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  • Westfield State Is A Joke: Girl Who Lied About Getting Jumped By 3 White Guys, Got Campus Shutdown When White Guy With Backpack Was Seen Walking, Same Girl Who Wrote Racial Slurs On Her Own Door

    Westfield State Is A Joke: Girl Who Lied About Getting Jumped By 3 White Guys, Got Campus Shutdown When White Guy With Backpack Was Seen Walking, Same Girl Who Wrote Racial Slurs On Her Own Door

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    There are fake hate crime hoaxes, and there’s what’s going on at Westfield State right now. A few months back we wrote about an obvious fake hate crime in which a white bogeyman wrote racial slurs like this on erasable white boards in a dorm:

    Serious stuff. Luckily there were no casualties since it wasn’t written in chalk.

    And since it’s 2017 in Trump’s America, we have to assume these are all real. So the police have thoroughly investigated it. We’ve spoken directly to people involved and they believe the student who was crying the loudest, Kiara Dade, was the one responsible. Because ninety nine times out of a hundred the person who the hate crime happened to was the same person responsible for said hate crime. There’s tons of evidence, including fingerprints and video footage, because you couldn’t possibly get away with a hate crime like this on a college campus in 2017.

    The police we spoke to tell us that they wanted to have the student charged with filing a false police report, but the school and Hampden County’s DA’s office wanted no part of that. Not a good look. So the message was clear – you are allowed to file false reports of hate crimes so long as you fall in racial group that can claim victim status.

    Then last week Kiara Dade, the same girl who wrote racial slurs on her own whiteboard and falsely reported a hate crime, once again wasted police resources and caused an uproar when she claimed she was assaulted for no reason by three racist white dudes:

    What are the odds that these racial incidents would happen to a girl who seems to solely be consumed with racial issues on her Facebook page?

    It’s almost as if being the victim of a hate crime would fit nicely into her narrative.

    So let me get this straight. This chick was just walking along when out of nowhere a white guy shoulder checked her, knocking her bag to the ground. Then white nationalist #2 kicked the bag while white nationalist #3 said mean racial slurs to her. This happened in broad daylight between two dorms in the middle of campus.

    No one else witnessed this and she doesn’t have any real descriptions of any of the alleged perpetrators.

    Oh yea, this story checks out for sure!

    And of course she’s been scrounging up the Facebook sympathy, playing off that white guilt like you read about:

    But rather than question this obvious lie the professors in the Education Department are giving them a day off from school today:

    “We want the entire WSU student community to know that faculty stand with them in solidarity against the racist words and acts that have been occurring on their campus.”

    Translation – we’re gonna take a taxpayer funded day off and feed into a blatant lie from attention starved children. Ya got that? The “education” department is intentionally not educating kids for the second time this semester because of an imaginary hate crime that has NO EVIDENCE whatsoever to back it up.

    The Education Department has drafted a number of demands for immediate and preventative actions to ensure the safety of our students of color and others who have recently been targeted based on religion and sexual orientation and identity.”

    Sexual orientation and identity? Man, they really just throw all these “oppressed” groups in a pile don’t they? Gotta love when these self entitled twatwaffles issue “demands” too. As if subordinates have the right to demand anything from their bosses. It’s so cute. But they do it because colleges are run by PC buffoons who would rather throw them a bone than have a spine. And now as a result ALL residential students must attend training sessions, which are not mandatory for commuters. In other words, they’re using discrimination to force kids into mandatory indoctrination sessions.

    Finally yesterday it culminated when during a student walkout the campus was simultaneously put into lockdown because of reports of a white guy wearing both a backpack and coat on a college campus in November:

    Suspicious person wearing bulky clothing with a bulging backpack.”

    “The suspicious person was described as a white man, about 5’8” tall and weighing 200 pounds, with receding strawberry blond hair cut short with a combover. He was wearing all black, a bulky vest and carrying a “bulging black blackpack.”

    Wait……what? This guy sounds like every Antifa chud ever. Being white, stout, and carrying a backpack on a college campus is now suspicious? What could be causing that bulging in his backpack? Sure, it could be books, but it could also be a pressure cooker bomb or an assault rifle which only fires when aimed at a black person. This seems like a perfectly valid reason to shut down an entire college campus.

    Guess who was once again spreading rumors and documenting the whole thing?

    Yup, Kiara Dade. What a coincidence!!! Isn’t it funny how she was able to take all these pictures today,

    But yet she couldn’t take a picture of the guy who caused the lockdown, or any of the three white guys who assaulted her and called her racial slurs? Oh right, none of those things ever happened. She’s literally making it all up as she goes along because she knows no one would dare call her out on it. It’s almost as if she’s…..privileged.

    How much you wanna bet one of the three students to see this was Kiara Dade? Of course even if it was discovered they were lying it wouldn’t matter, because reporting fake hate crimes at Westfield is acceptable.

    I’d say Westfield State students are just a bunch of UMass rejects who are too dumb not to fall for this, but even the Ivy League schools are filled with idiots who believe shit like this because it fits their agenda. Nevertheless WSU students, especially the white ones, are eating this shit up like hot cakes:

    Hey Alexandria, here’s a summary of her evidence – “I swear to God I’m telling the truth.” That’s about it.

    Hey Krissy, people are laughing because this whole thing is a joke. No one was attacked. There’s no bogeyman. If the guy with the backpack was real he was probably a student. We’re laughing at people like you whose first world problems couldn’t possibly be more amusing to rational people.

    Then there was this:

    Hey Jaylene, be whiter:

    You can’t. Might wanna do something about that blackface costume though:

    Not sure what the rules are, but I’m pretty sure any black paint on your face as a white person is the same thing as genocide.

    Seriously though, I’ve never seen someone this proud to have taken part in a meaningless protest. This is virtue signaling at its finest. She didn’t plan on protesting, but then her desire to fix hate crimes and end racism took over, so a marching she would go.

    The best part is how she “ducked down” and “got on the ground.” Can you imagine watching this? White kids everywhere acting like they’re in a 1950’s classroom awaiting a Hydrogen bomb from Moscow.

    Naturally as she pointed out, they didn’t end of finding anyone. Because that’s what happens when the person you’re looking for isn’t real.

    Westfield State is a joke. As long as this is the culture that exists on campus you’d be insane to send your kids there. I would never, ever, ever pay a dime to let my kids be taught by a bunch of adults trying to indoctrinate them with hate, and students who would no doubt call them racist for failing to believe an easily disprovable lie.

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    1. 2wEntEe


    2. JoeMomma

      Call Disney……they are the experts in imagination.

    3. Malcom Little

      Congratulations You be a social justice warrior!

      1. Anonymous

        ^ Basically. Add bleeding-heart to that list.

    4. John Doe

      I guess it’s more important to indoctrinate these kids in progressive liberal ideology than to teach them how to write in clear, concise and coherent sentences. That’ll help when they are forced out of their “safe spaces” and into the real world. I blame social media for giving these fools a voice and tricking them into believing every inane thought that pops into their skulls full of mush is somehow relevant.

      1. Cry Bullies

        If you want to read how bad this is getting on campuses all across the nation, read the following sites:



        scary stuff

        1. Worcesterite


    5. Sloppy

      Michelle Williams, a fat slob of a SJW ‘reporter’ at Masslive, is all over the big scoop of the big bad racist Republican boogieman scaring the little kids! Then when it turns out to be a hoax, there’s never a correction or a follow-up story.
      And why should there be? The mission is accomplished. The mean bad people look mean and bad, and the victims look like victims.

    6. Publius

      Pretty much all of the high profile “racial incidents” have turned out to be false. University of Missouri, Princeton, Univ of Albany, Air Force Academy, the media rarely gives fake racism the attention it deserves.

    7. A Horse is a Horse

      In the pic of her with the backpack I immediately thought of Wilbur the Talking Horse…at least he made common sense.

    8. Sue

      If you make up a false crime you should be charged with something. It seems like this is the new thing to do. Brushing it under the rug just allows it to continue.

      1. 2wEntEe

        You should be charged with the hate crime. Just inciting racism from a different direction.

    9. chrissy ain't afraid of no ghost

      “Hey Krissy, people are laughing because this whole thing is a joke. No one was attacked. There’s no bogeyman. If the guy with the backpack was real he was probably a student. We’re laughing at people like you whose first world problems couldn’t possibly be more amusing to rational people.”

      idea.. every young person on a college campus inventing hoaxes for attention for their cause cos their butthurt a cocky white male beat Hillary in the election be given a cultural enrichment trip to a truly suffering third world spot with true problems like the vids you see on liveleak and bestgore

      places where people get eaten alive in elevators on the regular like China
      or constantly maimed by trains like India

      1. chrissy ain't afraid of no ghost


        (omg i’ve committed the carnal internet error)

    10. Can I get some turtlehead?

      Every time I see, read, or hear about shit like this I want to scream how stupid these people are to the world. I am jealous you get to do it but I am also so happy that there is someone who has a huge audience saying the exact things that I am thinking. You couldn’t be more spot on 99% of the time.

      1. chrissy ain't afraid of no ghost

        lol @ name 😀

    11. SEVEN

      So this whole time this was all done by the same person and others she knew, lock this piece of trash up and lets make WSU safe again.

    12. Steven Stover

      Those Westfield cops must be the biggest pussies. Afraid of a flaky girl.

      1. Nicholas Stix

        Make that, afraid of a flaky “black” girl.

    13. Ralph


    14. Jizzyspewer

      So if you look at the report it states that the race is unknown, how do we get white males from unknown?

      1. ElJefe72

        SJW logic, of course.

    15. BSTUFF

      The only thing perpetrating assaults on that chick are the pound bags of Skittles on her asd she’s been inhaling.

    16. WSU student

      “Suspicious person” on campus yesterday was found. Just a guy wearing a trench coat and a vest to keep warm because it was cold. But he was white so obviously he’s dangerous… right?

    17. Lisa

      When I read her description of the attacker, “5’8″, 200 lbs, receding hair line” I thought she was referring to herself. I wouldn’t be surprised if this girl comes from a very privileged background and is an only child.

    18. Student

      I want to believe this article as this has been my suspicion but it doesn’t provide enough proof. There are no cameras in the doors and what police officer confirmed it? Dig more.

    19. Westfield Owl

      As a Westfield State student I can assure you that this doesn’t speak for the entire student body. We aren’t all looking for free passes out of class. The hate crimes may or may not have been made up, but regardless they’re no reason for anyone not to feel safe on campus.

    20. The Rant Queen

      College Education means something entirely different from what it used to mean. Might as well call it “SJW Training Camp” because it isn’t a school and it literally spits out SJWs who have no intention on contributing to, or being an active member of, society; just another professional protester who gets paid in government assistance (SSI/Welfare) or mommy and daddy’s money.

      They dropped to the ground and laid on the floor when a white dude was seen walking the campus? LOL You know, white ppl never even acted that way when a black “suspicious person” was “spotted” in an school area. This is what the racists want though. They want white ppl to be ones being controlled by black people, and they use history to justify their racism and violence towards whites. “Blacks were treated like shit, so now it’s whitey’s turn, ten fold.”

      I hate humans. All of them. White, black, brown, Idgaf. If you’re a deliberately ignorant, attention seeking, virtue signaling, shit fuck of a person, I fucking hate you. There aren’t enough rational humans in this country, they’re being drowned out by all the stupid ones, thanks to social media and the MSM. They are destroying humanity and it just feels like…that’s their endgame. They don’t want ANYONE surviving. Not even their supposed “allies” because allies can be compromised, they can “change their views” one day and become a threat…so the libs, msm and SJWs just want to fucking obliterate everyone.

      They won’t get me though. They can try, but they will fail.


      So all this stuff keeps happening to onky one girl? I think it’s called schizophrenia. Paranoid delusions.

    22. Independent Thinker

      She should be expelled. She should be charged with filing a false police report. She should be charged with a hate crime for writing the N word on her door. She should be forced to reimburse the police for the time spent investigating all of this. This person is a disgusting human being who could have put others in harms way due to her behavior.

    23. WSU student

      “There’s tons of evidence, including fingerprints and video footage, because you couldn’t possibly get away with a hate crime like this on a college campus in 2017.”

      There are no video cameras on Westfield State University, although campus administration is opening bids for them in light of recent event. What did they fingerprint, the note? Obviously the victim touched the note so it makes sense her fingerprints would be on there. You clearly did not speak to the police or anybody informed.

      1. Turtleboy

        The messages were left on several whiteboards. Her prints were on all of them.

        1. Webster Turtle Rider

          Celebrity sighting!

    24. GTFO

      Expel Kiara Dade. She is the root of the problem.

    25. Bill

      I love being white ‍♂️It’s fun

    26. Charlene Feeley

      Please don’t ever comment on my campus when you have zero credible or reaible sources. Multiple topics you discussed where wrong. Thank you!

      1. Stephen Michaels

        Charlene Feeley, your FB wreaks of White Privilege. Take your White guilted social justice warrior self elsewhere.

      2. Sarah

        Such as?

    27. Justice for All

      What a crazy, needy, racist asshole! She should be expelled from Westfield State if this is another hoax.

    28. Turtleboy

      […] out the suspicious white guy who prompted a lockdown and a police show of force at Westfield State, dindu […]

    29. […] out the suspicious white guy who prompted a lockdown and a police show of force at Westfield State, dindu […]

    30. Webster Turtle Rider

      Against black supremacy

    31. WSU Alum

      I actually went to WSU from 09-13 and it is a shame people are falling for this. Kids at this school just want to drink and make the best out of college.

    32. Cheyanne

      This article is pathetic and completely biased your reporting is a joke!

    33. Steve

      I guarantee that none of this would have happened if she had been properly charged and prosecuted for a hateful crime that she perpetrated.

    34. […] it. Because if you question it for a second you are automatically a racist for doing so. After all, Kiara Dade has made up three fake hate crimes this semester, and as a result the faculty organized a walkout so no one had to go to class. This is the easiest […]

    35. […] to question these unbelievable tall tales, which all seem to involve the same student – Kiara Dade. And the faculty at WSU is NOT happy about it. Here’s some internal emails they’ve been […]

    36. White guy in a trench coat

      One thing you can bet on, if the girls on this campus aren’t lesbian – a big if – they’ll put out on the first date.

    37. […] 53. Kiara Dade […]

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