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Revive Dance Xchange Part 7: Candy Dennis Lies To Turtleboy, Questions Our “Attentions,” Speaks With Lawyer And Blocks Us

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     and part 6.

Welcome to the Season Finale of Turtleboy Investigates: Candy Dennis’ Revive Dance Xchange. It’s been quite a week and as a result of our investigations Candy Dennis has elected to take down her bio on her company’s website, after we pointed out that many of her credentials were questionable. She’s also shut down RDX’s Facebook page, and appears to have gone into hiding. The Patch has written three stories about her as well, including an emailed conversation in which she professes her innocence, claims she’s suing Turtleboy, and vows to show proof that things we’ve published are slander of deformation. It’s been 48 hours and she hasn’t responded to the Patch with any of this proof. Of course she can’t respond to us either as she has blocked us on Facebook and refused to return any of our emails.

When we were first tipped off about Candy Dennis we were interested. But we get hundreds of story idea pitches a week, and most we don’t end up writing about. A story like this would be a project so we needed to make sure it was worth our while. The thing about stories like this though is that we are hesitant to become involved in a dispute between a business and angry customers. After all, the customers are pretty biased and the last thing we’d want to do is harm a local business because of some vindictive former clients.

But after we spoke with Candy Dennis directly we quickly realized that everything they were telling us had merit. Soon after she figured out exactly what Turtleboy was she blocked us, and we knew at that point we had to write a story. You don’t block Turtleboy if you’re a legitimate business with nothing to hide.

We messaged her for comment on some allegations about scholarships not being given out and other shady business practices that we were hearing about:

She’d never heard of Turtleboy before. Advantage Turtleboy.

But before we could explain our mission statement she was telling us about all the scholarships she’d given out….

Just a reminder, the people who received these “scholarships” were mostly people who had donated signficant amounts in the past. They weren’t for poor kids. And they weren’t scholarships either – they were coupons to her own dance studio.

We wanted to know where we could find some of these scholarship winners. After all, when places give out scholarships there’s usually a picture or an award’s ceremony or something….

Oh OK. I guess they like to keep their scholarships private. How convenient.

That’s when she started going on the defensive by going on the offensive by blaming angry parents who she asked to leave for their kid’s “bad behavior,” and accusing the parents of “bullying” her, thus causing “great harm to my health” as well as other clients.

She thought she knew who the parents were who were coming to us, and accused one of them of being a $950 scholarship winner. In reality she gave this individual $20 off per month and had the receipts to prove it.

“Attentions.” LOL.

She also says there that they only raise $200 a year in scholarships and the rest comes “from the business.” But at the same time she claims right on her site that the money raised from recitals and the illegal raffles they hold goes directly to the scholarships. That’s a lot more than $200.

She kept asking us what our “attentions” were for these inquires, so we told her we wanted to clear things up. Especially about her GoFundMe for her crippling disease while also going to Disney World….

So Daddy paid for her plane tickets? Her family members dispute that, but OK. Did he also pay the $500 entry fee to get into Discovery Cove? Tickets to Disney World? Sea World? Eating out every night at expensive restaurants? Hot air balloon rides?

And what about the New York trips?

Oh right, your husband (who took your last name, and who you are now blaming the GoFundMe on) has a sugar momma who pays for you to go to New York to get ballroom dancing training. That’s why you went to New York. Of course you had to bring the whole family and go out to dinner and expensive shows every night there in Times Square too, under the guise that your daughter was accepted to an academy that anyone can pay to take expensive lessons at. Best mother in law ever!!

And the GoFundMe was for her illness which made her so sick that her doctor told her in front of other patients that “it’s just not fair.”

She even had the medicine to prove how expensive the treatment was:

Except after speaking to a bunch of nurses and people who work around prescription pills that these are just a bunch of vitamins.

Apparently our basic questions about why someone with a GFM (which she was encouraging her clients to donate to on her business page) could spend so much money, necessitated her contacting her lawyer….

Naturally her lawyer was already going after the evil parents who were guilty of not being thrilled about being ripped off by her. AKA slander.

So what were they saying that was false?

Except it turned out she was lying about her “education” since many of the places she claimed to have been educated at in her bio did not offer the education she claimed they provided her with.

She was right about the GFM not being used to fund the vacations though. After all, she barely raised $1,000. No, that money was coming from the recital cash which she was pretending was going to scholarships.

After that she kept going back to her brain disease….

And insisting that her father paid for the April vacation to Florida….

She says that New York is cheap too because of the hotel rooms. Anyone who’s ever stayed in a NYC hotel would probably disagree with that, but OK.

Then she did what she always does – hide behind the kids….

Because “hating” on her was actually hurting the students, not just her business. This of course is a pattern, as she vilified parents with legitimate concerns by blaming them for their out of control, poorly behaved children. This woman is up to no good, and instead of just admitting it she uses children as both a shield and a weapon.

What about the instructors and their alleged lack of qualifications?

Except the teachers themselves told us differently. The teachers who were being paid with discounts in tuition and were told it was “work study.”

That’s when her lawyer Jonathan Hurley advised her to stop communicating….

Advice she clearly ignored in the next few weeks after digging herself a bigger hole by lying to The Patch about “proof” she had that parents were lying.

Anyway, this woman clearly needs help. I’m not a doctor or anything, but she seems like a complete nutjob in our professional opinion. Everyone on staff concurs. Make no doubt about it – she will victimize herself with this. She will likely claim that she’s going to commit suicide and the blog made her do it in order to elicit sympathy. They always do when their backs are against the wall. I don’t know if anything she has done is an arrestable offense, but either way the public has a right to know because so many of these business practices are clearly deceptive and unprofessional. Especially when there are kids involved.

15 Comment(s)
  • Kate
    July 26, 2018 at 9:41 pm

    1) “Attentions” instead of intentions
    2) “your” when she clearly needed “you’re”
    3) “effecting” when she meant “affecting”
    4) “Brian” disease! What is that? Is she trying to say “brain” disease? What brain disease can be cured with vitamins and herbal medicines?
    This lady is something else.
    Now that her credentials are taken down, I can’t see them! Did anyone take a screenshot?

  • E
    July 26, 2018 at 8:19 pm

    I danced at that studio for 5 years. Thank you so much for exposing everything she’s done. I’m so grateful!

  • Nadia Yenreak
    July 26, 2018 at 5:20 pm

    She should hire the same lawyer that Lauren Larson used. They seemed to shut you up pretty quickly.

    • Captain Trips
      Captain Trips
      July 26, 2018 at 6:50 pm

      Thanks for the warning Candy

  • The angry taint
    The angry taint
    July 26, 2018 at 3:09 pm

    Complete whackadoodle and her hubby looks like murr from impractical jokers in that cuck hat

  • Captain Trips
    Captain Trips
    July 26, 2018 at 3:03 pm

    She’s your classic ‘vulnerable narcissist’. Look it up. She fits the bill:

    ‘The narcissistic qualities of a vulnerable narcissist (VN) are masked by helplessness, emotionality, and reticent behavior. They are not dissimilar to covert or introverted narcissists which fly far under the grandiose radar of a typical narcissist. Here are some signs of a VN:

    They are typically highly sensitive people to the extreme level. Only their feelings have significance or importance, not another’s. Instead of using their sensitivity to understand and meet the needs of others, they take offense to the slightest emotional reaction, personalize other person’s feelings, and ultimately make it all about them.
    Just like the grandiose narcissists (GN), VNs like to be considered a perfectionist in their area of specialty. However, while GNs will insist they are perfect and believe others see them that way, VNs believe they are perfect but others fail to see them that way.
    The VN is similar to the emotional up and downs of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) but without the self-harming behavior that is characteristic of BPD. VNs might threaten to self-harm as in intimidation tactic but usually do not follow through.
    There is no healthy way to question the emotions and subsequent responses of a VN as they are always right. Even when the emotion is out of proportion to the event, it still cannot be examined for any fault.
    VNs are more prone to depression because the reality of their life doesn’t meet the fantasy life they feel entitled to receive. This inconsistency might cause them to quit jobs without any regard for the consequences of the decision because the work place does not live up to their expectations.
    The victim card is routinely played to justify actions that others may see as disconcerting. Typical statements include: “Everyone is out to get me because I’m better than them,” or “This is not my fault but someone else’s fault.”
    One of the other interesting characteristics of a VN is their classic passive-aggressive behavior. They typically will ignore a person as punishment for not doing what they were told, not looking good enough, or not being as smart as they are.
    Similar to BPD, VNs are plagued by chronic feelings of emptiness. However, unlike BPDs who try to fill the void with new and exciting relationships, VNs become more introverted. This withdraw is because no one will ever be good enough to engage in an intimate relationship. The fantasy person is non-existent.
    The massive insecurity at the root of narcissism is covered with silence instead of grandiose behavior. In fact, they are extremely judgmental of anyone who displays pretentious, flamboyant, or lavish behaviors.
    Unlike GNs, VNs are very talented in using false humility and shallow apologies to get what they want. However, when pressed, even they will agree that they don’t mean it and will even blame the other person’s weakness for having to apologize in the first place.
    Because of the complete lack of intimate relationships, VNs may do better with on-line relationships than face-to-face. This allows the VN to maintain the illusory relationship as being more significant than it is.
    Instead of being charming like the GNs, VNs act aloft, smug, disinterested, bored, condescending, inattentive, and judgmental around others. They use this tactic to draw others in without having to engage in a real conversation.’

    • Y
      July 26, 2018 at 3:47 pm

      TL; DR

      • Captain Trips
        Captain Trips
        July 26, 2018 at 6:49 pm

        Sorry – I forgot your ADHD doesn’t allow you to read a longer insightful article

    • Bertha Von Nation
      July 26, 2018 at 8:13 pm

      Murr! I was wondering why her wife looked familiar! That’s it!!

  • Screw PC
    July 26, 2018 at 2:33 pm

    Can you imagine being condemned to fuck that thing for the rest of your life?

  • Rochambeau
    July 26, 2018 at 2:20 pm

    There is a Hurley Shah LLP of 60 State St. in Boston, formerly in Reading.

  • Let me up, I've had enough
    July 26, 2018 at 1:56 pm

    I like a girl who is a little liberal with her morality. Gives the impression that she’s pretty much up for anything. Throw in a little extra cushion in all the right places…. I’d bang Candy. I’ll even let her cuck husband videotape it.

  • Real_Finn
    July 26, 2018 at 1:53 pm

    Candy’s English skills are atrocious. They’re on a par with a 10-year old. How does she function? Seriously, how does she communicate with the outside world? YIKES…

    Still, I’d give $100 to hear her speak on Turtle Boy Live (train wreck/shitshow).

  • Rockets Redglare
    July 26, 2018 at 1:16 pm

    Bitch deserves all the annoyances and humiliation she gets. Can’t wait to see who TB skewers next!

  • Y
    July 26, 2018 at 12:56 pm

    Kind of a weak “finale.” I was hoping to read the cease and desist letter from Dick N. Vulva, Esq. I was hoping to hear/see audio/video w/Ms. Candy defending her honor.
    What a let down; she had so much potential and she sold herself short (story of Ben’s life).

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