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  • Springfield Cops Chase And Corral Free Range Naked Skagbag Doing Ratchet Turkey Trot After Starting Fire That Killed A Woman

    Springfield Cops Chase And Corral Free Range Naked Skagbag Doing Ratchet Turkey Trot After Starting Fire That Killed A Woman

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    Here’s a local ratchet running down the street in Springfield buck naked, high as a kite, as a house is on fire:

    “Get off me muh fucker!!”

    Looks like someone was trying to get a headstart on the turkey trot this year!!

    As hilarious as that video of a video was, it’s actually tragic because a woman was killed and Iris Larregui of Springfield was arrested for intentionally starting the fire. This is the only profile we could find of that name on Facebook. That person claims to live in Hartford, which is really only 45 minutes up the ratchet expressway (I-91) to Springfield. But it looks a lot like the woman in the video:

    She definitely fits the ratchet profile, but can’t tell if it’s her or not. Gun to my head I know what conclusion I’m jumping to though. Plus, someone tagged her in this the other day:

    You don’t Facebook pray for someone who’s mentally all there. And according to other people, the naked chick is indeed the one who set the fire:

    Which of course would make this a murder.

    Just another day in Springfield.

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    1. SVU

      So is she being charged with homicide?

    2. chrissy

      TURTLE CATCH THIS SNATCHIMAL!! and happy whatever holiday turtlefam celebrates <3

      1. chrissy

        oh she’s caught

        i hope she takes her lithium with her turkey at the rehab ward tonight and returns to society less skanky

    3. Carl

      I don’t think anyone can laugh or make light of this. She’s either nuts or on drugs for sure, but a woman is dead.

      1. chrissy

        quit yer virtue signallin, it’s a holiday >:(

      2. Noneyabiz

        Yea my sister died that house cuz of that bum bitch. She on angel dust. And yes all those pics are her.

    4. The Wolf

      If you find yourself in an apartment with a dead body that you’re responsible for you do this to beat the murder rap.

      1. They call me Ponch

        Run around bare-ass?

    5. Twat Tickler

      I hope this doesn’t get you flagged on facebook for sharing actual nudity lol

    6. foul balls

      The camera didn’t show the line of cats following her.

    7. Crazy in da streets is a beast in da sheets

      She’s got a fat ass. So she’s got SOMETHING going for her at least.

    8. Let me up, I've had enough

      The woman in the video has no tats. The woman in the pics has tats.

      1. ChrisInShrewsbury

        This is an excellent observation. I was looking very hard to find any tats on her chest or hip. It’s possible per FB photos are flipped, so the tats are actually on her LEFT side which we can’t see well from video.

        Either way, she’s on drugs AND crazy and it’s sad that someone died.

        1. Good looking out

          Wow your right no tats. Never even noticed that. Either way the woman running naked clearly has some problems.

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