• Pawtucket Man Looking To Buy/Sell Food Stamps On Facebook

    Pretty sure you’re not supposed to be buying and selling food stamps on the Facebook machine.

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    Someone sent us this gem from a Patwucket ratchet. Pro-tip for gutterslugs everywhere – you’re not supposed to sell buy or sell food stamps on Facebook:



    Especially if your Facebook page is already riddled with shady posts about selling Jordans




    And cars


    Yup, that all seems legit.

    But of course you’re not even ALLOWED to bring up the topic of EBT abuse. Because whenever you bring it up the PC patrol gets all fired up and chimes in with, “Yea, but what about out of control spending on corporate welfare!!!???” As if you can’t try to fix more than one thing wrong with society. Oh yea, and if we saw Wal-Mart doing shady things like this for the world to see then we’d probably call them out too. But this is the kind of shit that regular people see on a regular basis. And we’re just kind of sick and tired of watching our tax dollars finance these dumpster slugs.


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    1. Turd Burglestein

      I think the term ratchet only applies to the female gender, but if you’re alluding to him being a girly man that’s cool with me.

    2. Rochambeau

      We shouldn’t require states to have a photo of a twenty-something year-old recipient on their EBT card. And we shouldn’t charge recipients when the ‘lose’ their card. Multiple times. And we shouldn’t have databases where police can enter the recipient’s information whenever they bust someone for possession with intent to distribute holding multiple cards from multiple recipients on their person. Definitely.

    3. Independent Thinker

      I wonder how much of this stuff is hot?

      1. Slow Apocalypse

        Whoever disliked this eat a dick or get a sense of humor anyone who dislikes a joke is part of the PROBLEM not the solution…. Maybe an obvious joke but still a joke….I for one laughed

    4. Buck Futts

      Fucking gypsy trash

      1. Sasha The Fire Gypsy

        HEY!!! I resemble that remark.

    5. Between the Riv and the Bed

      I bet most of these asshats (whose best traits ran down their mothers legs) are on disability too.

      I have personally seen gutterslugs in the good ol New Bedford area pulling out multiple cards !

    6. Darrell Martin

      What’s shady about selling Jordans?
      Maybe you should try doing some responsible reporting?
      This man is a tradesman and a father and a damn good one too.
      This is slander.

      1. Rochambeau

        Slander, huh? The only thing oral going on here is you trying to please a guy trying to sell an EBT card.

        1. Buck Futts

          Tradesman eh? Lemme guess paving and seal coating like all gypsy “tradesmen”. Fuck off you Gopnik.

        2. Jon Ainsburg

          He’s trying to “but” not sell. Fucking idiot.

          1. Jon Ainsburg

            He’s trying to “buy” not sell. Fucking idiot.

            1. Turd Burglestein

              Sez the idiot who fucked up the spelling of a 3 letter word in their post.

      2. He Who Shall Not Be Named

        Selling, soliciting or trading EBTs cards is illegal. If he was a “good man” as you said , he wouldn’t be openly breaking the law by soliciting federal welfare cards. Forget the other stuff.
        Forget your attempt to accuse TBS of slander, as what you’re (or he’s) doing with those cards holds a much bigger fine. I’d be more concerned about that.

      3. mommysjustjealous

        no, it’s libel. unless it’s true. dumbass.

      4. hahahaohreally

        Its shady selling multiple pairs of brand new Jordans in different sizes. Sorry but someone who is “broke” doesn’t just have multiple pairs of brand new $100+ sneakers at hand to sell.
        Oh and “damn good fathers” don’t become grandfathers in their 30s…

    7. MrSmiley

      I guess job job JOB is too much to ask nowadays….

    8. Justice

      Man oh man…I hope President Trump does something about this welfare fraud….especially those who collect welfare, but can buy $300 sneakers….and True Religion ghetto thug clothing.

      1. Hugh Beaumont

        Unfortunately it’s mostly all state supplied welfare. You really think MA will do anything about it?

    9. Lola Bunny

      Shit I bust my ass to buy groceries for my family! I want magical free food cards, must be nice.

      1. LLC

        Right? One day, I may implode on the 450 pound beast who bought Cheetos, FUCKING CHEETOS! & Coke with her foodstamps in line at the grocery store yesterday…

        She had her litter of obese (shocker) kids (Its was clear none of them had the same father. What a fucking surprise! ) with her & I assure you they have NEVER missed a damn meal. EVER.

        Wtf. Watch for me on the 11o’clock news.

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