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  • Sad: Ed Augustus Was The Only Person To Like The Only Comment Supporting Him From A Woman In Shrewsbury


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    You know you’re doing a shitty job when Worcester Magazine poses this question on Facebook:

    Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 9.14.03 PM

    And you only have one person defending you:


    And they’re from Shrewsbury:

    Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 9.16.14 PM

    And they’re only supporting you because they’re a soldier for the Hillary-McGovern Crime Family too

    Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 9.16.51 PM



    And the only person who liked that comment is yourself:

    Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 9.13.38 PM

    This is how you know you’re doing a shitty job. When literally EVERYONE on social media from Worcester says you suck. Yet the idiotic politicians that run our city don’t just give you a satisfactory evaluation, they give you an “exceeds expectations!!!” And now Joe Petty is trying to give him a new contract that will extend him as City Manager until 2020!!! I don’t know what’s more pathetic, Ed Augustus liking the only positive comment about him, which came from a McGovern soldier in Shrewsbury, or the fact that Worcester Magazine Walter Bird can’t even write their own story about this and is sharing their competitor’s (Turtlegram) story on their Facebook page.

    Bottom line is we can’t stand any more of this garbage. What the City Council did was a disgrace. And they do it because they know that voters are dumb enough to vote for them. Petty does it because he has no choice, since he’s taking instructions from McGovern Crime Family. But by far the two most useless people on the Council right now are Moe Bergman and Kate Toomey? What do they do? They voted for Fast Ed because they’re trying to kiss the machine’s ass. But guess what Moe and Kate? They don’t want you. They don’t campaign for you. It’s why you finished 4th and 5th last election and barely made it on, while Mike Gaffney was destroying you and finishing in 2nd. Keep it up. Turtleboy is watching and so are the people.


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    1. GoneWest

      This whole blog is so political now. You’ve changed TB

      1. Jay

        What Turtleboy is doing is a very positive, important thing.

      2. Turtleboy

        We’ve been calling out shitty dumb behavior since our inception

        1. Realist

          Really? Seems fairly one sided to me, but what do I know!

      3. BobnMic

        And to add the political climate or landscape has changed for the better. The politics still has a way to go but far off better than before. There is some sports stuff in there at times as well. It’s all good.

      4. Wwy

        You can tell who the “liberal communists” are the ones who hate people giving an opinion. I’ll give 2 facts Hilliary is a criminal and her husband is a rapist. Sorry the Clinton crime family is able to brainwash dumb Americans,and TB write YOUR blog to cater to gonewest she apparently thinks like a communist,that’s why she attacks you and not the article,a liberal like Stalin.

    2. Steven Stover

      Have they gang tagged the 3 million dollar 200 foot bike path yet? Or just blocked it off with Jersey Barriors?

      1. Boss Tweed

        Still block off as of Tuesday night.

    3. MrButthurt

      Love the hard work TB. Fuck he haters.

    4. Patrick Allen

      I don’t live in the city anymore thank God. The City is being run by a bunch of Clowns, beginning with McGovern & ending with Augustus. There little Democratic Machine is at work helping themselves.
      Augustus couldn’t make a logical decision to save his life. How many times did he get the street plowing detail wrong last winter. Even after sending a letter of apology out to the residents he goes and screws it up the following week again.
      Do yourselves a favor Worcester & get these Clowns out ASAP.

    5. Chris From Georgia

      The good citizens of Worcester need to take a page from the liberal playbook and march on City Hall and then stage a “sit in” in the council chambers! Of course those libtards will ignore it and disparage you. So short of an armed rebellion either beat them at the ballot box or consider moving elsewhere. I don’t post this lightly either, since moving is an extremely personal decision and may not be feasible for many. Personally for me it was the best move I ever made.

    6. Truther

      Augustus is McGovern’s boy-toy. Petty likes to watch.

    7. Reddog

      Should have heard Jim polito ripping McGovern and slippery Neil this morning. It was great.

    8. VideoPortal

      What a farce! the only person with integrity is Lukes. What a sad day for Worcester. $ down the drain. What an absolute farce.

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