• New Bedford Ghetto Mop Is Wanted By Police After He Blew A Stop Sign And Crashed Into A Car While Popping Wheelies On His Dirtbike 

    New Bedford Ghetto Mop Is Wanted By Police After He Blew A Stop Sign And Crashed Into A Car While Popping Wheelies On His Dirtbike

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    New Bedford Police are looking for help identifying this small-penised hoodrat who thought stop signs didn’t apply to him.

    Our bro-peeps at the New Bedford Guide put him on blast after a Snapchat video, taken by a bystander, surfaced.

    The unidentified ghetto mop thought it would be a brilliant idea to pop wheelies going down Abbott St in New Bedford on his dirt bike. Ignorant of his surroundings, he blew a stop sign, and went ass over tea kettle directly into an oncoming car.

    The hoodrat ran down the hill and took off on a quad that magically appeared to rescue him. I’m going to guess that the bike was stolen seeing that he dumped it.

    All of this means that the hoodrat would is in trouble. Instead of dealing with the consequences of his stupid decision – he took off. That means he is leaving the guy he crashed into with all the damage to his car. Dirtbikes don’t have to be registered because you aren’t allowed to have them on the street so there goes the insurance idea. Hopefully the fuzz ran some prints because you know this turd has a record.

    Because New Bedford is such a cesspool, they have a strict no snitching policy on the street. It’s like a joke here in the civilized world but it’s a very real thing in this second-rate hood. Point being is it’s  going to make it harder for police to identify him.

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    1. Stunt Pennie

      who is the guy who recorded the video? He likely knows the perp. What person goes around recording random video on their phone? No, he was recording his friend doing a wheelie, so he knows who the perp is.

    2. Douche Bags! All of them!

      One of these jack-offs died a few weeks ago (in CT), doing wheelies on a quad, on city streets. SO FUCKIN’ GREAT! More of them need to die doing stupid shit like this! No sympathy AT ALL!!!

    3. Jessie Jackson

      July 2 in Saugus a dirt biker riding on the road was killed after hitting an SUV. Love dirt bikes but they don’t belong on paved roads.

      Wilding pack riders on dirt bikes and atv’s all stolen riding city streets is a popular trend among the “disadvantaged” youths and young adults in “underserved communi–tays”.

    4. They call me Ponch

      Dude looks like a pirate from the mini-golf place.
      Fucking butt hanging out his trap.
      Love it!

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