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  • New Bedford Snatch And Sniff Celebrates Halloween By Rubbing Tampon Tunnel On Three Year Old’s Grave, Going Full Ratchet On Facebook

    New Bedford Snatch And Sniff Celebrates Halloween By Rubbing Tampon Tunnel On Three Year Old’s Grave, Going Full Ratchet On Facebook

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    Meanwhile in New Bedford….

    “Bitches is snake they hugs be fake steal from datt bitch at her own wake.”

    Only a matter of time until that quote ends up on her tailpipe for hoodrat target practice. I have no idea what it means but I would imagine she found it in a New Bedford fortune cookie.

    What better way to to celebrate Halloween and respect the deceased than to treat their headstone like your own personal snatch and sniff?

    I dunno what the most offensive part of this is – the fact that she’s dressed as a stripper nun while using the crucifix as a sex prop, or the fact that she just gave a lap dance to the grave of three year old who died during the first Grover Cleveland administration (born in 1883, died in 1886). She even brought her stripper shoes, complete with plexiglass heels, along with her cross, which more than likely doubles as a weapon of ass destruction whenever she’s in the mood. Which is always.

    Either way, I know one person who doesn’t give a shit if this offends you:

    Why y’all be hatin yo?

    If you’re a chick named Peyton, there’s a 95% chance you’re gonna end up a stripper. If you spell it Peightyn, you’re gonna end up leaving snail trails on the headstones of random three year olds deep in a New Bedford graveyard. That’s just science.

    And she’s got news for the haters:

    Anyone who has a problem with it can kiss her beef curtains.

    Because she’s a celebrity now:

    The only people that can be mad about this are family members of the Gilded Age baby who more than likely died from the plague:

    Matter of fact when some of her ratchet friends eventually lose their man in a drug deal gone wrong, Peightyn is free to join them so they can both sit on his headstone and treat him to some Lick-fil-A:

    Oh, and did I mention Peightyn apparently has a couple kids she shot out of her baby cannon?? Yea, but they’re like 7 or 8, so they can raise themselves while she’s out working the pole for food stamps.

    It’s funny because this is who she is now at the age of 23, but just a few years ago she was a promising member of the community, doing work for the Mayor’s Summer Youth Volunteer Corp as a 16 year old with a bright future:

    The weather was rainy and unseasonably cold as Peightyn Riley, 16, walked into the City Yard a few minutes before 8 a.m. Her eyes were tired and watery; her nose was stuffy — proof that she was still suffering from a nasty summer cold. Yet there she was, willing to work hard outside doing everything from clearing brush in cemeteries to picking up roadside trash as part of the Mayor’s Summer Youth Volunteer Corp.

    “I missed two days and I don’t want to miss any more, so I am just going to have to work it out,” said Riley, mirroring the work ethic shared by others in the program.

    Riley — who wants to be a food inspector someday — was one of 55 young people who found employment this summer through the Mayor’s Summer Youth Volunteer Corps, a program that provides city youth, ages 16-2,1 with jobs that beautify the city while teaching them work-readiness skills.

    Oh yea, she ended up becoming a food inspector one day. Kielbasa and Portuguese sausage are her areas of expertise.

    She also was a promising marine biologist while attending New Bedford Tech:

    And look at her now!!!

    That right there is what we call a New Bedford skags to bitches story!!!

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    1. chrissy

      blasphemy is sexy..

      this is very metal
      and gothic!

      ..but ratchet 🙁

      1. If we build it, this is what will come

        Worcester, meet your future.

        1. [email protected]

          😀 not my fault i have a public blasphemy fetish 😀

          1. [email protected]

            ps feel free to write that Gmail, anyone

            another chrissy will be happy to reply I’m sure 🙂

    2. Frank Dux

      That 3 year old most likely died of TB (Tuberculosis, not Turtleboy). Bubonic Plague was not introduced to the United States until around the turn of 20th century.

      In any event, both TB and bubonic plague seem preferable to having that genital wart-ridden slobberpuss rub her fat ass on your grave.

      1. Don Dewey

        It’s more likely that there are two people buried in that plot, marked by a family grave, with their birth years (1883 and 1888) on the left side, and the years they died on the right, out of the picture. Probably husband and wife. So there is no three year old buried there.

      2. Anonymously

        Listen up I know this bitch. She gave me an incurable STI. Paid $50 for an hour and now I’m fucked for life. Her pussy smells. . I was a fool thinking she was hot. SHes on coke and extasy and some prescribed shit she popped before our sex sesh. The sex wasn’t even good she moans to loud it’s obvious that it’s fake her tits were saggy and her pussy was loose. Fuck this dirty hoe.

        1. Bill Clinton

          Do you still have her number?

        2. An O.

          Clearly you already did “fuck this dirty hoe” which either makes you a pathetic piece of desperate shit loser who pays for sex, OR a pathetic piece of desperate shit loser who lies about “scoring with women” and feels the need to degrade another pathetic piece of shit loser through disgusting insults of sexual conquest which undoubtedly get you excited. Either way, you come off just as pathetic as her.

          1. Fuckface McFaggot

            Go back to tumblr you triggered dipshit

    3. 2wEntEe

      She has a man face

    4. SqwatDown

      God she’s hot. Women like her make me embarrassed to be a man…

      1. Don Dewey

        Why are you embarrassed to be a man? She’s not.

    5. Noseface

      That ass though….if we’re being honest here….it’s fantastic.

      1. [email protected]

        downvote just for sounding like trump 😉

    6. Barbs

      Disgusting waste of a life. DCF needs to get her children into proper care.

    7. Attention Whore

      Pure Skank, hot body, pure skank. Big shout out to her drug dealer for keeping her thin on Meth.

      Bragging her nudes on everyone’s phones in New Bedford… seriously do porn make real money and get much more attention for attention whoring.

      “daily accomplishments” still wondering… woke up at 2pm, took a dump remembered to wipe this time, had a cigarette, popped valtrax, xanax, smoked meth. Started taking nudes of own anus and vagina in bathroom mirror posted to the internet and watched the likes roll in.

      Felt good about myself cuz all the likes, the drugs only bring me up to equilibrium these days. Getting a few less likes then 6 months ago, hmmm how can I up my game? Need more likes and better Meth to avoid my devastating negative feelings about myself.

      Remembers being a young girl on halloween and dressing up as a doctor….. what happened… achievement is for suckers, dials up dealer, fucks and sucks for a good score and still has to pay some cash, feels insulted… my blowjobs and vagina used to be enough? He’s a greedy pig making me pay after using my mouth and pussy.

      1. Sue

        Perfectly said! Every single bit of it

    8. Sloppy

      Ugh. I think I got gonorrhea just from looking at these photos.

    9. Bump stock

      ummmm, whatever happened to those riveting five part stories about cat cafe’s?

    10. Buttaha

      So much potential.
      One tattoo.

    11. FishON!

      What you think she’d recommend for a portfolio balance ?
      Large Cap, Mid, Small ? What she think about futures ?
      Options? She short on anything ? I mean we’re talking
      about livelihood here. And toilet paper don’t come free.
      She’s gonna see 15 dicks tonight. Mine,,, won’t be one.

    12. Eugenics

      This is why I love abortions.

    13. Portagee

      Portugese Sausage is called Chorizo for future refrence

      1. fuckyou

        Chouriço , retard.

      2. TB rider

        Chorizo in Castellano, linguiça in Portuguese.

      3. Wtf

        I thought chorizo was Mexican sausage??

    14. No cure

      Warning!! Has HERPES!!

    15. Yo

      I’m sure her dead great grandparents must regret reproducing for her existence to happen. Lmao

    16. Mattymowritesforturtleboy

      Matty is dat u?

    17. hahahaohreally

      So she’s 23 with 2 kids aged 7-8 which means at 16-17 she got knocked up and her life just went to hell after that. I kinda feel sad for her, but then I see many successful teen moms not taking pictures with their cooters on gravestones and I get over it.

    18. Brian

      I don’t often say this about scantily clad women but… Wouldn’t

    19. BobnMic

      Just another reason to stay away from strip joints. Sorry Mafia.

    20. Finn

      I wonder how many birds have shit on those tomb stones and she’s just grinding her vagine all over it. Hot bed of infection.

      1. No Cure

        I’m sure she isn’t worried about the bird shit. She already has herpes. And Is at family planning every month for a script to treat her BV ( bacterial vaginosis) which is caused by multiple sex partners or dirty objects inserted into the vag. If she is not worried about any of that, chances are to her bird shit is just another lube she can use while she stuffs that cross in her ass. Remember there is no cure for all her diseases.

    21. Mr. PMS

      I am so grateful that I got out of Massachusetts long ago. Don’t worry folks, this behavior will be defended by the Liberals as an alternative means of appreciating the sacred – if these youths can understand that word.

      If someone pulled that crap with any of my relatives, I will take action to stop that. How can anyone be so insensitive to the departed? The next time some democrat or republican tries to run for President from MA., someone needs to show this to the rest of America!

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