Pregnant Girl Charged With 2nd Degree Manslaughter After She Shoots And Kills Boyfriend In Front Of 3 Year Old Daughter While Filming A Stunt Video For Their Youtube Channel

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Pregnant Girl Charged With 2nd Degree Manslaughter After She Shoots And Kills Boyfriend In Front Of 3 Year Old Daughter While Filming A Stunt Video For Their Youtube Channel

Monalisa Perez, 19 from Minnesota shoots and kills her boyfriend Pedro Ruiz because they both had the bright idea to be “Youtube famous” and decided that a dangerous stunt would make that happen. Click here to see their channel. They have 15k subscribers, nothing special. I could see why they were trying to find ways to gain more of a following.

What I can’t understand is why do it in front of a 3 year old child? That is extremely bad parenting. I’m talking, “these this kid away now” irresponsible. Also, how they thought shooting at him while he held a book to his chest to ‘stop the bullet’ would be the way to go. It’s a book, not a shield. Books are to be read, or used as paperweights if it’s during your last year of college and you do just enough to graduate.


“A Minnesota woman was charged with second-degree manslaughter after she shot and killed her boyfriend during a YouTube prank gone wrong, according to local reports. 

Monalisa Perez, 19, was charged Wednesday in the shooting death of her boyfriend, Pedro Ruiz III, 22. According to a criminal complaint, Perez said Ruiz wanted to make a prank YouTube video of her shooting at a book he was holding in front of his chest, AP reported. 

Sounds like a great idea I won’t ever try.

On Monday evening, Perez tweeted that the couple had agreed to carry out “one of the most dangerous videos ever.” 

 “Me and Pedro are probably going to shoot one of the most dangerous videos ever. His idea, not mine,” @MonalisaPerez5 said in the tweet. 

This is the tweet they are referencing:

The part where she writes, “HIS idea not MINE” is what gets me. I disagree with the possibility that she will face jail time. I disagree with the 2nd degree manslaughter charge, I will explain why later…

Unfortunately, the prank went very wrong, and the bullet went through the book and into Ruiz’s chest, killing him before he could be air-lifted for medical treatment, WDAY-TV reported. 

No way, I didn’t see that one coming. I had no idea that a book would not protect someone from a gunshot wound. Why do police departments even bother paying for bullet proof vests when they can put Worcester Magazine in hard cover and use that instead? Not like anyone reads it anyway.

Perez told authorities that Ruiz thought the prank would work because he’d shot a different book and the bullet did not go all the way through. 

That’s because he didn’t use the same gun Monalisa did. She used a Desert Eagle .50 Caliber. and shot him from a short 1 foot away, ONE foot, it’s like the door is open but no one is home. How dense do you have to be? That thing can shoot a hole through a damn engine, they should have done their research.

The couple often made prank videos and posted them on YouTube under the name La MonaLisa. In one of the videos, Perez tries to prank Ruiz with a sandwich filled with hot peppers, and in another, the couple detail their stay at a haunted hotel. 

How does it go from a simple spicy sandwich to one day thinking, “hmm… I’m going to shoot this guy… If hot peppers didn’t hurt his chest cavity, this surely will…” WALLAH! magically Youtube famous! Only he’s not alive and she faces 2nd degree manslaughter charges.

The couple have a three-year-old child together, and another on the way. 

Horrible. Clearly they were not a very responsible couple, I will, rightfully so, judge their parenting. Anyone who thinks guns and stunts (without being a professional) is a good option for a YouTube video is a good idea is someone who should not be in charge of innocent children.

According to AP, Perez could face a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison.”

Legally, her actions fit the definition. However, she shouldn’t go to jail. Here is why. It was both of their ideas. Pedro is also to blame. Unfortunately, his punishment was death. So, I can see why people are gunning for Monalisa to be charged with killing her boyfriend. With that being said, at any time Pedro could have changed his mind. Clearly, it was his idea. He urged her to do it. This means he understood the dangers of this stunt, and was willing to face the consequences. There is no way that he thought this would end well. Even if he used a different book to try the stunt previously and it worked, why risk your life? No type of fame is worth it.

She was released on a 7k bond:

He also has a history of doing crazy stunts and having insane ideas, and doing “stupid things” as Monalisa puts it. This was posted on Monalisa’s Facebook page:

If you watch the video, he isn’t doing anything too crazy, but it’s quite obvious he is an adrenaline junkie. I understand, I’m the same way. I like taking risks that most people wouldn’t. I’m kind of crazy like that. However, before I act this way, I make sure I think of all the things that could go wrong before I do it, and if I’m still feeling brave, I do it. There is no way Pedro didn’t think about the chances of dying. There is no way he thought an encyclopedia was going to stop a bullet.

Here is another post she made. In that video they talk about wanting 300,000 subscribers and craving the famous YouTube life.

He certainly has a history, even his family had no issues discussing his need to do crazy things. The Star Tribune has comments discussing his thrill seeking:

“We called him our little daredevil,” said Lisa Primeau, an aunt who added that she “pretty much raised” Ruiz after his mother died in Texas when he was young. He tried living with his father in this part of the country, but it didn’t work out, Primeau said.

Primeau said Ruiz was always chasing a thrill, “putting a dangerous twist on everything he did.” His antics included “jumping into the swimming pool from the top of the house, no hesitation. He was a crazy driver with go-carts.”

She said Ruiz also “had plenty of guns. He liked guns.”

THRILL SEEKER. Sometimes when people live a life like this, it’s only a matter of time before they are severely harmed, killed, or die by their own ideas. I looked through his Facebook page and he seems like a very good kid, a good father, and a hard worker. It really is a shame that his fate was met at such a young ripe age of 22. It’s a shame that he didn’t think about how seriously dangerous that stunt was. Now his girlfriend and mother of his children will more than likely end up in jail while pregnant and leaving a 3 year old behind.

I think her punishment of what she has done is enough. She has to live the rest of her life knowing she took a life because of a foolish attempt at seeking fame on YouTube. She has to live with explaining to her children that their father died by her hands. She has to be reminded of him every time she looks into her children’s eyes. That to me is a punishment that could wreck a soul and break it into pieces. This girl wasn’t a bad person, she made a horrible and foolish mistake. Going to jail for up to 10 years is nothing compared to the lifelong inner self hate she’s going to feel until the day she dies. They are not the ones who suffer the most, their children will. How unfortunate.

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7 Comment(s)
  • Just Wondering?
    July 3, 2017 at 7:39 pm

    Sounds like “Feisty” has a little bit of SJW in her!!! You’re calling for her not to be punished, since she has been punished already with killing the father of her kids, but you, with your “diatribe” in the last paragraph, makes her out to be a fuckin’ SAINT!

    Get it straight! What do you preach on this website? Sainthood, or “Satanhood”?

  • TJB
    July 3, 2017 at 12:40 am

    Maybe Mona Lisa’s bun in the oven wasn’t his… and she aimed a little bit high? .50 CAL from a foot away? Night night.

  • Inspector Gadget
    July 2, 2017 at 8:08 am

    There’s a long list of people featured on TB that she could perfect this trick with, practice makes perfect, she can learn from her mistakes.

  • Darwin
    July 2, 2017 at 6:31 am

    She should not go to jail for helping to thin out the gene pool.

    Her only mistake was procreating BEFORE this “stunt video”.

  • Narcanista
    July 2, 2017 at 4:57 am

    She’s 19. Adulthood still has reasonable standards. It’s amply communicated that every time you direct the muzzle of a firearm at a target and pull the trigger that you are using lethal force. Period. No debate. When you pull the trigger, you accept the real world’s acceptable use policy on when it’s lawful to employ lethal force. It’s not a video game, it’s no an episode of TV drama.

    Her big problem is that about a day before the killing, she tweeted about how she was about to do one of the most dangerous things they’ve ever done together. She knew the consequences of her actions. Criminally negligent. Maximum sentence permitted by law. Take her children away from her. Firearms are a right we are provided by the Constitution. With that right comes the personal responsibility of being informed about the lawful use of firearms. Uneducated and uninformed people have no place in America. Read books, get a clue or leave our Country!

    • Jail Time
      July 2, 2017 at 8:09 am

      Agreed! Up until the final moment, she could have put the gun down and said “NO, I’m not doing this!” and walked away.

      The same applies for the idiot father who, when showing his boys proper gun safety, pointed the gun at their sister and pulled the trigger. He needs to go to jail as well.

  • Wabbitt
    July 2, 2017 at 1:46 am

    That stupid stunt might have worked if it was a little 22 caliber from a distance. But it was a 50 CALIBER DESERT EAGLE. A large caliber of one of the most powerful handguns ever made.

    There’s a YouTube video of a guy firing that gun at three quarter inch plywood from ten feet away. The bullet went through 12 boards and lodged in the thirteenth. Pretty sure that book didn’t stand a chance.

    Maybe if these rocket scientists tried reading a few books, this never would have happened.

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