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Should Turtleboy Get A Turtle Tattoo At Zaza Ink’s Tattoo And Arts Festival This Weekend?

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Before 2004 I used to always say that if the Boston Red Sox won the World Series that I would get a Red Sox Championship tattoo. It’s just one of those things you say when you don’t think something will ever happen. Then when the unthinkable happened I wussed out. As it is now my body remains in the same state it was when I popped out of Momma Turtleboy. That might have to change this weekend.


As you know, as long as this hippie boycott of Turtleboy sponsors continues, we will continue to promote the crap out of them. We have their backs from now until the end of time. One of these sponsors is Zaza Ink in West Boylston. This weekend, Friday March 27th to Sunday March 29th, the good folks who own Zaza will be hosting the annual Massachusetts Tattoo and Arts Festival at the Sturbridge Host Hotel.

Whether you only have a few inches of skin to spare for another tat, or you’re completely bare like Turtleboy, I suggest you head on down to Sturbridge for a good ol’ time this weekend. There will be award winning tattoo artists such as Marshall Bennett and Matt Clemmer. You’ll be entertained by groups like Inkllusionistperforming who do all sorts of crazy crap like mind readings, fire performing, and Knife Throwing. Also featured will be comedy contortionist Alakazam performing the Human Knot, and Tattoo legend Lyle Tuttle. (he’s got his own Wikipedia page – doesn’t get any more legit than that)

Most importantly there WILL be booze. Life is good.


Basically you’ll never see this many award winning tattoo artists from all over the country in one spot. I’m personally 99% sure I’m gonna get a Turtle tattooed on my butt. That way when I’m giving Turtleboy Jr. a piggy back ride he can officially say he rides the turtle too. Don’t tell Mrs. Turtleboy though.

If you do get a tattoo down there then send us a picture. We’d love to see it. See ya in Sturbridge and thanks in advance for supporting the Turtleboy sponsors.

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  • jack sparrow
    March 25, 2015 at 3:10 pm


  • Clean Hippie
    March 24, 2015 at 5:11 pm

    The one entry that doesn’t have a poll is the one that has a question title.. Wassupwitdat? Don’t be scared, in Soviet Russia, the Turtle rides you!

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