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  • Westfield State Gender And Ethnic Studies Professors Are Directing Staff In Faculty Emails To Tell Students Turtleboy Is A Racist Liar 

    Westfield State Gender And Ethnic Studies Professors Are Directing Staff In Faculty Emails To Tell Students Turtleboy Is A Racist Liar

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    The social justice warriors from Westfield State who have been treating unfounded claims of racial incidents as indisputable truths are very upset at Turtleboy for being the lone media outlet to question these unbelievable tall tales, which all seem to involve the same student – Kiara Dade. And the faculty at WSU is NOT happy about it. Here’s some internal emails they’ve been sending to the entire faculty, talking about what to do about the “Turtleboy problem.” The subject is literally, “Classic conversations/Turtleboy Sports Blog.”

    The first email comes from Erin Judge, who of course teaches “Ethnic and Gender Studies,” something she’s an expert in as a white woman from Middlefield.

    Here’s what the demographics of Middlefield look like:

    As of the census[1] of 2000, there were 542 people, 213 households, and 161 families residing in the town. The population density was 22.4 people per square mile (8.7/km²). There were 263 housing units at an average density of 10.9 per square mile (4.2/km²). The racial makeup of the town was 98.89% White, 0.18% African American, 0.18% Native American, 0.18% from other races, and 0.55% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 0.55% of the population.

    A grand total of 542 people live in Middlefield, and 0.18% of them are black. So that means the grand total of black people in all of Middlefield is…………


    They have one black person.

    And a woman who has chosen to isolate herself in the whitest town possible, is not only teaching classes in ethnic studies, she’s gonna lecture other people about who is and isn’t a racist:

    “The blog is infamous for spewing racist/sexist/homophobic hate.” 

    Fact – Most of our bloggers are female, and roughly 54% of turtle riders are women, which would make it hard for us to be sexist.

    Fact – Turtleboy loves the gays, and we are on record as being 100% pro-scissoring.

    Fact – We’ve had an offer on the table for years now – show us one racist thing we’ve ever published and we will shut the blog down forever. No one’s taken us up on the offer. It’s almost as if out of the thousands of blogs we have published, there isn’t a single one that contains anything that could be considered racist.

    “I did have a student ask me about the blog this morning and I cautioned her against believing anything that was said there. The blog is not in any way a credible source.”

    Just for that she should have her teaching license pulled for eternity. Hey Erin, you’re a pretty piss poor “judge” of credibility. Ya know who thinks we’re pretty credible? The Washington Post. It’s why they credited us with exposing corruption and coverups involving government officials and higher ups in the state police. Read all about it here. Your students came to you and wanted to know if there was any truth to the belief that these hate crimes might be hoaxes. Instead of telling them that there isn’t any proof that validates either side, you told her we were fake news. For that alone you should never, ever teach again.

    This is what we’re dealing with:

    White guilt is literally oozing out of her pores.

    Of course it’s easier for people like her to make signs that involve meaningless rhymes than it is to, ya know, have people of color in your immediate social circles:

    These people all love diversity and people of color. They just don’t wanna be friends with them or live in their neighborhoods. It’s almost like they’re completely full of shit.

    In Erin’s class she apparently sticks to brainwashing her kids about how prevalent racism has always been at Westfield. She would know since she seems to have graduated from there just a couple of years ago:

    Instead of waiting for the facts to come out, considering the high volume of proven hate crime hoaxes going on all across college campuses, she did the adult thing and fed into the hysteria:

    If you recall those racial slurs written on random white boards contained many grammatical and spelling errors. Almost as if it was by design. Ya know, because racists are generally stupid people, so it would be more authentic if a racist couldn’t spell. And it worked hook, line, and sinker on Erin Judge:

    But despite the fear of racist bogeyman on campus, Erin still didn’t think it was a good idea to have extra police presence, because as a good white person she thinks that black people are allergic to the police:

    “Increased policing is not goof for people of color.”

    That might be the most ignorant thing I’ve ever read, and it’s scary that she teaches. Facts matter, and the most dangerous thing statistically for black people are other black people. A black man in America has a better chance of being killed by bees or lightning than he does a cop. In places like Baltimore where police stepped down their proactive policing after Freddie Grey, black people started getting killed by other black people in record numbers. The data doesn’t lie – no one protects black lives better than police. If black lives truly do matter, then people like Erin would be begging for more police. But as you know, she’s a racist white woman from Middlefield, so at the end of the day she could give a shit less about black people.

    Feeding into false narratives is generally what this woman, whose salary is paid for by the taxpayers, seems to do for a living:

    Another email about Turtleboy was sent to the faculty from Suzanna Adams, who works in the counseling center:

    She’s evidently not happy that people on Westfield Community forum page are discussing a Turtleboy blog about…….Westfield. And she’s cracked the case about who Turtleboy is:

    Uhoh, no one has ever found that Spanky McFarlane opinion column before!! Nancy Drew herself!!

    Evidently this thread began when Assistant Professor of Theater Eric Parness brought up concerns that people were disrupting their narrative:

    Oh look, a Theater teacher. Taking money from kids who are too stupid and naive to know that a theater degree is about as useful as being valedictorian at the Salter School.

    Anyway, the school President literally put out a $5,000 reward for whoever can name the perpetrator. Hey Prez, you can PayPal us because we figured out who it was a few days ago:

    The pitcher of Tang who always seems to find herself right in the middle of all these “hate crimes.”

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    1. Dick Trickle

      Adjunct professors are the equivalent of substitute teachers. Minimum wage with less benefits than McDonald’s cashier.

      1. Publius


    2. Steven Stover

      I challenge Gender and Ethnics Teacher Erin Judge to have me come and speak to her class about real racism. I will talk about LBJ and the Democratic plan to keep Blacks and poor people on the modern day plantation with their “The Great Society” invention. Erin can even debate and defend this practice against me. I am 100% positive these kids will walk away and have learned truth this Erin won’t tell her students. Hey Students. Tell her to take the challenge. Research The Great Society then ask her about it. Then find out who the real racists are.

    3. Spell On Me

      I like how the adjunct professor claims a misspelling proves ignorance in one post, then warns students about “uping” the police presence on campus in the next.

      1. Spell On You

        Gosh, I’d be afraid to submit a paper in her class lest I mistakenly typed “your” when I meant “you’re”, as she thinks kids with the bad spelling disease are “ignorant”. (Even the dyslexic ones, Professor?)

      2. Elementary

        While pointing out the spelling error as proof of the “author’s ignorance” they also overlooked “desearve.” [sic] Assuming that it was written that way on purpose it must be driving the person who wrote it crazy!

        Way to reinforce the caliber of this fine institution.

    4. Publius

      Gender studies is a made up make believe academic discipline. Fake racism is the way diversity fraud continues. Looks like state colleges are not a great deal after all. #pullfunding

    5. Ran Dather

      A degree in “gender studies” gets you what kind of job?

      JiffyLube is always hiring.

      1. chrissy

        in this anti-everything-trumpy environment people with anything SJW on their resumes are scoring all kinds of killer gigs in the arts etc right now

    6. Broken Lecturn

      Erin, the FBI report says MA has the “highest rate of REPORTED hate crimes” per capita, not the “highest rate of hate crimes” per capita, as you falsely reported on your Facebook page. Being in a place where people feel like there are resources and it’s safe to REPORT is a GOOD thing.

      So, like, there might be more hate crimes per capita in Florida than MA, (can’t know for sure) but maybe folks feel less empowered there to report them than they do in MA.

      Get it?

    7. donttreadonme

      It’s sad that I have paid thousands of dollars to attend school here and now I come to find out it is a cess pool of liberal retards pushing their political agendas on the students. I Should have went somewhere more impartial!

      1. Linda

        Should have gone, not went. Way to go Westfield State College.

    8. Fisting Lesbians

      We’d really love to give that Tammy Bringaze a good tongue lashing!

      1. Dick Down

        Tammy is one of those who, just by looking at her, you can tell that she has never known what a man’s dick is like.

    9. bigdaddy

      Gender And Ethnic Studies a carrer path to working at starbucks

      1. Spanky

        carrer? What a stuipd idiot. You’d never make it at Starbucks moron.

        1. The irony

          Said the the person who missed a cap and misspelled the word used to insult someone for a misspelling a word.

        2. The irony

          Ok I see what you did there now. Well done sir

        3. spankys tiny penis

          Go fuck yourself I spelled all those words correctly

    10. whatevuh

      Gender studies . . . Penis=male Vagina=female class dismissed

    11. JoeMomma

      The real lesson here is work hard in high school or you will be forced to attend a college like Westfield State.

    12. Independent Thinker

      Erin — perhaps you forget that Howard Zinn used to organize protests at Boston University. Once those protests really got going, he used to disappear just before the Boston Police showed up with their paddy wagons. He never got arrested, but many of his students did. And just what kind of job will one get as a gender/ethnic studies major other than a part-time position as a lecturer at a university where the degrees are pretty much useless.

      Making a false claim against a person or a group of persons should also be a hate crime.

      1. Sonny's Mom

        And Zinn’s fake history textbook, “A People’s History of the United States”, has been poisoning the minds of school kids ever since.

    13. UsualSuspect

      Erin Judge….it’s in her name, she judges. Wrong verdict, but she judges. Ignoramus! Race hoaxes are all the rage right now, making everyone think the KKK and Nazis are growing their organizations in record numbers. Fools like her and the rest of the SJWs need the bogeyman, so they need to keep making one up. Send them all to the inner city to see how things really look, as they are all from mostly white rural communities, maybe a little eye-opening would do them some good.

      1. R2Dindu&thefemnazisquad

        I think it did me. I moved to Worcester a few months ago. I was very much a strong liberal. I wasn’t really an SJW but I was sympathetic. I’ve never been to a protest in my life. I’m saying I agreed with SJWs and their politics but didn’t actively support them in any way.

        Then, I moved to Worcester….and it red pilled me hardcore. I lived across the street from the turtleboy statue on the common. I saw all the LOVELY people of Worcester and now I want nothing more than to get the fuck out of this place. TBS said it best. This is a city where you can’t have nice things. This is a city that takes well to do people with promising futures and turns them into pieces of shit and low lifes.

        My college recently ran a survey and asked me if I feel safe in this city and will I stay after graduating? My response? “Is this some type of joke? HELL NO! I feel like this city is where you go to get shot. As soon as my business is done I’m leaving as fast as possible.”
        And ladies and gentlemen this is exactly why the luxury housing project in downtown is going to be a spectacular failure.

        Living in a white trash suburb will make you a partisan liberal. Living in the shit part of Worcester, in a city run by democrats will make you glad to be redpilled.

      2. rational

        Even her dog’s white. Racist!!!

    14. Rich

      “no one protects black lives better than police.” So true. This should be shouted from the rooftops.

    15. Even most dems would agree

      Thanks for wanting to fight the good fight but stay in your lane.

    16. Head Douche

      Oh wow….didn’t know the theater department held a Joe Pesci look-a-like contest….

      Did Mr. Parness win?

    17. Head Douche

      Looks like the pitcher of Tang also has quite a diverse group of friends in that picture

    18. HostileTakeOverWaitingToHappen

      I have some predictions of my own.

      This looks like the beginnings of another Mizzou or Evergreen State. Given a few months more of this shit and pretty soon R2Dindu and the Femnazi Squad(good name for a band) are gonna be roaming the campus with baseball bats chasing all the white racists off the campus. After that, their reputation will tank, followed swiftly by their profits, aaaaand then they’ll be out of business. It will be a national spectacle. It will be nearly impossible to escape for us staties. Who knows? Maybe, just maybe it will make all the colleges in the area think about ousting the SJWs very seriously. SJWs are cancer. They kill everything they come into contact with. What we are seeing here are the early stages of the cancer. As it progresses and becomes more terminal eventually it will kill WSU via bad PR shock and attempt to move onto another [organ]ization to infect.

      1. JoeMomma

        Very true…..you would think college administrators would care about the schools reputation. Stunts like this make the degree students are working for worthless. I’m forced to do the hiring here and I can’t remember the last person under 30 we sent an offer to.

        1. Sonny's Mom

          But those administrators really do care… well, sort of. They care about WSU’s reputation as a virtue-signalling center of excellence.

    19. Donald J. Trummp

      Sad! Cryin’ Westfield toddlers need to stop believing the fake news! Disgraceful – but we will still MAGA.

    20. Sheika

      What tremendous jokes of academia right there…..

    21. Sean

      ERIN JUDGE “fraud”typical WHITE liberal she ‘s all about diversity just NOT in her town !! she lives in affluent all white community Middlefield 98% white you fraud , why you pick that town ???exactly you don’t want to say
      Do as I say not as I do ..you cunt

    22. White Nationalist Turtle Rider

      trash tranny slut bitch! worthless niggerloving slut cunt bitch ass slut! monkey nigger lover!

      1. chrissy is alarmed!


    23. Vacation in Grenada

      “My students just read Zinn’s Drawing the Color Lines, and it’s feeling so real right now…”

      It sounds a little bit like she’s excited by all the commotion. I’d interview anyone who just finished reading Zinn’s Drawing the Color Lines as required by a 20-something white woman from Middlefield who obviously could not possibly convey the proper context and meaning of it to them.

    24. LisaRen

      I have this professor and she said TB is all lies and is fake. She said she wants cameras in residence halls but then said and I quote “you know how cameras usually end up for black people so I’m against it too” ???? What the fuck is that supposed to mean

      1. Sonny's Mom

        Virtue signalling… just another way of marking her territory.

      2. Liberal White male loves BBC

        Just more lesbians telling the rest of the world how to think.

    25. Liberal White male loves BBC

      Just more lesbians telling the rest of the world how to think.

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