”

      1. Savage Squaw Bitch

        More like “me HUNGRY!!!!”

    11. Low Morals

      I’d fuck her a few times, let her buy me a new jet ski, some gold and some golf clubs on her credit cards.
      We both walk away winners and losers she has some cc debt but the memories of some good dick and I get some cool stuff but lose a little dignity.
      That’s life, may as well take the good with the bad head on!

    12. Low Morals

      My previous post though blunt is reality.
      Do you honestly believe the Worcester pony cop is into crazy Rosie for her great looks and stellar personality? Fuck no, all she see’s is big fat dollar signs!

    13. DJ Trump

      Going by Rhode Island standards,
      she’s a solid 8.
      Most of those folks in south county have extra chromosomes as they’ve been inbreeding since colonial times.

    14. jennifer pwers

      Doesn’t her inability to spell give you all you need to know WTFFFF?? LMAO

      1. Ran Dather

        Have you found anyone on Facebook that can actually spell? Or knows rudimentary grammar? Facebook is for the retarded to try to communicate with each other.

    15. The Vorlon

      MY EYES!

      The goggles do nothing!!!!!

      What has been seen cannot be unseen…

      1. chrissy

        kudos for OG lolcat reference 😀

    16. Redleg

      The best part of screwing her is when you get bored with the vag, you can just grab a fold and have at it.

    17. WTF

      I bet she won the spelling bee in Coventry.

    18. They call me Ponch

      Oh, A-man-duh, A-man-duh.

    19. Aisha

      Looks like Shrek

    20. Karma

      There is no way that’s a broad!

    21. LT. Needledick

      Jesus, TB,….. before you post a pic of a human/hippo experiment give me some warning. She looks like a run over by a dump truck victim on bestgore. Closest thing that compares to is Henrietta hippo.

    22. Stud McMuffin

      Kill it kill it! Ahhhh!

    23. #superpig

      She looks like the human mutation of Okja the superpig, wtf is she mixed with?!? Christ warn us before you post such offensive material! FRFR

    24. John

      Chris Farley in drag.

    25. Poo

      Nice going, Mama June. Shit.

    26. Steve

      Tell Shrek to pipe down.

    27. Itsjustme

      I like her last post, “why didn’t they just pull him over, remove him, and then search his veichal?” Um what the fuck do you think they were trying to do dumbass and he refused to stop?

      1. Savage Squaw Bitch

        I hope they bring some latex gloves before they search that veichal!

    28. rr

      She does have nice hair in that one pic.
      Something to hold onto while getting the ol’ shnork n glerrrgh.
      You know that would be epic cuz she’s perpetually hungry and she has those big, moist liver lips.

      probably have to pull your skivvies out of your butt after a session.

    29. foul balls

      Pull her panties down to her knees and there is still pussy in them!

      1. SJW are Cunts

        That’s not pussy, that’s cow cunt. Biiiiiig difference.

    30. ChrisInShrewsbury

      Just goes to show you, there’s someone for everyone.

      How does the “I’m a registered sex offender” reveal happen in a new relationship?

      1. Lisa

        My grandma always said, “there’s a lid for every pot.”

    31. Haverhill Landlord

      Even Stevie Wonder would gouge his own eyes out after touching her photo with his cane.

      1. chrissy


    32. Uncle Ash

      Don’t laugh – she’s a good kisser! xo

    33. Shanelle

      That is a man in drag.

    34. chrissy

      this woman HAS to be a tranny.
      not to be cruel but it’s got to be the case

    35. don

      that is a straight up male. no female could ever be that nasty. ive seen some ugly ones, but none that fugly.

    36. don

      Tb. next time a heads up would be appropriate. im sitting here eating my spaghetti when you put this giant pic of him/her on my screen. i immediately grabbed my food and ran. i thought the bitch was gonna come thru the screen and take my shit. please give a warning next time for the faint at heart.

    37. Sarah from Webster

      This is just sad.

    38. Savage Squaw Bitch

      One fleeting glance at the headline and what does it capture? “Mount Kilamanlargeho”…… AAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

      TB, this is by far the best nickname you’ve ever given!!

    39. ME Man Panda

      I now have a new purpose in life. Amanda Bray from Coventry! My lord, I am mostly struck by her intelligence and consideration. I am sure she is not proud that she is having to settle for a diddler, but she is kind and wants to warn the town (all 11,237 Cov RI biggest town in the littlest state) that I POS male will be slithering around her home for less than or equal to 24 hours. This gives me a marble hard chub. I want to so badly thwack said chub against Panda Bear until Mr Squid goes inkster all over the both of us. I hope we do this while in a full embrace, toungue wrapped around tongue. I hope to heck she is kind and considerate enough to lower her precious fur top cranial dome down to my pelvic area and mositurize and edge my throbby chub until I, too, feel like I have made mad passionate love to a hot girl that loves to take on registered ssex offenders, Then and only then will my life have reason to exist again. I can only fulfill my new life thrill objective by also getting my hub cud all up in that fine sterling silver quahog and lick wash it until it is blistering pink and sweaty, enough to eminate all those fruit passion juices hot babes like Panda bear from Coventry R of the I are known for . Opps, I just lost one by spontaneous eruption, I must go now and change the ol Fruit of the loomers. ME Pee and I (god I hope she also squirts like Helena and golden showers lke Niagra on a warm Covntry day. Boomer.

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