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  • Only A Savage Like This Fall River Sweathog Who Posted Angry Note He Got For Stealing Shoveled Out Spot With Chair Would Pull A Stunt Like This

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    Every winter people who have the misfortune of living in places like Worcester, Chelsea, and Fall River have to decide which side they’re on when they see this:

    Parking savers.

    Some local boob posted in the Threw Up in Fall River Facebook page about his thoughts…..

    Oh man tough to pick a side here. On the one hand the guy who stole the spot uses the 100 emoji. On the other hand the other guy is a grown man who uses the word “mad” when describing things that are in abundance. As in, “mad snow.”

    In all seriousness though, only a savage steals someone else’s spot like this. It’s the code of the streets, everyone knows that. It’s bad enough you have to live in a God forsaken cesspool like Fall River. Then mother nature takes a steamy white dump all over us, and we have to wake up three hours before work to shovel it out. And it’s not easy shoveling either. You can’t just take the snow from the other side of the car and dump it in the street, although junior hoodrats everywhere must’ve missed that memo. You gotta pick it up, walk all around the car, and carefully place it on the snowpile that the homeless have turned into a port-a-potty, without the snow falling onto the sidewalk. There’s no greater sense of accomplishment than doing all that work. You’ve earned the right to put a chair there and forever establish your territory for the rest of the winter.

    But legally I guess there’s not much you can do about it. It’s a chair in the street. If someone wants to move it they can move it. After all, they pay taxes too (if they’re visiting from outside of Fall River). Then again there’s nothing illegal about this either:

    I’m with Raul. Respect my chair bitch.

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    1. WooTwo

      Whoever pays more taxes should get more spots.

      1. Stud McMuffin

        Yea but then you get into if you pay a certain amount you probably have a driver and a limo anyway or alternately you’re a scumbag that deals drugs and has never paid taxes. The rest of us are pretty much in the same tax bracket lol

    2. Mayor Lynch

      No one can steal your shoveled spot, if you don’t shovel a spot. #TheMoreYouKnow

    3. Dick Dover

      No one owns the street.
      Thanks for clearing out a spot, if everyone who street parks shoveled a spot, it wouldn’t be an issue
      Leave a note? Or fuck with my property
      …I’ll be back later to get yours in the dark.

      1. Uncle Randy

        Billy bad-ass over here. Watch out everybody!

        1. Dick Dover

          You’re next up yank.
          Wish you’d try pussy.

          1. Luv Me Some E Boyler

            Are you that rough with E Boyler? Or do you play catcher?

    4. Rose-Marie Fiske

      Please make available all the picture posts that got you taken down I want to post them all and see i get taken down. I think all of us should do it and let them try to take all of us down at once

      1. Smitty

        Go back and screen shot them from every article. That’s gonna be the best way to get them all. Not all were pictures that were taken down. Some were simple quotes like “tell someone you love them “

    5. KJDS

      These are the stories that make me glad that I live in the country.

      1. Itsjustme

        Me too. I have a plow guy and I can park wherever I want. I hate winter enough as it is you couldn’t pay me to deal with street parking on top of it.
        Does the city not plow the streets? I know the city I live in you can’t park on the street past a certain time during a storm so they can plow. I realize those cities are much bigger than mine, and more people use street parking but couldn’t the plow come back the next day and do the areas the cars were parked?

    6. A chef

      This is why I live in the boonies (N.Brookfield). I lived in Worcester for 2 years never again with the parking bans. The autoshop owner across the street from my apartment would let me park in his lot if asshats from down the street parked in front of my apartment. All he asked for in return was I give him a hand shoveling his walkways.

    7. Anon

      “Saving” a street parking spot is not a thing. Its a public place. You don’t own it. If you want your own spot then get a driveway.

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