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SpinGig – The Free Site That Brings Restaurant And Hospitality Gigs To Workers And Employers

SpinGig – The Free Site That Brings Restaurant And Hospitality Gigs To Workers And Employers


Anyone who has ever worked in the restaurant industry knows what a pain in the ass it can for employers to find good workers quickly, and for employees to find more work on the fly for some extra cash. Employers sift through resumes and have interviews to find the right candidate, but often times the schedules conflict and shifts don’t get filled in time.

Luckily a local entrepreneur has discovered the solution – SpinGig. It’s a brand new app that’s basically the love child of a three way between LinkedIn, Indeed, and Uber. Their only purpose is to connect owners and workers, and speed up the hiring process.

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SpinGig is not a job board or a temp service. They directly connect restaurant owners with workers who are available to work on a specific day, with the specific skills needed. If a restaurant that’s signed up for SpinGig has a cook who’s out sick, they simply go on the app, find a cook who’s available and looking for some hours, and boom – the hiring process is expedited.

Oh yea, and worker profiles are free. Restaurants pay a flat rate to use the system, but the time and money you save looking for employees make it well worth the minimal investment. SpinGig is not the middleman, and they do not take percentages or inflate hourly wages in order to take their piece of the pie.

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The goal here is to cut the hiring process down to about 15-20 minutes, instead of days or weeks. The days of bar or restaurant owners wasting time tracking down new employees and workers on job sites is over. The jobs literally come to them through emails, the SpinGig dashboard, or automated alerts on the SpinGig app which you can sign up for here. You literally sit on your ass, reading Turtleboy, and you get a job.

Owners hire full-time, part-time, or gig work. Last minute gigs can be a great way for you to get your foot in the door at some of the preferred locations in the city.

The worker profile setup is very fast and simple, and can be accessed here.

Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 10.47.56 AM

Just click the type of experience you have, upload a picture, tell the world what makes you so special, and the rest takes care of itself. Even Grandma Turtleboy can figure that one out.

SpinGig matches workers that live within a 20 mile radius of the restaurant that is sending out a job alert. Obviously if you’re living in Worcester and there’s a job opening at a road kill restaurant in Colrain, that doesn’t do you much good. SpinGig matches the restaurant, hotel, or venue address with the worker’s home address, so you won’t be driving to east bumfuck and wasting your earnings on gasoline.

The site is also broken down by types of restaurant – fast food, fine dining, fast casual, pizza, deli, etc. This way potential workers can get the types of alerts they want rather than being inundated with job opportunities they don’t want.

The guy who came up with this app is a great dude who grew up in Foxboro but has been working as a restaurant consultant for the last six years in Worcester. We wouldn’t vouch for someone who was peddling something that wasn’t worthwhile. He picked the Woo as SpinGig’s launch city due to the number of restaurants and the diverse workforce.

So yea, if you’re in the services industry, why wouldn’t you sign up for this? It takes two seconds, it’s free, and you’re gonna end up saving time and making more money in the long run. There are a ton of jobs out there, and SpinGig helps you find them. What’s not to like?

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