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Norwich Foodstamp Frogmom Faces Off With Turtleriders To Try And Defend Her Amphibious-Looking, Stamp-Selling, Offspring

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It’s always nice to have fresh meat in the shark tank. When we start getting reports of people in areas we have barely grazed upon – it’s safe to assume those people don’t know anything about poking the turtle. Or, in the case of the frog-looking portly chudqueef out of Norwich Connecticut, sending your ghetto momma frog to poke it for you.

You can catch up on  yesterday’s fun here:

Portly Norwich Connecticut Bulls Fan Is Selling His Foodstamps Because He Got Reasons – Thinks Y’all Should Mind Yo Own Bizniz

Mike Boden was our food stamp-selling, shame sandwich eater from yesterday. Turns out his whole family is a lone-totem pole of swamp donkeys.

Mike, as expected, had a plethora of excuses as to why we was selling government food allowances for his own gain:

Actually Frogboy, we are absolutely better than you because most of us aren’t on food stamps, and even if we were, we wouldn’t be publicly trying to sell them. This kid must have the brain of a melted M&M.

Turns out he’s got a healthy record of jail time spent.

Including, I kid you not, breaking in to a local eatery. Portly Prowler Strikes Snack Realm. Yikes.

However, when you’re raised by this missing link-looking frog demon, can we really blame him for being a blight on society? Like mother like son.

My guess, judging by the following reaction, the food stamps belong to his mother, Michelle Mosca. That would be the only reason why she came out on our Facebook page making the same sorry excuses as he was. She just decided to type one giant sentence, in all caps, to show emphasis.

Guess she means business.

I kept pressing her, with a few bits of sass, to admit they were hers. Seeing that she’s got a young kid she’s obviously collecting for.

See your profile? You mean the fact that you’re wearing a Harley Davidson hoodie from Savers? Is that supposed to mean that you’ve got some big biker gang that circle jerks on you? I’m terrified.

What horrific possible thing could have happened that would cause you to commit the most ghetto crime since the inception of social media? My guess is it’s court fees. I only say that because the Turtle riders started digging and they found out Foodstamp Frogmom was arrested not too long ago for attacking a pregnant woman.

Let’s face it, Michelle. There is no excuse for you, and your derpy-looking kid, to be selling food stamps. You’re a lousy mother and you raised a total nincompoop. Gee, I’m sure glad neither of you will stop procreating. We can’t wait to feed the next one.

Brief correction from the last blog. It wasn’t a flat-brimmed Bulls hat froggy was wearing. It was a Metal Mullisha hat. Turtlegirl is probably the only blogger here that knows diddly squatola about sports. So, you’ll have to forgive me. 



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5 Comment(s)
  • Klaudija
    April 25, 2017 at 6:08 pm

    Theres 2 casinos near by, he may have wanted the money to support a gambling habit

  • The Executioner
    April 4, 2017 at 7:51 pm

    Fucking disturbing…I pay tens of thousands in fed and state taxes and still live week to week because of these fucking assholes. Welfare is not a way of life, and it isn’t a supplement to your minimum wage income because you are a fucking loser. I wish people like this were free and open targets…

    • Jan
      April 5, 2017 at 10:49 am


  • Brad
    April 4, 2017 at 6:32 pm

    My head hurts from trying to understand her writing……the lack of a cohesive or cogent thought in all of her writing is mind-numbing.

  • Turd Burglestein
    April 4, 2017 at 6:17 pm

    Haha man…he does look like a frog. Wonder if his nickname was ever kermit. Did you photoshop that pepe on him or was that an actual picture from his TL?

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