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  • Suspicious Guy At Westfield Was Just A Dude Who Was Racially Profiled For Being White On A College Campus, Sad Students Worried About Lynching Protest Anyway

    Suspicious Guy At Westfield Was Just A Dude Who Was Racially Profiled For Being White On A College Campus, Sad Students Worried About Lynching Protest Anyway

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    Turns out the suspicious white guy who prompted a lockdown and a police show of force at Westfield State, dindu nuffin:

    The man whose presence at Westfield State University prompted police to lock down the campus Monday afternoon has identified himself to police and is not a threat, the university said Tuesday. “It has been determined that this individual poses no threat to the university community,” Westfield State University President Ramon Torrecilha said in a statement. “Two students who made the identification yesterday reviewed the photo of this individual and confirmed that this was the individual observed yesterday.”

    Westfield State University was locked down at 12:49 p.m. after a student walked into the campus police station and reported seeing a suspicious person wearing bulky clothing with a bulging backpack behind the Wilson Hall academic building, police said at a press conference Monday afternoon. The suspicious person was described as an approximately 40-year-old white man, about 5’8″ tall and weighing 200 pounds, with receding strawberry blond hair cut short with a combover. Police also said the man had been described as wearing a trench coat and possible body armor.

    Campus and state police conducted a full sweep of the campus, found no threat and lifted the lockdown at 2:33 p.m. Two further witnesses — one during the lockdown and one after — reported seeing the man as well, police said Monday. On Monday night, the man contacted campus police and said he was the person in question.

    “He was directed to appear at the campus police station last night and fully cooperated,” Torrecilha said. “He appeared in the same clothing he was wearing earlier in the day, comprised of a black trench coat, black pants, bulging backpack and a vest, which was neither a bullet-proof vest nor body armor.”

    Oh look, the 5’8″ white guy was walking around campus with a jacket and a vest on because it was a cold day in November. Never saw that one coming. Almost as crazy as seeing him with a backpack on while at an institute of higher learning. Sure, he could be carrying books in there, but he could also have a cache of weapons ready to unleash the next deadly school shooting. After all, it’s always the mentally unbalanced white guy who commits the school shootings. See something, say something. Better safe then sorry.

    What’s it called again when people look at another person and assume they’re up to no good because they fit a racial profile? Oh yea, racial profiling. But I guess there’s nothing wrong when a student named Kiara Dade, who has already made up two other fake hate crimes this semester and identifies as a pitcher of Tang, is the one doing the profiling.

    You’d think that in light of the fact that this whole thing was proven by police to be nothing more than racial profiling of a random white guy who did nothing wrong, that the faculty would cancel their walkout. But many Westfield students reached out to us today and told us that going to the protest was mandatory, so it had to continue. And by watching the video of what happened you’d think these people just survived the Holocaust:

    Oh for fuck’s sake. You gotta be kidding me. This girl:

    Be more dramatic. You can’t.

    This poor, oppressed snowflake is now so scared of her white roommates that she actually said this:

    “I’ve never felt so unwanted,” she said. “The fact that this is happening today, it really hurts. I don’t know what I did wrong except for the color of my skin.”

    Alexander said she regrets her decision to attend WSU.

    “I feel like I made a mistake coming here,” she said. “I hope you know how much it hurts. How far does it have to go before it stops? Do you have to find a dead body hanging in a dorm? I want Westfield to do better.”

    Yup. A dead body. Hanging in a dorm. Her racist white roommates might be nice to her face, but she now believes they are plotting behind her back because of three race hoaxes perpetrated by the same woman. That’s what usually follows words written on a whiteboard by Kiara Dade, an imaginary jumping by three racist white kids that never happened, and of course a white guy walking around campus minding his own business. Lynching almost ALWAYS comes right after that. That’s just science.

    Then there was this:

    Joel Mercier participated in the walkout and stood in the crowd. Mercier, of Attleboro, said as a gay person, being on campus has become scary.

    “I don’t feel welcome here sometimes,” Mercier said. “I’m gay and these events make me feel unsafe here.”

    Jesus Fuck. Can we let one group of people whine about oppression at a time? Did I miss the anti-gay fake hate crime that took place at Westfield State? No one in America is oppressed less than gay people are. The only thing young gay men in America should fear is Paul Giorgio.

    Oh, and the faculty has an interesting demand:

    The Education Department faculty read several demands, including having a class about racism and white supremacy that every student must take as a freshman in addition to training for faculty and staff.

    Oh good, mandatory classes for all incoming freshmen about how they’re participating in a system of white supremacy. I’m sure those classes won’t be taught by rabid SJWs who will teach brainwash the white students about how to cleanse themselves of their white privilege. Might as well call it “Re-education 101.”

    And just to show you how stupid some of these students are, this one had me dying:

    Hey Lindsey – be whiter. You can’t.

    “Our students of color.” As in, you own them. As in, they are your slaves. Hey Lindsey, for a racist Nazi you sure had me fooled with that Facebook filter.


    Pretty sure that’s not how you imagined that comment going.

    Don’t worry though, we’ll take your advice and consult with the unbiased professors in the “Ethnic and Gender Studies Department,” to make sure we’re checking our privilege the right way. Because that’s a degree that has applicable uses in things that aren’t non-profits. Wouldn’t wanna write any more “uniformed” blogs about this.

    The sign game today was off the hook too:

    We anxiously await the next imaginary hate crime at Westfield so the lazy gender studies professors have an excuse not to do their job.

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    1. Publius

      As suspected. More fake racism.

    2. Like like like like

      I will tell you what you did wrong Candace Alexander. You are appropriating Kardashian culture by using the word “like” 4 times in a sentence. You should stick to “yo” & “at the end of the day”.

    3. Seamus Train

      Would it be considered cultural appropriation when an african american woman straightens her hair? it is when a white person grows dreads.

      1. hahahaohreally

        SJW 101: only white people can be rasist, sir!

      2. whatevuh

        If a black person dye their hair blonde, is that cultural appropriation?

        1. Seamus Train

          I would think so. That and the contact lenses that give you blue eyes. You don’t hear white people crying about it though.

    4. Whites Anonymous

      …a cold and dreary night at the Tuesday evening Whites Anonymous meeting:

      Susie Chapstick- “ hi good evening, my name is Susie and…and…*tears*…I”m, I’m white”

      Counselor-“ thank you, thank you Susie, the first step to recovery is admitting that you have a problem”

      Ryan Cracker- “ Hello everyone, my name is Ryan and I’ve been white for 19 years 7 months and 3 days”

      Counselor- “ thank you, thank you Ryan and congratulations on your one year I’m white and guilty coin”


      Lyndsey Pumpkin Spice -“ hello group my name is Lyndsey I’m white and I wear uggs, I love Starbucks and I stand against racism and…and…white people “

      Counselor-“ thank you for coming tonight and admitting you have a problem Lyndsey…”

      1. Don Dewey

        It’s not enough for Suzie Chapstick to admit she has a problem…she must admit she is the problem!

    5. Sloppy

      Excellent work, TB.

    6. JoeMomma

      I think it’s time to do something for the taxpayers and shut down all the state run young adult day care centers posing as colleges. They are not turning out a single person worth hiring and isn’t that the goal of colleges?

    7. Baby Huey

      I graduated from westfield state college *cough* university in 2013 and somehow avoided becoming a SJW. The school has an excellent criminal justice program but you have to tip toe through your other classes. I had to deal with a beyond white fupasloth who pretended that she was hispanic spewing her SJW bullshit like my asshole after eating chipotle. If you didn’t agree with her altered sense of reality you could forget passing. She was in the “ethnic and gender studies department,” go figure.

      Another interesting incident was when a small group of black students beat up two white lesbian students. Obviously, the suspects were all black but that’s racist!!! So obviously the brainless SJW professors of the “ethnic and gender studies department” held a protest at the campus police and forced their students to attend.

      1. Anonymous

        The teacher’s initials were not T.S. were they?

      2. westfields

        The ethnic & gender studies dept. is a total joke but the administration puts them higher then all

    8. whatevuh

      Gender Studies? I’m the substitute teacher here, Let me sum this up for you, Penis=Male Vagina=Female Everything else is mental retardation. Glad I could help, now where’s my paycheck?

    9. Independent Thinker

      If a student were to carry a sign and substitute the word, black, in place of the word, white, do you think he’d get kicked out of college?

      These people are going to start a race war. Keep the races and classes divided — that’s how you keep power.

    10. White

      This is all because of her black fellow student. Not any of the white students. She even went as far as to lie about three white boys that tried to shoulder her. This is getting really sick. She needs to be afraid of the students that are the same color as her. They are the ones making up all this fake hate crimes. They are the people causing her to loose days of her education. Not any of the white students. The girl who made this whole thing up should be expelled as well as the students at the other schools who have also done this. When is enough, enough?

      1. Anonymous

        If it is a lib. school with all lib. students who would be committing these supposed acts?

    11. Chunky Monkey

      You people are going about this all the wrong way.

      I’d become the worlds biggest snowflake for a weekend just to tit fuck Lindsey Kelley!

      1. TigOlBitties

        Whoa! She does have some serious jugs on her.

      2. Warren Peace

        I am guessing that is why half/most of the guys are there….

    12. TortugaNino

      White supremacy = the belief that the white race is superior to other races. This school is worried about racism, their response? “The Education Department faculty read several demands, including having a class about racism and white supremacy that every student must take as a freshman in addition to training for faculty and staff. ” Wouldn’t a class on “white supremacy” be teaching people that other races are inferior? Can someone please explain to me how these people are going to be allowed to educate the next generation when they cannot even acknowledge the stupidity of an idea such as this?

    13. DJ Trump

      I believe the saying… Das Raciss
      applies here.
      This is why we hate y’all.

    14. Libby Schwartz-Davidson

      A white male made it onto campus? Triggered!!! Security dropped the ball big time.

    15. Lisa

      What the hell does this mean, “Definitely some scissoring potential in this crowd! Any of you girls wanna come work for the @telegramdotcom? Now hiring interns!”

      Is that a reference to lesbian activity? It sounds like she is propositioning young women and disguising it as an internship at her social justice youtube channel.

      1. White

        Thank you Lisa I was thinking the same thing. Who ever that woman is in those tweets tries so hard to be funny and is aggravating as hell. Seriously can’t stand her!!!!

        1. Dick Trickle

          (Humor lost on Lisa & White)

          1. Hughbo Mont

            I’d easily pay 10 bucks to see the look on KW’s face when she sees a tweet from webdawgtg!

    16. Charisma Beauty

      Note to self: don’t send my children to WSU. But then again, this foolishness is prevalent at most colleges and universities. It has nothing to do with social justice and everything to do with the entitlement and grievance mentality that now pervades society and the liberal faculty who have their own sense of superiority over the great unwashed masses.

      1. Charisma Beauty

        Other note to self: don’t hire any graduates of WSU!

    17. reality check

      You clearly don’t have all the facts and it’s very sick that you feel the need to go on a website and fuck around. Clearly you need to get a life because I know I don’t have time to go bashing other people. I love Westfield State University as I know many other do as well. Check your articles for facts before you post stupid ignorant things to ruin lives. Thank you and have a great day. Hate has no home here- that’s including you.

      1. Westfield State is Filled With H8

        Hate has its only home with every SJW and outraged minority its what they live on and count on.

        Hate white men, hate heteros, hate the military, hate christians, hate the police, hate is all you and they have. Not to many SJW’s creating anything, just demands on the rest of the population, give-me, give-me, give-me, we demand this, we demand that… blah blah blah

        Fuck off, go earn a living for yourself you won’t have time for rallies and protests, you’ll be too busy supporting yourself financially a new concept for snow flakes.

    18. reality check

      I see you took down my last post/ that’s okay I’ll just keep posting. Hate is not welcome here and I will not stand for it. I’m sorry you are a miserable human being and I hope you figure your life soon. Because this is just sad.

      1. SVU

        This has nothing to do with anyone disliking a school. This is about someone making up fake race crimes. Lying to get attention. Trying to make another race look bad. For what? Only to get attention. That’s why people are taking time out of their days to fuck around on a website. This is happening every where. It’s happened at a lot of other schools and been proven to be made up. And still there are people playing the victim. The only people you should be mad at are the people who are making all these crimes up. Nobody did anything but one girl at that school. And you all gave her what she wanted. I think the rest of us want some real justice and the people who make up stuff like this to be charged and not get away with it. This isn’t okay.

        1. The Truth

          Great post SVU, right on point

    19. Lindsey's Tits

      Lindsey Kelley nice melons, cute face. Guessing no stds wonder if she’s up for a suckathon like poor little Alli.

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