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  • Rehoboth Mom Using Daughter For $3K GoFundMe For Car After Leaving Her To Fly To Houston Repeatedly For “Fiance,” Says She Has No Support, Mom Lives In Fall River And Watched Her Kid While She Was In Houston

    Rehoboth Mom Using Daughter For $3K GoFundMe For Car After Leaving Her To Fly To Houston Repeatedly For “Fiance,” Says She Has No Support, Mom Lives In Fall River And Watched Her Kid While She Was In Houston

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    Here’s your GoFundMe scam of the day out of Rehoboth….

    I really hate it when people use their kids on these GoFundMe pages. Because no one would give a grown, abled-bodied woman money for a car on their own, so she’s gotta use her kid to get that sympathy cash. Ya know, since we all paid for our own cars. Like adults.

    But as you can see, it’s working. Somehow this chick has raised over $1,300 for…..a car. She says she lives in a town with no public transportation and there is only one car in her “household.” She doesn’t say who she lives with, or what town she lives in, and thus no one can offer her any alternative solutions. Just cash please.

    She also says she wants a car so she can get a job, go to school, and put her kid in school. So apparently whatever town she lives in does not have free public schooling. We just don’t know what that town is. She says she’s from Rehoboth, but yet here she is moving to Houston a couple months ago:

    Why Houston? For this guy of course:

    Oh yea, that man right there is a weapon of ass destruction!! Well worth moving 2,000 miles from home for.

    According to her just two months ago, this is her fiance. So why can’t he help her out? He sprung for a ring but he can’t help her out with a car? This is everything that is wrong with the wedding industrial complex. We value a worthless rock more than we do a vehicle that has actual utility. It can get you places. A ring sits there and does nothing. But apparently that was more important.

    Anyway, I’m sure it’s not cheap to fly to Houston on the regular, but she had plenty of money for plane tickets:

    So she can afford to fly to Houston in early May, and then again in June. Keep in mind she’s not working during the time, nor is she really looking for a job. And it doesn’t look like the kid came to Houston with her. She can afford to do all of this but she wants you to buy her a car and is using her daughter to guilt you into it. Sure thing hun.

    Oh, and she’s got plenty of money for her and the hubbie to go to Blink 182 concerts:

    And gun tittoos:

    And the “fiance” has plenty of cash for new boots for her:

    And here’s the best part – he was trying to get rid of a car on June 23:

    You can’t make this stuff up.

    Maybe they broke up after she had already put all her eggs in his basket. Who knows. She did post this less than a month ago:

    But two days later she changed her profile picture, and comments like this started to appear:

    So it looks like that’s the end of that love story. But when she was in Houston, it looks like she left her daughter she cares so much behind:

    September? You were willing to go that long without seeing your kid because you wanted to play Dear John with some chudstuffer in Houston? Oh, and then you guys broke up. Yea, she seems like a woman who’s got her priorities in line. In the picture it says that Melanie Lacroix has her kid. Who is Melanie? That would be Mom:

    She’s not a regular Mom though. She’s a cool Mom.


    Remember what she said in her GoFundMe?

    “I don’t have friends or family who live close by to help. I don’t have any family or friends to help babysit or cart us around.”

    Yet Melanie lives in nearby Fall River:

    And her grandmother lives in nearby Taunton:

    These women who babysat her kid for months while she pursued a childish cross country relationship all of a sudden cannot give her a ride somewhere. Nor can she move in with them. Because that would be the responsible thing to do. Oh yea, her story checks out.

    Editor’s Note: The child was staying with the father while she was in Houston.

    But since she’s moved back to Rehoboth she’s had plenty of time, money, and transportation to get her tongue pierced:

    According to Angelea she’s been “trying my hardest to make the best decisions possible for myself and my daughter.” Ummmm….no you haven’t. You’ve actually been making a series of terrible financial decisions for yourself and your daughter. You’re very interested in playing cross country lovebirds, but becoming financially independent? Nah.

    She also says, “I want to show my daughter that She can look up to me.” And what better way to set a good example for your daughter than to panhandle for a free car on the Internet?

    Oh, and you know you’re running a shady GoFundMe when you have to throw in this at the end: “If anyone has any negative things to say, there’s enough negativity in the world and I’m embarrassed enough to even ask this of anyone, let’s put the negativity aside for a change.”

    Ya know who puts disclaimers like that on their GoFundMe? People who know they’re gonna get negative feedback because their GFM is a scam.

    Look, we’ve profiled much worse people than her in our GoFundMe scams. But we really can’t stand digital panhandling like this because these people think society always owes them something. Just like a lot of turtle riders I work my ass off to take care of my family. I don’t make purchases I can’t afford to make. I budget my income. I don’t spend money on stupid shit when I have ESSENTIALS that I need to buy first. Ya know, like a car. I also can’t afford to just abandon my kids for months at a time to pursue a childish love interest in Texas. Then I open the Turtleboy inbox and I get a story like this and my blood boils. The tipping point for me is how she’s using her kid to score pity cash. The same kid she left in Massachusetts while she was getting her canoe shellacked in Houston.

    Yea, we’ll pass on this one Angelea. Buy your own car and be a responsible adult if you really wanna set a good example for your daughter.


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    1. that guy

      She should take that$1300 and remove those stupid gun tattoos. Why would someone think that looks good

      1. Someone that knows better.

        This go fund me is a fucking joke. She doesn’t even have a license. She blows all her money up her nose. She manipulates people for her own benefit. She left her kid behind to go to Texas. She will not buy a car, she will go shopping. She won’t buy anything for her kid that she legit only had because she wanted to trap her ex, get state cash, and not have to work. Facts. She is poison. She doesn’t deserve a single cent. Do not be fooled by this like so many have been. This girl is every single doubt you’ve ever had about humanity rolled into one small human with zero integrity. She just wants hand out because they’ve always come to her so easily. She killed her first kid because a better suitor came into play shortly after the conception. Her ex didn’t hit her. She just told everyone that for sympathy. She was willing to fuck a guys life up simply because she wanted him to not be around so she could run amuck. She will buy drugs with your money. She will buy clothes, and shoes, and material nonsense. She can’t even fucking drive.

        1. MadameMidlifeCrisis

          Hey Someone,
          I wouldn’t bee too sad if the child’s father were to use this to show how she is an unfit mother. If he is stable, he should go for full custody of that kid & then this silly twat would have to pay child support. I loathe women who breed for all the wrong reasons & have seen far too many good guys be shafted out of parenthood due to a backwards court system that favors women as single parents. You sound like you could help steer this child’s life to a better situation & I highly suggest you have his family come take a gander & then call a lawyer to have her removed from this selfish snatch. Knowing that she won’t be getting paid to sit back & pretend to be a “mommy” by the state & government makes my charcoal-esque heart swell.

          1. Stunt Penis

            This is Massachusetts. There’s no way a judge is going to take a kid from its mother. Ever.

            1. True Reality Speaks

              Tell that to Justine Pelletier and her parents.

            2. Nope nope nope

              They’re cracking down. I’ve had my daughter since she was an infant dragged to court constantly by her sperm and egg donor and guess who has permanent custody? Not the crack heads!

    2. The Vorlon

      Let’s see, can’t afford wheels, but you sport ugly ass tittoos. You spent/want to spend more on getting another hole in your tongue. There is a year’s worth of car payments on your arm. I’m sure the other bad habits of being a ratchet drain what is left of your budget.

      How about taking an Adulting class. Might do you wonders.

    3. ElJefe72

      *Sniff* *Sniff*…I smell an internet lawsuit for libel and slander.

      I’m also betting that Desk Girl gets some friendly texts from Ms. Kelley.

    4. Build the Wall

      The best think about Sears going broke means when your ratchet becomes disfunctional you cannot trade it in for another ratchet.

    5. Wowza

      The ironic thing is that but for the rachet titoos, she is pretty enough to land some rich divorced 40ish guy in New England (asking for a friend) that could solve her financial problems. Yet, the ghetto titoos that can’t be displayed in that man’s world, dooming her to losers who create more financial problems for her.

      1. Stunt Penis

        You hit the nail on the head with this comment. Despite the fact this girl is very pretty when she cleans herself up, no man of significant social standing is going to take this woman out in “society”. Sure, he may use her for great sex, because that’s all she’s good for in his mind, but she’s definitely not ‘marriage material’ with all those low-class tats. A classic example of how upwardly-mobile men will be “slumming it” when they bed her.

    6. Troubled Nostrils

      If a woman sports prominent gun tittoos, tacky random tattoos, and a pierced tongue, then she better offer and enjoy anal, or all that window dressing is a sham.

      1. Long Arm of the Law

        The accuracy of your statement is incredible.

        1. DJ Trump


    7. Real talk

      Wow..nice to see that her psycho abusive ex is deciding to make himself even more of a joke and spend hours creating a bashing rant on her out of spite. This is the mother of your child and you should have more respect for her. The truth is none of what is said here is factual. I hope people can see through this and that he stops making posts like this for his daughter’s sake.

      1. ti

        WTF are you talking about?

      2. Tired of Don't Snitch Pussies

        WTF are you talking about?

      3. DJ Trump

        Hey you old bikers bitch why don’t you show us your titties. You look rode hard and put away wet.

      4. Goose

        Real talk… is that like “FACTS”

        Oh excuse me


        Lady, your daughter’s ex didn’t write this, a concerned patron of the internet did.

        Nor was your daughter ever abused. I’ve seen women like that, even been accused once in my younger years when I thought looks were all that mattered. She’s making it up for sympathy, guaranteed.

      5. whwhat

        “This is the mother of your child and you should have more respect for her.”

        How can you expect others to do something she’s not willing to do herself?

        In the words of Bruce Willis (sing it with me), “Respect yourself…”

    8. They call me Ponch

      4 generations under 50

    9. SiNgLeMoM

      Second go fun me page she has made. Also had a go fund me last year to have people donate so she could a pair of fake tits.

    10. Coach

      Coach asks: Who does her tatoos, Stevie Wonder?

      1. MadameMidlifeCrisis

        I just called… to say… I love you!

    11. ?

      Notices the shirt on Angela, “Support 81 Wallkill NY,” which is a Hells Angels riding club in northern Orange County.

      1. MadameMidlifeCrisis

        The plot thickens…

        1. Tired of Don't Snitch Pussies

          Biker gang pass around. Shocking!

        2. ?

          Connecting the dots: That picture with Angela in the ”Support 81,” tee shirt was probably taken during the Bike Week which is held at Weirs Beach, NH or someplace near there.

    12. DJ Trump

      Fucking Gypsies, always working a scam.

    13. Kathleen Patricia Tryon

      You people are disgusting. You want to pick on someone pick on me you Mother F . Your facts are wrong. You hide behind a keyboard incite hate and anger. You bully her family. People call my beautiful granddaughter a Crotch Gremlin. I am the Paternal grandmother. I also just lost my bonus son this year. He was a Marine. My son the father of my granddaughter also served this country. You people probably are to much of cowards to serve, You come after my family you hurt my family. You all are sick and hateful humanbeings. You know nothing but picking bits and pieces from a facebook page. My granddaughter has been well taken care of her father my son had her this summer. Angelea is a beautiful person who would never hurt a person, I am sure you people are entitltled. She has worked she has tried so hard to climb this huge mountain of life to be cyber bullied and people calling her family calling my granddaughter names. Show your face coward. Have a one on one with me. God judges not you. Take this down or you will be dealling with me. Got Turttle boy

      1. ?

        No one told your grand daughter to go on social media to advertise her whereabouts, upload pictures, and shared things that should have been kept private. People make choices. Angela made some bad ones. If she had used some common sense, none of this would have had transpired for the world to see. It’s called consequences. You made the choice in coming to slag everyone on here, by calling all ”sick and hateful human beings.” Hope you are aware that attack will not go unanswered.

      2. Transplant

        Why don’t you buy the dumb bitch a car, grandma?

      3. Goose

        I guarantee you there is more military and law enforcement here than you could count, so settle down there, gramma.

        And as a combat veteran myself, I’m perfectly willing to say this:

        Simply serving doesn’t make you special. And you taking *someone else’s* service and using it to further your argument? What? Lady, unless you served, which I know you didn’t, get outta town.

        If you think a chick who rocks tongue piercings and gun tattoos (on her fucking chest) is the best your son could do, them you need to think better of your son.

        Finally, why defend her? You say your son takes care of her, but she’s still off in TX sucking off some douchebag McGee? Why would you defend a girl like that??

        I get the feeling you may not be who you say you are

      4. whwhat

        “My granddaughter has been well taken care of her father my son had her this summer.”

        You are making no sense. Is your son the father of Angelea, or the father of her child?

        Oh and I was waiting for this, so thank you…”God judges not you.” (a.k.a. – “Only God can judge.”)

        BTW – How can someone tell someone else “Only God can judge?” Isn’t that also judging?

    14. Hanginpossum

      So that’s who listens to Blink 182. Fuck her and fuck her friends for being the reason I have to listen to that shit on the radio

    15. Talent Evaluator

      Not quite a smoke, the shitty tattoos hinder her rating. Tongue ring would add bonus points though. This should serve as a warning to future junior smokes out there that tattoos do not add to hotness.

    16. jerry

      Remember when she started a go fund me page for her to get breast implants.

    17. ChrisInShrewsbury

      Fucking a mom and daughter (not at the same time) is old hat. Anyone have a pic of grandma? That would be epic.

      It’s perplexing how these families (always) have some level of cognitive acknowledgement regarding the viscous cycle of learned (bad) behavior. I.e. “My daughter ain’t growing up to be no hoe”, yet it’s exactly what happens.

      Sorry Angelea, you’re already a bad role model. The only thing that could help your daughter, is if you died. That’s the sad truth.

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    21. Samara

      Genuinely no matter if someone doesn’t know after that its up to other users that they will help, so here it occurs.

      1. Jimmy the dude

        Exactly big mistake

    22. cards double interest

      I do not know if it’s just me or if everyone else experiencing problems
      with your website. It appears as though some of the text
      within your content are running off the screen. Can someone else please
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    23. Jimmy the guy that almost married this bitch

      If you’d like to know the truth about this message me personally. I do not talk to this bitch anymore she is abusive and psycho. She picked out her own ring which I still have. As far as my car I’m selling the engine blew in 2014 and I have a new car. If you come in contact with her FUCKING RUN. She is not who she plays and cries to be. I did love Sophia like my own but she does hand her off in order to go out every weekend.

    24. stupidturtle

      i really don’t know how this is ANY of your business turtleboy…like seriously this made you look creepy as fuck. looking up where people live. ya i get it, to prove a point. but who the fuck cares what she’s doing. she got her money regardless lol. so you just want her to have some haters because you’re one of the,? you don’t know any REAL facts so just fall the fuck back

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