Notre Dame Fans Like These Are The Reason The Irish Will Never Come Close To Alabama Or Real Football Schools

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So the Notre Dame cheating scandal finally is making the rounds of the ND community. As expected most of the kind folks who have read it disagree with me. There are hundreds of thousands of comments out there on social media about this topic, but let me run down some of them and explain to you why Notre Dame football will never be able to compete with SEC schools as long as we have fans like this…..

Aaron Hapner Glad they handle this head on and don’t sweep it under the rug. This takes integrity.

Good news Notre Dame fans – we lost three starters, but we have integrity!!! I can’t wait to turn on my TV and watch Jameis Winston run train on us. I’ll be sitting there laughing at Jameis the whole time. Moron thinks that winning is what matters. HAHA. It’s about integrity Jameis!!! I feel bad for Florida State, Alabama, and all fans of schools where winning is a priority. If only they knew what they were missing.

Chuck Sausman Some schools and we all know who would sweep this under the rug. Being a student athlete at Notre Dame prepares the young. Men and women for life after sports. It is not an easy road. You are a student first and when you receive a degree from ND it is special. Ask those who hire college grads . Respect , honesty and integrity are at the forefront of a Notre Dame education. Proud to be ND.

hahaYou see that right there? Chuck Sausman is one of the main reasons that people hate me because I’m a Notre Dame fan. Notre Dame is a great school. When you graduate from there you become a part of something and have doors open for you that would’ve otherwise been closed. But please, for the love of God, stop acting like a Notre Dame degree is some magical degree. A UMass degree could get you a job you were applying for if the guy in charge of hiring went to UMass. Same goes with Worcester State and every other school in the country. So no, a Notre Dame degree is not “special.” And when you say shit like that, it just gives everyone fuel to hate us. And they shouldn’t hate Notre Dame because everyone I’ve ever met from Notre Dame are really nice people.

Deborah Thomas Because we are a university first and a football factory second. God country Notre Dame. If you cheat at classwork, how do I know if you cheat in a game. You can’t be trusted. There is prop 14 plenty of help. If you don’t use it that is on you . I would take away your football scholarship and give it to someone who deserves it.

Oh my God, make it stop!!!  If you cheat at classwork, how do I know if you cheat in a game? What the fuck does that even mean? Because I’m pretty sure that’s why football games have referees. And this might be shocking to you and everyone else living in la-la land, but 90% of division 1 college football players have taken steroids. That includes Notre Dame. God didn’t make men this big, strong, and fast – science did. They’re all cheaters and you enjoy every second of watching them play. Therefore you are a hypocrite. Oh yea, and you’re gonna take away their scholarships and give them to someone who deserves it? Awesome plan. Let’s give it to some nerdlinger who plays at Holy Cross. Sure he’ll get destroyed on the field and we’ll lose every game 87-0, but at least we’ll know they got good grades on their own!!! That’s what really matters in competitive, for-profit sports.

Jeff Zuchowski I’m tired of it too. If these kids feel the academic pressure, tell your coaches. Get help. Transfer, if it’s just too much. But cheating is not a choice. Weren’t Golson and Grant recent enough examples for you???? We will not tolerate cheating!! I don’t care if we don’t let them back in. There has to be serious consequences that not only punish, but deter. And 1 semester seems not to be strong enough!

ferrellHey Jeff, you just proved my point. Why the fuck are dolts like this pretending like Everett Golson’s suspension last year was a positive thing? Did anyone see how terrible Tommy Rees was? Did anyone actually enjoy watching that idiot take the field every week? And I’m sure all of those Oklahoma players who facialized him time and time again were model students right? LOL. Sooner fans were sitting back during that game saying “Thank you Notre Dame for voluntarily taking away the best weapon you had to beat us the year before.”

I also love the “we will not tolerate cheating” thing. Ummm, who the hell is we? You don’t play on the team. You don’t coach. Most importantly though, why the hell do you care? How does a grade Davaris Daniels got on a paper at all affect your life? He didn’t devalue your degree – it’s still worth the same as it always has.

Tammy Life I must say I am highly disappointed with the 4 student athletes.I am a proud ND fan and always will be. I applaud the university in taking action. There are countless other athletes that would love to have the opportunities that these young men were given. A person EARNS a degree.

“There are countless other athletes that would love to have these opportunities.” LOL. Tammy is one of the biggest reasons the Irish are slightly above mediocre most years. If it was up to fans like her Notre Dame’s roster would be filled with loveable losers. We’d serenade them with “Good job, good effort” after getting facialized by a team full of thugs who can’t read. But hey, as long as Tammy is proud, that’s all that matters right?

Kelly LaMore This is why so many ND fans stick with ND; winning seasons or losing seasons. Keep the standards high. College is about so much more than competitive sports.

dumbassLOL. No Kelly, college is not about more than competitive sports. Well, it is for the individual in their quest for a well-paid career. But when it comes to the fans, it is 100% about competitive sports. Nothing else matters except for winning. You know why Notre Dame has lots of money? You know why Notre Dame is on football every single week? Because people tune in on Saturday’s to watch the Irish. If Notre Dame were a historically mediocre program then no one would watch. But Notre Dame is an institution of champions and winners, so you have to let some shit go. If we wanted to watch strapping young men with integrity, who will never, ever play football on Sunday’s, then we’d go watch Amherst vs. Williams.

Finally, a lot of idiots have been blaming Brian Kelly for this, saying that he should be held responsible. Some even think that he should be fired. Check out these nudniks:

Brian Zagorski Ever since brian kelly came here there have been academic issues, transfers galore, and players leaving early. I don’t remember any of these problems when lou holtz or any other coaches were there.

Sorry to burst your bubble Brian, but Lou Holtz basically INVENTED how to pull strings in order to get under-qualified but talented athletes into Notre Dame. Remember Tony Rice – the guy who led us to our last national title? Yea, he could barely read and had to sit out his first year at ND. Then Holtz got him “tutors” and the rest is history. Chris Zorich – the most dominant lineman I’ve ever seen at ND? Yup, Notre Dame is always looking for illiterate blue-collar Poles from Chicago that can’t spell their name right on the SAT’s. That’s because Lou Holtz knows how to win. It’s the reason he could coach in the SEC.

louPatrick Curry This is happening under Kelly’s watch by The students Kelly recruited. He is a great coach but he may have to go.

Yea that sounds like a great idea. Let’s get rid of the guy who made Notre Dame relevant again. Let’s get rid of the guy who took a team that had NO BUSINESS going undefeated during the 2012 regular season, and bringing them to the national championship game. Let’s bring in some chump with integrity. I would much rather watch this team go 5-7 with integrity then make the National Championship with kids who found a girl to write papers for them.

David Muller Kelly’s job is to build men with character not just to win games. Notre Dame is different than other schools because of this. I wouldn’t want it any other way. If you can’t cut it then you can’t play at Notre Dame.

Incorrect. Kelly’s job is to win games. That’s it. Anything else he can do beyond that is nice, but it’s certainly not required. As a fan I demand the best product possible out on the field. I don’t care if they can’t spell or cross multiply fractions. These are the same fans who whine when Urban Meyer takes a team full of murderers to the National Championship. Give me a shady coach that knows how to win ANY DAY over some chump with “integrity.” He does make a good point though – this IS why Notre Dame is different from other schools. Different mainly in the fact that we play bowl games in December and everyone else plays in January.

kellyMy last two points both come from this statement left on Turtleboy Sports Facebook page:

Andy Butcher Where to begin after reading this….first off, I DO believe that the full sscholarship the players recieve is enough payment for playing ball. They knew before committing to ND there wouldn’t be envelopes stuffed in their blazer jacket after the “big” game they just played. A degree from ND is worth more than than playing ball for 4 years, period no questions asked. If I were offered a scholarship to Notre Dame to play football I’d clean the shitter also if they asked. It sounds to me like you need to find a new team to root for because youve already quit ND. You seem like one of fans that like us when things are good then talk shit when things like this happens. I can’t believe you have the nads to even call yourself a fan after reading this article.

1) When I first put the blog up the other day, I asked the question “should players who play on revenue producing teams be allowed to get paid?” The vast majority said “yes” until the integrity army took over. People like Andy Butcher here actually believe they can compare what they would supposedly do, to what kids who come from abject poverty would do. Oh, you’d clean toilets if someone offered you a football scholarship to ND? Cool story bro. No one’s offering that, but thanks for the hypothetical, imaginary situation in which you would do the “right” thing. I find it funny that people have no problem with colleges that don’t have to pay taxes, pay their executives millions of dollars, and profit like bandits off of the work of the football players. For whatever reason they wanna protect these people’s bottom line? And for what? So they can sell you overpriced crap at the bookstore that was made in a sweatshop in Vietnam? So they can charge you outrageous prices for tickets, parking, and beer? Yea, good thing you’re on the “integrity” side of this issue.

2) I’m from the greater Boston area – AKA the city of winners.

bostonSo I apologize if winning is what is most important to me as a fan. I’m not used to mediocrity; I’m used to duckboat parades. The reason that we always win in New England is that our fans DEMAND the best product be put on the field. If ownership doesn’t do that we will call up Mike Felger and yell at him until the cows come home. The bottom line is that we don’t give our team a standing ovation because they have character after losing time and time again. Well, actually maybe Red Sox fans do, but that’s because moron pink hats like this have taken over Fenway and like singing “Sweet Caroline” while their last place team is losing. Real fans boo them because we are the paying customers and we deserve better. I take this same mentality with Notre Dame. I want better, no matter what it takes. I haven’t quit being a Notre Dame fan. Never will. I just demand a better product on the field. Dooshnozzles like Andy Butcher think they have fan ownership of the team. Only fans with loser mentality like him can be real fans. Newsflash – there are tons of people out there like me, and we ain’t going NOWHERE!!


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