• Shrewsbury Domino’s Franchise Owner Is Lying About Firing An Employee To Appease The SJW’s Who Made Up The Racial Pizza Delivery Hoax

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    Yesterday we shared this story with you about a Shrewsbury family that claims that a Domino’s employee left a racist joke on a pizza he delivered to their house:


    Well, the Turtlegram and other media outlets are reporting that franchise owner Jeff Dufficy has fired the employee who allegedly did this:

    “An employee has been fired from the Domino’s that delivered a pizza with a racist comment written on the box, the franchise owner said Tuesday. Jeff Dufficy said he was upset to learn of the incident, and after an investigation into who might be responsible, one employee was terminated.”

    Yet he doesn’t list the name of the employee. Know why? Because no one was fired. He’s lying to appease the PC police. This is 2017. People live to publicly shame racists. Yet here is this imaginary employee who was fired for doing something blatantly racist, and all of a sudden no one is reporting their name? Sounds legit.

    We know that he’s 99% lying because we’ve spoken to several employees who are denying that anyone was terminated. So basically Jeff Dufficy is a gutless, chain franchise owner who would rather throw a bone to a bunch of assholes who tried to make his business look bad, instead of taking a public stand against them.


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    1. Hung Low

      They are pizza terrorists!
      Working in an undercover capacity for FBI Inspector Lynch who is about to uncover major corruption within the pizza delivery business run by the Good Old Boy Network with a headquarters out of the Dirtyburg PD

      1. JP

        You know this kid has a poster of clock boy on his wall

    2. Phong

      Someone is getting extra special toppings from now on.

      Don’t ever piss off someone who makes your food!

    3. Rk

      The fucks the deal with all the Indians in Shrewsbury?

      1. True Reality Speaks

        They move there for all the “diversity”. Like all the limousine liberals.

    4. Anonymous

      Good for TB for pointing this out. Companies need to take a stand against these SJW fascists, that’s why I support the fantastic sponsors of TB.

    5. Ali

      It looks like the story was legit. They fired the employee at Dominoes who did it. Might want to apologize.

    6. SMH

      I have to say that I call bullshit on Domino’s. Not buying it for 1 minute. SJW’s would be calling for a hate crime charge. No way did they fire anyone. Took the easy way out. I will no longer support them and I was ready to eat their pizza for a month. F the bowing down politically motivated cowards. There are a hundred other pizza places. Won’t stand for the PC move. It’s bullshit.

      1. wabbitt

        Can’t blame every Domino’s for the actions of one franchise owner.

        Though I’m more of a Papa Gino’s guy, personally. Their salads are way better.

    7. LOL

      I smell bullshit. Cowards didn’t fire anyone. They’re laughing because this is so predictable…oops sorry…person forced…who? Can’t tell you, just trust us

      1. LOL

        *person fired

    8. Sloppy

      I think the kid should have been fired for not delivering the punchline to the joke. That’s the real crime right there.

    9. Sloppy

      …and by the way, that lady’s pointy nose actually protrudes over her upper lip. That’s pretty amazing. Quite the beak.

    10. Adolf Oliver Nipple

      Jeff Dufficy is a dirt bag. He cheated on his now ex wife Vicky with one of his employees Pam. He bought her some new tits then he married her. He cheats his employees out of wages and lies on his taxes. Such a scumbag.

      1. JP

        I bet your not a bitter old woman lol

      2. Smiles a lot

        TRUE and he cheated on Pam with a few others. I have proof. Such a douchebag

    11. Justice

      LOL WOE!!! If this is true, TBS is the most amazing blog ever. HELL, TBS is the most amazing REPORTER ever. I’ve often said the head turtle should have his own talk or radio show. I think you should pitch it.

    12. Turd Burglestein

      Dominos sucks. Just a giant corporate asshole organization that uses the absolute cheapest ingredients they can source because they’re all about profit instead of quality product. I know for a fact because I managed one for 3 years in the very early 90’s. Support your local neighborhood pizza place instead.

      1. Jack Mehoff

        I travel across the US and Canada every week. Pizza is a common part of my diet and contributes to my spare tire. The worst pizza is from CiCi’s, a chain popular in the South. Thin, dry and shitty sauce. Pizza Hut gives me the shits. Filthy stores, awful cheap ingredients, I’m glad I have concealed carry in over 35 States when I am forced to visit one. Dominoes crust tastes like it contains melamine, a known cancer causing chemical. The sausage topping is at least 50% dog food.

        Only Papa Johns delivers a reasonable pizza IMHO, for the chains. I much prefer seeking out good stores from TripAdvisor reviews and have found some outstanding pizza.

        However, nothing beats the steaming disc of heaven they pull out of the 500 degree C coal fired ovens in Sicily!

    13. Joe Shmidlap

      Maybe this was all made up from the beginning because dominos doesn’t offer a Curry pizza…. it’s 2017 in Shrewsbury…. 88% Indians

      1. Myself

        the curry pizza at pepperoni express is excellent though.

    14. Independent Thinker

      Often times, franchises are forced to do what corporate tells them to do. “Independently owned and operated,” yet they have to kiss the butt of the regional owner in order to stay in business. That’s part of the reason why a lot of real estate companies are dumping their franchise agreements because they pay big money for next to nothing in return, other than a name, which isn’t all that important these days, considering the amount of business conducted over the internet.

    15. Light of My Life

      The diner waitress would have told them to F off AND ban them from ever calling again.

    16. Hugh Beaumont

      The thing I find hard to believe is that 16 year olds are asking for jokes on their pizza deliveries. WTF is happening?

    17. Turd Burglestein

      I like to call Chinese take out and order Cat Man Doodie. LMAO!

      1. Turd Burglestein

        Funny…I thought you were more into the Cream of Sum Yung Gai.

    18. Paul Larson

      I wrote that.

      Paul Larson

    19. Corporate office

      Tell the public he or she is fired. No issues, just keep selling the franchise pies.

    20. Yuck

      Domino’s pizza is gross shit anyway!

    21. DJ Trump

      Make me a slurpie slumdog

    22. Chris dawes

      That story you did on the shrewbury racist employee , he wasn’t actually fired he works with the same franchise at the Randolph location with is own by Jeff Dufficy also , the employees name is Lawrence “Larry” Sherroll

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