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Plainfield CT Sex Offender And Child Abusing Wife Looking For Someone On Facebook To Give Them A Baby

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Facebook really is a magical place:


Only on Facebook can you find a 48 year old ratchet from Plainfield CT begging for a child. She’s been looking for a baby all over the Facebook machine on various yard sale pages:



Luckily her step daughter saw the post and was like……just no.


She’s not exaggerating either. The woman’s real name is Dawn Staples and her husband is a convicted sex offender named Charles Staples:


Dawn herself is also on the abuse registry. Hopefully no one donated a spare baby to them, because that would probably be a bad idea. Ya know what else is a bad idea? If DCF allowed them to be foster parents. But guess what? That actually happened!!! And not only did it happen, DCF actually went to court on their behalf and wrote them glowing letters of recommendation after they literally did an under the table transaction for a four year old and a newborn baby:

A sex offender and someone accused of child abuse are speaking out about how they were able to become the guardians of two children. However, the fact that they even had those children under their care for several months, got two Department of Children and Families managers fired. Everyone involved in the situation said DCF did not initially place the children with the couple, but instead the biological parents wanted them there. It is being described as a private transaction, but once DCF found out about their backgrounds, they still did nothing. Charles and Dawn Staples said the parents of their infant nephew and toddler niece didn’t want them.


“The parents couldn’t take care of him and they didn’t want him,” Dawn Staples said.

For several months, after a private transaction, they were acting as their parents.

“Both children had everything they needed, cribs, changing tables, you name it,” Charles Staples said.

Relatives caring for the children doesn’t seem like such a bad thing, but the couple does have a past.

“I was supposedly on a child abuse registry,” Dawn Staples said.

Her husband is on the sex offender registry for a child rape that happened in 1990, but he said he was falsely accused.

“I’ve been out of prison since August of 2001,” Charles Staples said.

Someone who was concerned made an anonymous call to DCF and investigators looked into the couple. The Staples said they were upfront about their past.

“100 percent honest, no lies, hiding nothing,” Dawn Staples said.

They said DCF officials knew about the past an arrangement and would come several times per week for unscheduled visits.

“The whole time they kept saying, ‘you’re doing great, the children are beautiful.’ One of the DCF workers went to court with us and testified for us,” Charles Staples said.

The couple showed Eyewitness News a risk assessment that was conducted by DCF on Charles Staples, and it discovered his chance of reoffending was low, and said “the results of this evaluation support allowing Charles and his common-law wife to remain as the primary caretakers for the young children.”


The Staples said other experts and department lawyers were also consulted and found them fit to guard, but in a scathing termination letter addressed to two managers at the Willimantic office, DCF said the children should have been removed immediately, saying “you failed to recognize the serious risk associated with this situation, failed to take immediate steps to ensure the safety of the children, and instead allowed the children to remain in this arrangement.”

The couple is looking to gain legal custody but they just don’t think it’s going to happen. 

WFSB 3 Connecticut

Sweet freaking Jesus. This is not The Onion. It happened in real life. In Northeastern CT, which apparently is an untapped resource of debauchery involving ratchet trailer park child molesters. In other words, we need to do a zip trip there in the near future.

This was my favorite quote:

“I supposedly was on a child abuse registry.”

LOL. Supposedly. How’d I end up on there anyway? Must’ve been a clerical error. Sure, I’m a so called “child abuser” but what does that even really mean? Why should that stop me from taking in stray foster kids, or begging for babies on Facebook? This should help her get a kid:


How useless are DCF employees? The two fired employees were both being paid more than $100,000 a year! And they somehow missed the fact that the people they were making home visits with were NOT the legal guardians of the children, and oh yea, they’re also sex offenders and child abusers. Because apparently DCF is unfamiliar with Google. I mean just look at these winners:




The second you look at these people you can tell that they simply cannot be around children. Naturally the sex offender says he was set up. But I think we can all agree based on looking at him that he could be teaching Molestation 101 at community college.

And DCF not only got to see these muffs multiple times, they actually knew about their pasts and STILL let them do this “private transaction” for a kid. Because apparently that is a thing you can do. You can make an under the table transaction for a live human being. Sex offenders and child abusers included!! No paperwork required!!This is not Thailand or North Korea. This is the United States of America, even if it is Northeastern CT. That’s still America too. Don’t worry though, because Dawn Staples swears he’s a good Dad (as long as you look past all the sex offender stuff):


There are no words. The fact that this can happen is insane. Luckily the Facebook community has more common sense than the Department of Children and Families, and they’ve red flagged this toothless wonder. But it’s pretty sad when Facebook has to do your job for you because you can’t protect kids from animals like this.


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4 Comment(s)
  • Psyco
    November 14, 2016 at 12:55 pm

    Just to let people know, the parents traded the younger son for a Saturn ION, can we say child trafficking.

    They claim to have done no wrong but Dawn was committed on the 4th to a mental hospital for threatening to do harm to people.

  • Darlene
    November 4, 2016 at 5:44 pm

    Dawn you were my step mom for years and I will always have a spot in my heart for you but what are you thinking?

  • November 4, 2016 at 12:12 am

    I’m a little butthurt you didn’t tell me you were writing this gem earlier. I thought I won the Internet with my jogging pink dick Trump gif and then you come flying with this one? Bravo.

  • So Typical
    November 3, 2016 at 11:26 pm

    Disgusting. DCF needs to be imploded. A disgrace. But really, are any of us surprised?

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