• Plymouth Dumpsterslugs Are The Most Diabolical Facebook Con Artists We’ve Ever Seen – Part 1

    Part 1 of a two part series on some really diabolical dumpsterslugs from Plymouth.

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    A couple months back I spotted a scam artist named Kailey Elizabeth Carlson on the All Things Plymouth Facebook page. She was sleazy but it wasn’t enough to blog about just yet. So, I waited and watched. Thursday, the whole thing finally blew up like I knew it would. Now, I have a two-part tale of how one woman conned half the town with a bullshit sob story. It’s a long ride so go get a beer and some popcorn. South Shore Turtlegirl is about to give you a lesson on the art of the Facebook con. So, the next time you, or your community, feels bad for some whining loaf online you can read this and find your common sense.

    Kailey Carson and her scuzzfuck husband Dylan are homeless junkies. If you drive around Plymouth for ten minutes you can spot them backpacking, begging for cash, and generally looking like the losers they are.

    She’s sober these days, apparently. She’s offered to show her court-mandated clean drug tests to anyone who questioned her. We all know that upstanding humans carry those around with them in their nap sack, that doubles as a pillow, when their sleeping under a bridge.

    Anyways, this is the tale of how her internet panhandling, lies, and long-spun bullshittery finally caught up with her. I had a fifteen minute cackle when it finally did. I had been watching these losers for MONTHS and it was worth the wait to watch her get ripped apart by suburban hyenas.

    I first noticed this ratchet when she was looking for someone to give her a smart phone for free. Seems she had broken hers. She and her husband were recently homeless. She whined about having three kids, an inability to catch a break, saying that she needed the phone for finding work.

    She got nasty with people who asked why she was homeless, ordered people to stay on topic, and was a pretty huge dooshenozzle looking for handouts. She can only text and yet she’s looking for a phone because she needs a job. Most employers just text their potential employees. Right. Kailey and her husband got themselves some free phones.

    She said her grandmother bought them for her. Or was it this woman who came out later and said she bought them phones?

    It’s fair to say I hated this girl immediately.

    We ALL know that no one just posts this garbage on a whim, so, I started digging. The path of scamming was long with this one.

    That’s the thing with these people. It always starts with something small, looking for free baby clothes because they are a struggling mom. Sometimes they looking for advice because they hit hard times. That’s the sleaze testing out the waters. As soon as they realize how willing people are to help they start asking for more. It’s never enough.

    Wait, you’re telling me that if I blanket Facebook with my pathetic personal shit people will come flocking for freebies?

    They always have someone defending them at first. If someone questions their integrity those folks will shame them for lacking compassion. People want to relate to those having hard times. To convince others there are good people in this world. That makes the con artist defensive and have to tell more of their story to keep people on their side. It’s this same move that lets us find the holes in the story.

    Kailey started small and by the end of this she was blatantly looking for cash and gift cards.

    Her money grubbing started when a man drowned in a Plymouth pond. She and her junkie husband must have been taking a stroll, since they don’t have jobs and have all this free time, when they saw a man being pulled out of the water by rescue workers. They started fishing for news outlets to hock the photos.

    Kailey kept posting. Her daughter looking for cheap violin lessons, what the best pawn shop would be because she’s poor and needs a new laptop, where she could get her laptop fixed for next to nothing, where she can get a free picture with Santa but she can’t drive so it has to be close, that she wants to spay her cat but it has to be cheap because she has some medical problems and couldn’t work.

    Wait, didn’t you make a post a couple months later looking for odd jobs fixing computers?

    It’s all in the pity play so you start noticing her and want to reach out. These posts all seem harmless in fragments but they lead up to a bigger picture.

    So Kailey and Dylan have three kids that they used as ploys for sympathy. The truth of the matter is that they don’t have custody of any of them. Kailey said so herself in her comments to a woman who was looking for how to get her niece out of DCF custody. Yet, she constantly references them while hustling on the Facebook machine. We don’t find out what actually happened to them until later.

    By the way, the domestic abuser that she is so flagrantly referring to? We found out last week that it’s her husband Dylan.

    The next time I saw Kailey online she was looking to sell her two cats that were living in the tent with her and her husband. People wanted her to surrender them because they didn’t have a roof over their head. But no, Kailey wanted a rehoming fee to make sure that they weren’t being fed to pitbulls.

    So instead of surrendering them like a responsible adult she sold them to the highest bidder. Someone adopted the cats and a bunch others ended up bringing these two a bunch of food.

    A couple of short weeks later she was on another site looking to adopt a big dog. People started questioning why she would be looking for a giant dog if she couldn’t even feed or home herself and just sold her cats because she couldn’t take care of them.

    Next comes the “we are homeless and need jobs” post. They don’t really want jobs. They want you to reach out because they want to lure you in. If they were actually looking for jobs that wouldn’t care where. There wouldn’t be oodles of stipulations about what was good enough. Instead it’s this shit:

    Or somehow having the ability and cash to make kitschy reindeer snacks but not wanting to profit on them.

    Maybe, just maybe, if she focused on her own kids instead of trying to make the season magical for the rest of town, she could actually be a mother to her own offspring. Just sayin’.

    Soon after Kailey made another post saying that she was getting the proceeds from selling the condo she lived in right before being homeless. She was looking for a huge apartment and could pay three months rent upfront. 
    But why couldn’t they live in the condo while it was being sold?

    Well, according to a source, it’s because Kailey and her husband lived in the condo, which was owned by her grandmother, rent free, for the better part of three years. They had to leave because the grandmother couldn’t keep it without them paying. The grandmother had to kick them out because the house was in such horrible conditions that no realtor would have been able to sell it in its current state.

    When Nana told Kailey that she needed her out – Kailey told her grandmother to get off her property as if she actually owned it.

    It took months for the people of Plymouth to actually piece together that something was wrong with her story. All it took for someone to come out of the woodwork, after Kailey took the begging to a new level, and fill in the gritty details of what happened to her kids, her home, her husband’s criminal record, her past, and the whole town turned on her.

    Read part two here:

    Oh, and to the moderators of All Thing Plymouth: Can you guys quit deleting my blogs from your page? If you let the drama  and scamming happen you should let the synopsis of it stay up. You let this woman spend countless hours posting her dirty laundry scam on your page. Deleting our stuff is hypocritical AF. People have a right to know they are being taken for a ride on your platform. 


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    1. BobnMic

      I’d hit that…

      1. Turd Burglestein

        Which one? The guy or the thing that has a ferret face?

        1. poop

          The two of them look too much alike…what are the odds they are actually related?

        2. BobnMic

          The sexually ambiguous one… 🙂


      Holy shit, are you fucking kidding with this? Can I get the Readers Digest condensed version? No way I’m reading all this shit, what a dope

      1. Jack

        No shit! Between all the click bait ads and extra large screenshots, I have no idea what the author’s actual point is.

        1. yep

          its a garbage post on a garbage wordpress site in an attempt to drive traffic for bad add revenue.

      2. South Shore Turtlegirl

        Funny. That’s why I had to split it up.

        1. WHATEVUH

          Don’t bother with Part 2 that’s enough

      3. Rip Van Winkle

        Agree. Too long. I read half. I got it. They are scammers. Story could have been written months ago. And it’s not like they are the only scammers out there. I admire her dedication and perseverance, but come on…..650 words or less.

      4. You must quit at everything

        But you spent the time to scroll down and post… No one cares about your disabilities or your attention seeking. Read it or shut the fuck up

    3. TomBrady'sSoftBalls

      To quote Felger, “GET OFF THE INTERNET!!!!”

    4. Give me more

      They’re young scammers aka deadbeats, as people used to call that type. Could be a different window dressing, but the bottom line they have their hand out. After this, they’ll probably move on like Gypsies and start again.

    5. J Cav

      Turtle boy/girl when does pt 2.hit the site – this trash is pure gold. Exactly like not being able to look away from a car crash.

      1. South Shore Turtlegirl

        Tomorrow. I’m writing it as we speak.

        1. Turd Burglestein

          If I send her a turd through my FB acct and send you a screenshot of her reaction, you could include it as part of the stories. I can tell her that it’s possible to mine gold from poop and see if she wants to be part of my business venture.

        2. Ali11979


        3. Patty O'Brien

          Turtle Girl,

          Not sure if you can see my email address or not, but my stepmother is this girl’s other grandmother. Not the one who owned the condo. If you want some real life background on this, please email me.

          1. South Shore Turtlegirl

            Patty, check your message requests on FB. I saw you were looking for me and I messaged you under my private account.

    6. Kelli seaver

      I used to be friends with this girl she has always been this way I would not give her anything or trust her she is a Lyon scum bag

    7. Turd Burglestein

      There’s a sucker born every minute. I just don’t see how anyone could be taken in by these maggots. One look at either of their pictures just screams out junkie trash to me and everybody knows you never trust a junkie. Maybe we’ll luck out and they’ll score a bag of smack that has a nice pinch of carfentanyl mixed in there and Darwin can take over the rest.

    8. Noseface

      SSTG, I love your liberal tits, but jesus h, that was painful to get through.

      1. South Shore Turtlegirl

        The liberal tits made my day. But dude, try having to sort through all of it and make it make sense. I started day drinking when the thing was finally fucking finished. Part two is way worse sorry to say.

        1. BobnMic

          Day drinking. So funny. That reminded me of this:


    9. toomuch

      Why do you invest so much hate in this person? Seems like (most) people know to just stay away from her. Shoot the mods a sincere email of where she is posting if she is legitimately coning people. Seems like she has a pretty shit life and probably a slew of emotional problems. I am not saying at all she is a good person at all here, but your post here is pretty hateful and your sources are facebook posts and hyperbole. Ignore the woman and her husband and be done with it.

    10. BobnMic

      I thought it was, again, a great post. I don’t understand the whole “it was too long” stuff. Didn’t those critics to the longevity of this post ever read a book? Comon already. How can you take this much information and condense it into, what, 6 sentences? That would be impossible. Is that the attention span of the average viewer these days? Looking forward to part 2 because I can’t stand scam artists.

      1. BobnMic's Stolen Valor

        How do you stand yourself then?

        1. BobnMic

          ^^^ Hey I’m proud of my life’s achievements and would do it all over again if I had to. Can you say the same for yourself? Can you even come close to saying that? What did you ever accomplish other than being a pain in the ass troll on a sports blog? That’s what I thought. Absolutely nothing. They have a word for that. It starts with an “L” and ends in “er.” Do I need to spell it out for you?

          1. AttorneyAtDog


    11. Duh

      Kailey is a moderator on ATP.

    12. RGW

      I don’t fall for sob stories and part with my money in general, but this mess makes me want to spend hundreds of dollars buying steak to feed some seagulls. They’re more useful than these people.

      1. Fatfingr Lou

        You should read the TB Lake Char­gogg­a­gogg­man­chaugg­a­gogg­chau­bun­a­gung­a­maugg story about seagulls.
        (Yes, the lake’s name reads like a Webster hoodrat’s FB post)

    13. Sara M

      Wtf…these scumbags ruin it for people who really may need a bit of help. Unfortunately I know people like her so I could have spotted this scam a mIle away. I’ll tell you how DCF works when it comes to DV. If you refuse to leave your abuser they will not give your children back. I watched this with my junkie/prostitute upstairs neighbor. Every time the police came to the house and saw her with him, they filed a 51a even though she didn’t have custody. So right there she is non compliant. No child should have to grow up in that setting. I mean these people can’t even care for cats, or themselves yet they think they deserve their kids? No, they probably want their kids Social Security/welfare checks. I almost guarantee you that one of these db’s is on SSI. That poor grandma, I guarantee she won’t have any money left after these two scam her out of it! I can’t stand people like this. The saddest part…she’s only 24!

      Here’s my thing, I’m going to put an embarrassing fact out there, but I got pregnant when I was 13. I lived in a homeless shelter, stayed in school(diploma, not GED) and I raised my baby alone. I worked my ass off and got off 90% public assistance within 2yr of graduating high school. So I have ZERO sympathy. Yes, life is hard but it’s all about choices. I knew at 14 that my child was my priority…and she has been and still is. Now my daughter(my only child) will be 22 on the 22nd and I’ve never used one excuse…I just made it work(honestly I don’t know how lol). So I can not respect adults like this. It makes me sick. I’m so glad you exposed these scumbags. I can’t wait for part 2.

    14. me1333

      Does she also have more than one fb account?

      Yeah she sounds like a real winner. Real hustlers do not get caught so easily in their web of lies. Sad she is a failure at so many things in life and then she fails at this too.

      Oh…and DCF does not take your children just because you are in an unhealthy relationship unless they feel you are allowing your children to be abused as well. They work with both abuser and the abused to get help, especially if the dad is the biological father. It is more likely the drugs they used got their children taken from them.

    15. me13333

      Does she also have more than one fb account?

      Yeah she sounds like a real winner. Real hustlers do not get caught so easily in their web of lies. Sad she is a failure at so many things in life and then she fails at this too.

      Oh…and DCF does not take your children just because you are in an unhealthy relationship unless they feel you are allowing your children to be abused as well. They work with both abuser and the abused to get help, especially if the dad is the biological father. It is more likely the drugs they used got their children taken from them.

    16. TurtleGurl

      Who the fuck is Turtle Girl? Attacking people anonymously behind a computer screen, nice! I don’t know who these people are, but you sound like a privilege little cunt who likes to condemn people they know nothing about off of facebook posts, and use it as an outlet to fabricate an anti-homeless rhetoric into it. Might they beg, be lazy, and willingly employed? Sure! That doesn’t make it okay to call them pathetic, sleazy, human garbage though.

      1. South Shore Turtlegirl

        Don’t miss part two! I’d be eager to hear what you think of me after that one!

        1. BobnMic

          I guess the truth hurts some…

          1. South Shore Turtlegirl

            If anyone knows what a douche I am… it’s you Bob.

            1. BobnMic

              I would never say that about you South STG simply because I do not think it. My little ditty of a comment was meant for the ‘holier than thou’ commenter above you issuing criticism and spreading false morality. That’s the truth hurts some part. Sorry for the confusion. Should have been more clear.

        2. YOUR MOTHER

          You’re a peace of shit and your writing skills are garbage. Sad you resort to making money off stalking the unfortunate and kicking them while they’re down. You sent the town on a which hunt for a homeless girl who is living in a tent, in an abusive relationship and has lost her kids and will to live. Who’s never actually done any harm to anyone but herself. Who has mental issues and clearly cant get her life together. It must be easy to slander someone so relentlessly for being worthless garbage when you have so much experience being a massive sleazebag. If you get off on airing a strangers dirty laundry for ratings without any regard for their safety or state of mind or who they effect, you’re purebred trash.. By the way I fucked your mother several years ago and her heavily discharged bat cave was the nastiest place I’ve ever stepped foot in. Explains a lot.

          1. South Shore Turtlegirl

            My mom actually read your comment and called me. I haven’t heard her laugh that hard in years. Then she asked for spoilers for part three. Looks like Christmas at her batcave of discharge came early. She also wanted me to remind you that you fuck with your dick and not your foot. Seems Momma knows best.

    17. Sarah

      So, back in 2010 I dated Dylan and he lived with me for a year and a half. Back then he was in no way shape or form like this. This chick ruined his life and he’s sitting back letting it happen like a fucking idiot. They had 2 kids together and when dcf got involved they refused to leave each other and lost both kids along with her kid from a previous relationship. I’ll always have love for Dylan but oh my god this girl is out of control. I feel so bad for those children. Who chooses an abusive relationship over their fucking children?! And then use them as a sob story to get shit from people? I hope they get some real help and get their heads out of each other’s ass long enough to fix their lives.

      1. BobnMic

        Hey there Sarah, how you doin?
        I really liked your post so do you want to private chat with me sometime?
        XOXO Bob

    18. Charlene Vincent

      I just goggled her. In March she was offering her breast milk then surprise surprise, she is asking someone to donate their breast milk to her. Guess she found a way to sell here’s.

    19. joe

      to those crying about ‘clickbait’ ect, It’s 2017. IF you’re not using an adblocker than shame on you.

      Related note; love the story.

      What a vile cunt that woman is.

    20. Biff Tannen

      Now, I am assuming these fine young people hail from Algonquin Heights? I worked security there with a pathological liar/paranoid security guard right after college while looking for a real job. I saw a lot. There are child molesters, serial welfare abusers and many odd characters there. Security there was terrifyingly incompetent. Once a fellow officer brought a gun to work to “return fire” if “fired upon.”

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