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Scamerico Is BACK! Kelly Janerico, The South Shore’s Most Infamous Scam Queen, Has A Ratchet Flash Sale Online For Five Packs Of Marlboro Heavies Because Normal People Hock Butts On A Yardsale Page

Everyone’s favorite’s scam queen is back! Only this time she’s hocking butts!
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Kelly Janerico, who we took down a couple months back, is the most nefarious scam queen of all of the South Shore. People, who had been calling her out for years, were so excited that she finally had been fed a shame sandwich on such a grand scale (as is the Turtleboy way) that they even sent SSTG presents.

(No shit, I got a box of vibrators and a thank you note from one awesome Turtleriding Athena’s rep. Thanks girlfriend!! You know who you are! ) 

Now, if you’re unfamiliar with the legend of The Scamerico, I can’t even give you a brief breakdown because it was one of my longer blogs (and I’m the most long-winded asshole on staff so that’s saying something.) I HIGHLY recommend you read the OG blog:

Meet Weymouth’s Kelly Scamerico: The Radioactive, Section Eight Approved, Overlord Of All The Fupasloths-With Nine GFMs, Disney Trips Galore, And Exploitation Of Her Non-Terminally Ill Kid


The amount of scams this woman was running, involving her allegedly terminally ill child, was unreal.

We hadn’t heard a peep out of her since she moved from Weymouth to East Bridgewater. Seems she had gotten evicted for like the 900th time and had to replant her roots. Well, Scamerico seems to have gotten her hands on a bunch of Marby Reds, and instead of smoking them like a regular welfare queen, she decided to try and make a quick buck by selling them on the Braintree Yard Sale page.


I’m trying to imagine a scenario that Scamerico found herself with too many butts.
One of my friends suggested she stole them, someone else said that she probably got them as a trade for some smack. Personally, I think that she goes to New Hampshire, buys them in bulk with cash drawn from her EBT card, found herself hard up for cash, and decided to try to get repaid for her Marlboro Heavies. The lightbulb in her head must be really dim.
It wasn’t even that good of a deal. She was basically offering buy four get one free. Seems a hard bargain if you are selling butts illegally on a Yardsale page.
It’s good to know she’s still around trying to turn a trick.

She’s gotta supplement those food-stamp trips to Wally World somehow!

2 Comment(s)
  • Ms. Lotta Leadpipe
    June 5, 2017 at 11:34 pm

    Her eyebrows look stupid.

    • Marley
      June 6, 2017 at 7:50 am

      The eyebrows look fine. They’re just on a stupid looking face.

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