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State Rep Candidate Moses Dixon Was Charged With Assault And Battery On A Woman, Records Have Disappeared From The Courthouse And He Is Endorsed By Powerful Politicians

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Connected political insider Moses Dixon has been making a furious run at that the State Representative seat currently held by Leicester’s Kate Campanale. The district, which includes all of Leicester, as well as the Webster Square and Main South sections of Worcester, has been held by Campanale for less than two years. However, since she is a Republican there has been a concerted and organized effort by the “machine” that people like to pretend doesn’t exist, to take back that seat and give it to the candidate of their choice. Moses Dixon is that candidate. But as it turns out, he was arrested in 2012 for assault and battery on his then girlfriend, Kristal Hansley.


The two of them both went to Howard and worked for Senate minority leader Harry Reid.


They also lived together, and on May 7, 2012, at 9:10 PM, police were called to Moses’ and Kristal’s apartment at 600 Main Street for a domestic dispute:


Kristal Hansley brought Moses Dixon to court and he was charged with assault and battery. She filed for a restraining order, which we got ahold of:

14689980_1790734227876519_195888131_o 14697286_1790734221209853_355779929_o14689161_1790734224543186_1097463957_o

Notice this part:


She chose to check the box that says, “placed me in fear of imminent serious physical harm,” and the order tells him to stop abusing her by “harming, threatening, or attempting to harm her physically, or placing her in fear of imminent serious physical harm.” She did not have to check those boxes. She chose to because she was alleging that she feared that in the future he presented an imminent serious threat of physical harm towards her.

So what happened? Well, here is her sworn affidavit:


Signed at the bottom under penalties of perjury:


That’s pretty serious stuff right there. She claims that he choked her and pinned her against the wall, leaving her body with red marks on her neck, forearm, and chest. Who would ever do that to a woman? Disgusting.

We only found out about it by finding this in the Turtlegram’s courthouse records:


Not good. Wanna know the really crazy part? The Boston Globe and Telegram and Gazette are BOTH aware of this because our sources brought it to them first!! They said they didn’t want it. Guess they’re too busy covering the latest wacky thing Donald Trump said.

But of course we know the real reason they didn’t want the story – the Globe, Turtlegram, and 99% of the media works for the machine. If Kate Campanale did something shady they’d be all over it because she plays for the other team. But they take care of their own, especially when it’s not a white guy. Wouldn’t wanna be called racist or anything like that.

But you know who isn’t afraid of baseless accusations of racism? Turtleboy. Science has proven that we are the exact opposite of racist. So our sources came to us with this information since they knew we were the only ones who had the minerals to report the truth. Funny how that works.

Someone from the Turtlegram clearly contacted Moses Dixon about these allegations though in order to tip him off. Because within hours Sarai Rivera and Moses Dixon were in cleanup mode:


Yup, they really just did that.

Here’s the thing though. When we went to the clerk’s office at the Worcester District Courthouse to get the minutes from the courtroom that day, there was no record of this whatsoever. They claimed it never happened. Wasn’t in the system. Gone. So we showed them the printed courthouse records and they were extremely confused. Courthouse records don’t magically disappear from their computers. How convenient.

So they directed us across the hall to Superior Court and that’s where we eventually got the restraining order. The police call log is from the police department. These things clearly happened but someone out there is in cleanup mode since the minutes magically disappeared from the records.

Makes sense though. After all, the McGovern Crime Family will do pretty much anything to make sure their people stay in power. This is what a political machine does. They pick a candidate, groom them, teach them what to say and what policies to advocate for, put financing and man power behind them, and then they own them when they eventually get elected. The problem with the McGovern machine is that it’s too white. They needed some diversity, particularly in the light of the recent unrest in this country, and Moses was their guy. We don’t know who made his name disappear from the courthouse computers, but we do know that making it disappear directly benefits the McGovern machine since it increases the chances that Moses will get elected.

And the fact that a young woman who dared to call herself a (gasp) Republican, held a Statehouse seat out of Worcester, was simply unacceptable. Watch the video of Worcester Mayor Joe Petty and City Councilor Sarai Rivera’s speeches from Moses Dixon’s primary election victory party to see how they talk about their master plan:

This is how a well organized machine works. They command their troops to get out “90% percent” of the voters. Anything less is unacceptable, right Joe?

And according to Sarai Rivera, Kate Campanale had to go because “this job isn’t about looking cute,” and Moses just so happens to “look good in a suit.”

In other words, Kate Campanale is just a pretty face. She doesn’t know what she’s doing. Many would call this sexist. She would not be saying this if Kate Campanale was a 50 year old dude. But she’s a 30 year old woman, therefore she’s not qualified for the job.

In reality though, Kate Campanale’s lone fault is that she’s not loyal to the well organized Jim McGovern Crime Family. Funny, because not only is does she masquerade as a “pastor” (because then she doesn’t have to pay property taxes on her run down abandoned “church” on Austin Street)


She also fancies herself some sort of feminist superhero known as “La Borinquena”



Remember when she accused Turtleboy of being a sexist blog, and famously talked about the accomplishments of her vagina while saying, “I’d like to see a penis do that”?

Turns out she’s not really all about that girl power stuff after all. Because here she is supporting a man who had the cops called on him, was charged with assault and battery, and had a restraining order taken out against him, by a woman he was living with.




This wasn’t 20 years ago either. It happened in 2012.

But Sarai is far from the only politician to endorse and/or financially support Moses Dixon either. Let’s start from the top of the food chain with the big dog:




Attorney General Maura Healey. In an unprecedented move on June 27, the Attorney General came all the way from Boston to go to a fundraiser at the Elks Club on Mill Street to endorse some random guy who has never held office, in a PRIMARY ELECTION. According to her,

“Moses shares my values”

So……her values include arrests for assault and battery on women? Good thing she’s working to ban guns in this state. Those are dangerous.

Does Maura Healey know Moses personally? Who knows. But this is how a well organized political machine operates. They call in the big dogs. It’s no secret that Maura Healey is the leading contender to challenge Charlie Baker for governor in 2018. My question is, will she publicly renounce her endorsement of Moses Dixon given this indisputable information about allegations of domestic violence? After all, Republicans all over the country are being forced to not only admit they’re not voting for Donald Trump after the “Pussygate” tapes were released, they’re also being forced to publicly condemn him simply because they belong to the same party. Like what Elizabeth Warren is demanding from Governor Baker:

“It’s not enough,” the state’s senior senator said yesterday at Buzzards Bay. “It’s not enough for any Republican leader. It’s not enough to do this dance in, dance out and say, ‘Well I’m not voting for him, but on the other hand I’m not going to condemn what he said.’ ”

What’s worse? Choking a woman until she’s read, or inappropriate words secretly recorded in 2005? Will Liz Warren demand that Maura Healey publicly condemn Moses Dixon, or is Turtleboy gonna be the only one on the soap box who wants to stand up for abused women? You do care about abused women, don’t you Maura? After all, that’s why you teamed up with the Patriots to lead a crusade against domestic violence, right?

“There is example after example at the professional level and within the college ranks where bad things have happened, where people haven’t been held accountable and the right message about zero tolerance has not been sent,” says Healey. “They need to work on that. But in the meantime, I don’t think we should wait around for them to get their act together.”

Did you mean that stuff, or was it all just a show? You claim that we need to send a message of “zero tolerance.” It’s all right in your “plan” to combat domestic and sexual violence against women on your website. So is Moses special because he’s getting a second chance? Did the defendant drop the charges? We wouldn’t know since the records have magically disappeared. I mean, being against domestic violence sounds good and all, but actions speak louder than words. You have actively endorsed a candidate who was charged with assault and battery on a woman who called the cops on him because she feared that he was an imminent threat. If you wanna take a stand against domestic violence then you should probably start in your own political circles.

How about NARAL, the “women’s rights” organization? Who are they endorsing in this election?

Oh. So……will they be taking back their nomination, or is it OK because Moses is cool with abortion? Does women’s rights involve anything except for abortion? Or does abortion come before the right not be choked by your boyfriend?


How bout his boy Joe Petty?


As we know, Mayor Petty has a well documented history of demeaning elected women who speak out of turn or question his authority. Just ask School Committee member Diana Biancheria:

Wonder if he’ll be renouncing his support in light of these serious accusations.

Like I said, we don’t know who made the courthouse records disappear, but two people who regularly work in courthouses and have a lot of power and influence are Healey and District Attorney Joe Early. Wonder if he’s buddy-buddy with Moses……


Of course he is. Because that’s how a machine works. Remember, this is the same guy who kept domestic abuser Jorge Zambrano out of jail because in his words, “jail wasn’t working for him.” And as a direct result this animal was able to roam the streets and murder Auburn Police Officer Ron Tarentino.

How about Boston City Councilor Ayanna Pressley?


She’s a survivor of sexual abuse and rape, and organized an anti-domestic violence workshop not too long ago:

But as the two sat together at Raise Your Voice, a day of workshops to help survivors of sexual violence and prevent future assaults, organized by Boston City Councilor Ayanna Pressley, Forte said she realized that she wanted to tell her daughter what she went through. Pressley, who is a survivor of sexual abuse and rape, said she wanted to break generational cycles. “I’m a survivor, and my mom’s a survivor,” Pressley said. “I was afraid to even conceive of having my own child one day, because I was fearful I wouldn’t be able to protect her.”

Did she know that Moses was charged with assault and battery on a woman? I dunno. I hope not, because it would mean she’s completely full of crap if she’s still got his back.

Then there’s YWCA Executive Director Linda Cavailoi (right):


She not only supports and endorses him, she teamed up with the “everything is racist” waste of space known as Joyce McNickles to throw him a fundraiser:


Surely she must condemn Moses and distance herself. Especially since she pushed the Worcester City Council to make October “Domestic Violence Awareness Month.”

“On October 16 the YWCA took some time out of our day to remember the victims of domestic violence in the state of Massachusetts over the past year. In a solemn ceremony at City Hall Executive Director Linda Cavaioli read the names of the victims, and a minute of silence in remembrance was held. City Councilor Phil Palmieri read a proclamation from Mayor Joe Petty stating that October will be observed as Domestic Violence Awareness Month in the City of Worcester.”

According to Linda there are lots of things we can do to stop violence against women:

Finally, we can take action to help put an end to domestic violence once and for all. We can all do something, whether it’s volunteering or donating to your local domestic violence service provider, calling the police if you hear or see domestic violence, or contacting your legislators to urge them to make ending violence against women and girls a top priorityThese legislators are the ones who make the final decisions on important issues regarding domestic violence, including setting stronger penalties for perpetrators, setting aside additional funding for preventative measures, and assuring that victims of this violence are protected.

So you want us to contact our legislators to urge them to make ending violence against women a top priority. But yet here you are endorsing a man who just four years ago was charged with assault and battery on a woman. Yea, that makes TONS of sense.

Then there’s the Godfather himself – Congressman Jim McGovern:


According to one of his press releases,

“We know that violence against women is also weapon of war.”

So……if you support and endorse someone who uses violence against women, does that mean you’re supporting a war criminal or a weapon of mass destruction?


According to Moses Dixon’s website he worked for United States Senate minority leader Harry Reid:


Liz Warren works with Senator Reid too. Wonder if she’ll be demanding that he denounce his former underling. As you can see he also worked as an aide for State Representative Mary Keefe. Here they are canoodling at his fundraiser:




Get that man some stilts!! Her pant suit comes up to his shoulders for crying out loud. She has to denounce and condemn her friend now that these facts have come to light, right? After all, when she first ran for office she defended her sad history of failing to condemn a colleague who was abusive towards women:

State Rep. Mary Keefe fires back against challenger Phil Palmieri’s ‘smear campaign’

“My opponent simply has the facts wrong on this issue,” Keefe says in a statement released Friday, Sept. 5. “I have a strong voting record on issues affecting women. In the last month of session alone, I co-sponsored legislation to support women’s access to reproductive health, I voted to pass legislation to protect victims of domestic violence and was a strong force in passing the domestic worker’s bill of rights, a very personal victory for me as my mother was a domestic worker.”

So, she voted to pass legislation to protect victims of domestic violence, but she’s using her influence to publicly endorse a candidate running AGAINST A WOMAN, who has been charged with domestic violence? Yup, nothing hypocritical about that.

Who else is endorsing Moses Dixon? There’s our good friend State Senator Jamie Eldridge from the “Asian people count as diversity” town of Acton:

screen-shot-2016-10-12-at-3-22-51-pm screen-shot-2016-10-12-at-3-22-59-pm

He took time out of his busy schedule of letting boys in the girls bathroom, shitting on the cops, voting against bulletproof vests on the day of Ron Tarentino’s wake, banning plastic bottles, and cutting ribbons at water fountain dedications to canvass for Moses Dixon.



Probably because we called him out for talking a big game about ending racism, while choosing to live as far away from black people as possible.

Then there’s former Worcester School Committee member Hilda Ramirez, who despite having a headstone in the Turtleboy Sports graveyard is still active politically:


She is still on the board of Worcester State University’s Latino Education Institute. Just wondering when she will publicly denounce her support of him.

Or how about the government funded organization that exists to promote women’s health?


Planned Parenthood supports Moses Dixon, despite his history of domestic violence allegations. Oh that’s right, he’s pro-choice. That’s the only women’s issue that matters.

And in the least surprising news ever, our girl Kate Toomey is also a supporter:

screen-shot-2016-10-12-at-3-24-32-pm screen-shot-2016-10-12-at-3-28-59-pm screen-shot-2016-10-12-at-3-29-18-pm

Although, let’s be honest, Kate Toomey just likes to pose for pictures with REAL politicians. She’s just a fourth place City Councilor who’s reached her political peak. Still, this is a woman who stood up at a Council meeting and said that Turtleboy Sports should never be mentioned in the Council chambers because we are an “insult to every woman“:

Then there’s Juan Gomez, a man who runs CENTRO, the non-profit that was investigated by the state auditor because it inappropriately spent state money on golfing, cars, and trips to Puerto Rico.


Moses Dixon also works for CENTRO in public relations:


So…..what’s up with that Juan? He still gonna work for your shady non-profit after this? Might wanna start cleaning house a little bit. Just sayin.

Oh yea, and here’s a list of endorsements that Moses claims to have gotten on his website:

screen-shot-2016-10-12-at-3-30-26-pm screen-shot-2016-10-12-at-3-30-40-pm

Most of those names are not surprising. However, we did speak to one person on that list – Jimmy Kalogeropoulos – who explicitly denies EVER endorsing Moses Dixon. Indeed, nothing can be found online to corroborate Moses Dixon’s claim. Guess if you can’t find people to endorse you then you just make up the names of well respected people in the community.

And for what it’s worth Steve Quist, Worcester’s official village idiot who runs “Worcester Politics 101,” is also endorsing Moses Dixon:



Of course he hasn’t donated anything because unemployed toilet scrubbers only have Facebook rants to offer the machine. He seems stable though.

Finally we did what we always do when we investigate shady politicians – we followed the money. All you have to do is go on the OCPF website to see who donated what to Moses Dixon’s campaign:

screen-shot-2016-10-12-at-3-02-08-pm screen-shot-2016-10-12-at-3-02-19-pm screen-shot-2016-10-12-at-3-02-33-pm screen-shot-2016-10-12-at-3-02-48-pm screen-shot-2016-10-12-at-3-03-05-pm screen-shot-2016-10-12-at-3-04-20-pm screen-shot-2016-10-12-at-3-04-42-pm screen-shot-2016-10-12-at-3-07-10-pm screen-shot-2016-10-12-at-3-07-33-pm screen-shot-2016-10-12-at-3-10-11-pm screen-shot-2016-10-12-at-3-10-44-pm screen-shot-2016-10-12-at-3-11-09-pm screen-shot-2016-10-12-at-3-11-24-pm screen-shot-2016-10-12-at-3-12-06-pm screen-shot-2016-10-12-at-3-12-21-pm screen-shot-2016-10-12-at-3-12-40-pm screen-shot-2016-10-12-at-3-12-54-pm screen-shot-2016-10-12-at-3-13-43-pm screen-shot-2016-10-12-at-3-14-05-pm screen-shot-2016-10-12-at-3-14-31-pm

Wow, that’s a lot of names. Let’s start with Paul Giorgio. Joe Petty’s campaign manager, who has been convicted of voter fraud and settled out of court on a charge of statutory rape, has given $550 to his campaign in separate donations. He lists his employer as Pulse Magazine, a free magazine that hobos pick up to wipe themselves outside of Shaw’s, which only consists of advertisements and young men that Paul features in his “swimsuit issue.”


Screen Shot 2016-06-11 at 1.42.47 PM

Joe Petty’s wife donated a cool $100. City Councilor Mo Bergman has given $950 to Moses Dixon’s campaign. We hope to hear Mr. 5th place publicly denounce Moses Dixon shortly.


Hell, even Carlo “Old Balls” Baldino stingy ass tossed in $100.





Jim McGovern is on there. So is Mary Keefe, Hilda Ramirez, and a bunch of other well connected machine soldiers. This is what they do. They will endorse, fund, support, and go to bat for ANY candidate who will do their bidding. Moses Dixon is young. He represents diversity. And he’s clearly a willing and able foot soldier. It’s in their best interest for a charge of assault and battery on a woman to magically disappear. But unfortunately for Moses and the rest of the McGovern Crime Family, Turtleboy will not allow that to happen. Because unlike these people, we are a REAL feminist family blog, these sort of allegations disgust us, and we live to expose the truth.

The bottom line is that in light of these allegations Moses Dixon needs to fully explain himself or pull out of this election immediately. Explain why he was charged with assault and battery on a woman. Explain why the courthouse records disappeared. Either he did or he didn’t do it. If he says he didn’t do it, then it means he’s accusing her of lying. So set the record straight for the taxpayers Moses – who is the liar here?

Kate Campanale has done a fine job, but evidently the party that allegedly champions women’s rights couldn’t stomach seeing a woman in office. Instead they’re supporting a guy who was charged with beating a woman. Anyone in Leicester or Worcester who votes for this guy simply doesn’t respect women. You can’t defend it. The pathetic part is that the same people endorsing and voting for him are the ones who claim to be so outraged at Donald Trump for his blatant sexism and misogny. We are calling on ALL turtle riders in the district to contact Kate Campanale on her Facebook page and ask how you can help. Share her page. Vote for her on November 8. Tell your friends to vote for her. Get a yard sign. We can’t let these crooks continue to run this state.

So please, share this story. Send it to every media outlet. Send it to every crooked politician who has endorsed Moses Dixon. Tell them you DEMAND that they PUBLICLY rescind their support for a candidate with so many serious allegations against him that have not been explained.



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26 Comment(s)
  • Dylan Roof is an American Hero
    October 13, 2016 at 10:47 pm

    Solid stuff, thanks for targeting this niggermonkey. Yet when Trump says he thinks all niggers are rapists and wife beaters he gets shit for it. Unreal.

  • Angus W. Mann
    October 13, 2016 at 10:24 pm

    Don’t miss the debate next Thursday night at Our Lady of the Angel Church.

  • BobnMic
    October 13, 2016 at 1:24 pm

    Boy Maura Healy is a snappy dresser huh? Ugly granny dresses, lesbian hair-do, fake surgically altered over-sized dimples in an attempt to give off that “I’m so cute” bravado. I bet she even sounds like the late Julia Child.

    “It’s just a flesh wound…The only time to eat diet food is while you’re waiting for the steak to cook.”

    • BobnMic
      October 13, 2016 at 9:38 pm

      My joke wasn’t funny?? No one in here has a sense of humor!!

  • Karma Police
    October 13, 2016 at 12:52 pm

    Here’s a story: find out why Maura Healey looks like she’s in serious pain every time she tries to “smile” for a picture. Does she have dental surgery daily? It’s the least-genuine smile I’ve ever seen.

  • LOB
    October 13, 2016 at 12:09 pm

    And for what it’s worth unemployed toilet scrubber Steve Quist, Worcester’s official village idiot who runs “Worcester Politics 101,” is also endorsing Moses Dixon:

    Q is an uneducated idiot. Just like the rest of the low information liberal butt kissers. The McGovern Crime Family is an outrageous disgrace!

    Moses Dixon should be running for jail Liberian………..

  • Hacked Up
    October 13, 2016 at 12:08 pm

    Maura Healey would only go after Moses’ criminal behavior if he ever created a real job. She only wants to destroy employers who have figured out how to turn a profit, even if they comply with every single law.

    We ll know that Moses will NEVER figure out how to create a public sector job, so he is safe from her. He is a hack’s hack with the full hack resume.

  • Independent Thinker
    October 13, 2016 at 11:25 am

    It’s ok because this was a private matter between two adults, right?????

    He gets a free pass for what he did, along with Hillary, while Trump gets slammed for what he said.

    Here’s a newsflash — they are all a bunch of egotistical jerks and they all talk that way and treat others like crap.

  • True Reality Speaks
    True Reality Speaks
    October 13, 2016 at 10:48 am

    People voting Democrat, at any level (even if it is for Dog Catcher), are a testament to the non stop dumbing down of the electorate – and to the power and money hungry opportunists in the Party and a complicit and subversive Media with no journalistic ethics or integrity.Establishment Repubs are no better – they’re fighting the Dems and betraying our country for the same pieces of silver.

  • bigdaddy
    October 13, 2016 at 9:35 am

    Being a Democrat in MA means you can get away with murder Just ask Ted Kennedy

  • XX chromosome
    October 13, 2016 at 9:28 am

    Good story, TB. Standing up for women IS the right thing to do. Now just realize that unprovoked sexual banter, harassment, and treating them like objects for male pleasure is also assaultive to women. The machine doesn’t want Campanale out because she is female. They want her out because she is a republican. They want Dixon in because he is a democrat AND because he is black. Shows the public that the machine isn’t racist.

    • October 13, 2016 at 11:46 am

      If they only have a use for him because he is black, then that is the very essence of racism.

      • XX Chromosome
        October 13, 2016 at 1:58 pm


  • rage against the machine
    October 13, 2016 at 7:35 am

    I suggest sharing this article to every guilty party’s Facebook, Twitter, etc. If they’re named in it, blow up their spot. That will be my first act of the day once I get off the toilet.

  • Healy4DomesticViolence
    October 13, 2016 at 5:29 am

    Good job , TB! Twitter users should start a #Healy4DomesticViolence thing going with the pics of her and him and the restraining order with his name on it.

  • Wabbitt
    October 13, 2016 at 2:36 am

    I love how Old Balls is listed as unemployed.

    Also, I think I know one of the people on that list. Ick…

  • Shackleford
    October 13, 2016 at 12:38 am

    Damn this is in-depth. Bravo, TB.

  • FiestyLawyerLady
    October 12, 2016 at 11:34 pm

    I read every name on that list just to make sure I am not associating with anyone who supports this man.

    This is big… I’m interested. This is why TB is successful. Dig his grave get the stone ready! THIS should go viral, especially locally! I’m curious to know how many supporters are aware of his past.

    • omg
      October 12, 2016 at 11:37 pm


      • BobnMic's Gerbil
        October 13, 2016 at 6:32 am

        Go play with your gerbils BobnMic. We all know it’s you behind another phony screen name. This shit is getting old.

        • BobnMic
          October 13, 2016 at 9:14 pm

          Wow, just caught up to this one Holy Jesus. Still massive mental sickness in here I see.

          If you think for one minute that I do not have the balls to confront that piece of fucking shit that calls herself a lawyer by my real screen name then you are sadly mistaken you fucking moron. I am scared of her why again? I forgot. Oh that’s right I am not and fuck her and fuck you.

          Can I be anymore clearer? Wwy is waiting for you Fiesty. He totally digs your junkie ass. You two fuckwads were meant for each other. Fiesty and Wwy. One with scrambled brains and the other with scrambled comments. Yet both scrambling for just one fucking clue and never finding it…

          • BobnMic
            October 13, 2016 at 9:38 pm

            I love to up vote myself because I know it pisses people off. I love to do it. It’s 6 months and counting and I will never give up following Fiesty. I’m going to do it until I die.

          • BobnMic
            October 13, 2016 at 9:54 pm

            So this is your retort Fiesty? You can not come and take me on? Are you this much of a fucking coward? You have to pretend to be me and that somehow is going to bother me and make what kind of point? Well knock yourself out you child. Go crazy. Pop some more pills you fuck-nut screw-up. Enjoy.

            So you think I am the only one in here that can not stand you? Can’t stand your comments, your views, your vial nastiness? Well I can tell you that you are wrong. Again. As usual.

            This is what fuck ups do. They just keep fucking up…

    • peanut
      October 13, 2016 at 12:39 am

      ilu fiesty!!!!!

    • This is big… I’m interested. This is why TB is successful.
      October 13, 2016 at 3:34 am

      …im am so interested…this is why i love turtleboy because he loves me…and i love him because i feel like somebody when say something here…because i am important…because i am a lawyer and everything i say matters…

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