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A Symposium for “Internet Lawyers”

By J-Dub

I’m a blogger. I’ve written not only for my own blog, but I’ve contributed to several others. On top of that, I’ve written several articles relating to a home-based small business. Through those efforts, I have published hundreds of pieces, almost all of which can still be found on the web. During that time, I have made several friends, writing partners, and associates. I’ve also received many words of support for my opinions. Conversely, I’ve also received plenty of criticism.

Granted, I get that’s part of the deal; you can’t expect bouquets without getting some brickbats. That’s not what this is about. Rather, this is about people who misconstrue the law to make factually incorrect arguments, or better yet, make silly threats about suing me or my fellow bloggers. TurtleBoy coined a good term for them: “Internet Lawyers.”

“Internet Lawyers” are not actually lawyers; they’re windbags who think they know something about the law, when in fact, they do not. They make that fact obvious with some of the hilariously deluded things they say. So, as a public service to the readers of whichever blog where you are reading this, I’m going to clear up a few of the common misconceptions held by so many “Internet Lawyers.”

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