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Reader Email: Safety Meeting At JCC Was An Abortion Sandwich

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As the Worcester Summer of Love continues, the city continues to turn into a steaming pile of poo. Last night there were seven reports of stolen vehicles. Ya got that? Not one, not two….Goddamn SEVEN. And while it was going on there was an impromptu crime meeting in the swanky part of town on Salisbury Street. The JCC was jam packed with West Siders who were none too pleased about the fact that there was a double shooting on Flagg Street, and this poor family had this happen

11224021_999803843387944_8994658507273350970_n (1)

The thing about crime crossing Park Ave is, people on the West Side don’t put up with that shit. And rightfully so. The West Side is what keeps Worcester from turning into Lawrence. But almost every person who we spoke with that attended this meeting agreed that the meeting was epic clusterfuck. Here’s an awesome email we got….

The monitor was none other than Barri Boyer, shit I thought she was dead. She did not have a gavel but a fucking COW BELL.  Shit I thought I was at a Hockey game, but no fight broke out.  

Her side kick Paul Giorgio was there also.  Place was packed, ran out of chairs, ran out of space to stand, still 25-35 listened in the halls.

That’s all we basically do, listen.  For over half the meeting we heard all the good things everyone was doing for the kids in Worcester. But hey shit were not here for the good kids, it’s the assholes that don’t do any of these programs.  What are you doing to them? Stop cutting deals for lesser sentences, Early is not Monty Hall and this is not Lets make a deal.  Put these little douchebags away and have them get some tough love from their cellmate BUBBA.

All it was was a campaign event, the word was steady as she goes, we’re working on it. We can’t be all places at all times. We need the communities help. YA right.  They put these god damn silly crime watch sign on light poles in my neighborhood and the only ones that read them are new families looking for a home.  The signs just scare the people away and drop the value 10-20 % because how the hell would want to pay good cash money and hock 30 years of their life to live in a neighborhood that has a CRIME problem.

Fucking waste of time.  I suppose I was to leave the meeting and say….  Oh I feel safe now.  Easy for Petty to say.  He lives so close to the border that if he rolled out of bed the wrong way he would be in Holden.  If he feels safe, he should put his kids in public schools.

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 8.46.21 PM

God bless you angry turtle rider. We feel your pain. Jumpin Joe and the crew are the kings of telling you what they think you wanna hear. That shit might work at City Council meetings or the old folks home, but this is the West Side. We know bullshit when we see it. From the Telegram:

They also assured the crowd of more than 100 people, spilling over into the hallway that statistically, break-ins have been declining in the city overall. The police chief said in the 1990s, a study found the city on average had 4,000 cases of breaking and entering each year. The number dropped to less than 1,000 in the early 2000s. In 2013, Chief Gemme said that number was at 2,200 and there was a 24 percent decrease the following year, with 1,600 burglaries. He said this year is “on pace” with last year.

Hey politicians, I want you to stop doing what you’re doing and listen, because this is really, really important. NO ONE GIVES A FUCK ABOUT YOUR STUPID CHARTS!! We’re sick of charts, graphs, and data. Melinda Boone can take her charts about graduation rates and shove them up Joe Petty’s ass because they’re meaningless. Data can be manipulated to make any poopsmoocher look good.

Then of course Boom-Boom had to show up and turn it into her usual bullshit:

Worcester State University professor Sonya Conner, charged earlier this year with blocking traffic in a Black Lives Matter demonstration at Kelley Square, said she believes poverty, not drugs, leads to crime.

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 8.44.39 PM

Hey Boom-Boom, no one gives a shit what you think. The only criminal in the room last night was you. No one was there to discuss the millions of factors that lead to crime. We know what the factors are. We’ve been throwing money at poverty for decades now and it doesn’t fix shit. We accept the fact that there will always be drugs, poverty, and crime. We just wanna figure out a way to minimize the damage. I’d much rather invest in more jail cells than I would in whatever bullshit you and your fantastic friends from the circlejerk are trying to sell us.

Some residents shared negative experiences with reporting crime to the Police Department – remarks which were typically cut off by the ringing of a cowbell.

Seriously? A fucking cow bell? That’s all you really needed to hear about this meeting. The woman running it was using a cow bell. By default the entire meeting was a joke.

Then they threw this gem in at the end:

He said invasions are rarely random and are typically related to “drug rip-offs,” most often involving marijuana.“People say, ‘What’s wrong with a little marijuana deal?’” Mr. Early added. “This is exactly what’s wrong.”

Oh shut the fuck up Joe Early. Give me a fucking break. Did he really try to turn this meeting into the latest episode of Reefer Madness? Hey Joe, you know why gang bangers are robbing each other over weed? Because it’s illegal. And when things are illegal, the bad guys sell it. See Prohibition 1919-1933 for more details on that.

You know who’s not shooting each other? The owners of Mass Liquors and Austin Liquors. Because they’re both selling a legal product. When you make that harmless plant legal, people will stop killing each other over the right to sell it.

The bottom line is they just don’t get it. They really thought they could come into the JCC, toss a bunch of graphs out there and blame everything on marijuana, and everyone would leave satisfied. But the whole reason the city officials were even there is because these people aren’t stupid. This lady right here

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 8.46.00 PM

isn’t taking your bullshit. They pay the vast majority of property taxes in the city and they vote more than anyone else. When you do those two things elected leaders have to listen to you. Clearly Jumpin Joe and Fast Eddy didn’t get the message. Hopefully everyone in that room did though, and votes the Turtleboy Ticket in November.

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11 Comment(s)
  • BobnMic
    July 31, 2015 at 12:39 pm

    That’s a great picture of Boom Boom. I don’t think it’s right that she was grabbing her boobs while speaking to city leaders. That’s inappropriate and racist.

    • WorcesterResident
      August 2, 2015 at 8:08 am

      I don’t think she was grabbing her boobs. I think she was trying to throw up gang signs and up her street cred on the West Side. Glad she was never my professor while I attended WSU, I would have called her out on way too much BS.

  • WTF... Worcester
    July 31, 2015 at 12:32 pm

    Boom Boom got fat! That or that outfit is about as flattering as a burlap sack.

  • WormtownorBust
    July 31, 2015 at 11:58 am

    Hey Boom-Boom, let me fill you in on a little secret.

    Poverty does not lead to crime.

    How do I know this?

    If it did, then we would never see rich people committing crimes. But we do often see rich people committing crimes.

    You know what really leads to crime?

    Being an asshole.

    Because only an asshole would think they have a right to take something that someone else worked hard for.

  • Dude
    July 31, 2015 at 11:02 am

    So, I think this post might be the right time to bring this question up. What do each of the mayoral candidates plan on doing about the crime issue we have going on presently in the city? I hear a lot of dancing around the question from both candidates. Neither one has yet to suggest a plan of action. Petty has made the “best” attempt (and I do use that term very loosely), but still fails short on any specifics on a workable plan. Outside of more police (which in my opinion is a short-term immediate response to crime, not an ongoing solution), I haven’t heard anything from Gaffney either. That’s not to say he hasn’t, I just have yet to hear it. People should be voting on the person with the most viable plan of action, and not because of the “lesser of two evils” preached by many. People also should not vote on someone based on a blog’s endorsement (sorry TBS). Maybe TBS can write up a breakdown of what each candidate plans to do to improve the city. Give readers a fair description of both party’s stances on different issues. I have a feeling the Petty side of this might be a challenge to get, but Gaffney should be all for it.

  • Erika
    July 31, 2015 at 10:02 am

    I work at the JCC so I stayed to listen to the meeting and left early because it wasn’t exactly what I thought it was – people asking questions that really didn’t need to be asked. For example, “When do we call the police?” Really? Do you really not know the answer to that? When you don’t feel safe, or when you see multiple cars and people going in and out of one house ALL THE TIME, maybe that’s when you should call. Got someone lurkin? Call the cops. Suspicious characters in your ‘hood? Call the cops. People complaining about how long it takes for cops to respond, “20 minutes is WAY too long.” Well, if you call 911 and it’s an emergency, they will be there as fast as their car will take them. I don’t know, maybe I missed the important things that were addressed so I shouldn’t really have an opinion? Oh, well. Oh and to the e-mailer who wrote we ran out of chairs? False. We had plenty of extra chairs that most people declined in the hallway that we carried in and out multiple times. That’s all. #CarryOnTurtleBoy! =]

  • John Smith
    July 31, 2015 at 8:16 am

    The state changed the way they calculate the ‘graduation rate’ several years ago. Now, a student who drops-out
    but then completes a GED is counted as a graduate and reduces the current number of non-graduates by one.
    There were other changes, which all seem to improve the graduation rate, but the point is that districts are
    comparing apples with oranges and no one notes the change in the way graduation rates are calculated.

  • Carlo's Daddy
    July 31, 2015 at 7:16 am

    Mahoney and Keefe are complete clown’s!!!! All those 2 want to do is override Charlie Bakers veto’s and keep your taxes as high as possible.

    I hope the Turtleboy Revolution is down with getting these two clown’s out of office ASAP!!

  • oneopinion
    July 30, 2015 at 11:56 pm

    I live on the West Side and the crime segment of the neighborhood meetings is mostly about people parking on the street with their doors unlocked getting their GPS, phone charger, and spare change stolen. The cops actually show up and take reports. My buddy in Boston lost his new iPhone 6 last week and using the find a phone app he told the cops exactly which apartment in Jamaica Plain it was in but they wouldn’t even get involved. As cops go we’ve got it very good out here.

  • Publius
    July 30, 2015 at 9:36 pm

    Violent gang crime has been on the West Side for some time, murders, muggings and if it aint happening many of the perps now call June and Tatnuck home (see Publius other posts), property crime, all over, from tbe Holden line to Lake Quinsig, one big crime watch, and watch is all Petty seems to want to do. We need a council of Barbara Hallers. And as usual the state reps silent, Mahoney? Keefe? Donahue? ODay? anyone home?

  • Wabbitt
    July 30, 2015 at 8:41 pm

    “But – we set up youth basketball league! Look at all the things we’re doing for at risk youth!”

    Yep. Because that’s what’s going to get a bunch of gang bangers to stop making bank selling drugs – youth basketball. Could Jumpin’ Joe Petty, Jivin’ Joe Early, Sarai “Don’t Call Me Teetee Ho” Rivera, and Fast Eddie Augustus be more fucking delusional?

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