• Taunton Thicky Minaj Selling Food Stamps She Clearly Does Not Need Because She’s A “Natural Born Hustler”

    Taunton Thicky Minaj Selling Food Stamps She Clearly Does Not Need Because She’s A “Natural Born Hustler”

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    Anyone looking to buy food stamps? Because my girl Mak Dinero in Taunton got you covered:

    Does this look like a woman who needs food stamps?

    Seriously, America is the only country on earth where “poor people” can be fat and take bathroom selfies on their iPhones. The struggle is real for this “natural born hustler!!”

    The flower and dog Facebook filters? Never saw that one coming!!

    Mak Dinero is apparently on public assistance because she doesn’t have time to work. From the looks of her Facebook page she shockingly seems to have no children. She’s young, can clearly work, but collects EBT from the taxpayers anyway. EBT that this Thicky Minaj clearly does not need, because thunder thighs never lie. That and the fact that her appetite is so satiated that she can sell her stamps, so clearly she can afford groceries on her own. And when I say “groceries” I mean sitting down at chain restaurants for four meals a day and leaving 3% tip.

    BTW, don’t be talking shit about cheesehogs around Mak:

    Because she hangs with criminals:

    And an ugly bitch who be talking shit is finna catch deez handz:




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    1. Michael Hutson

      dear Lord what is it?

      1. Barry

        A vote purchased with your tax dollars

    2. Mayo

      She doesn’t need food stamps and it’s not because she’s fat. It’s because she’s selling them and appears able to work.

    3. Dr. Evil (MikeMyers)

      Did she eat the person who she was selling them to? Douche Chills.

    4. Coach

      Coach says: That right there is a blivet. 20 lbs of shit in a 10 lb bag.

    5. Captain Meatwhistle

      Please wait to be seated, Thickie. We have to get more pallets.

    6. War Pig

      So how did this puff-a-lump get approved for food stamps without kids? She doesn’t look like she’s starving, that’s for damn sure.

    7. FriedClams

      Leave Her Alone! She’s working on and advanced degree pHD in physics to augment her MS in computational math. You twits have no idea she’s worked for years on military defense projects as a specialist cross-converting ADA and old PL/1 code to a hybrid version of C++ mixed with old-skool processor-dependendt assembly-language. WTFS wrong with you? Shitloads of hours a week either working, studying or working (p/t the university professor) “paying it forward) and you hafta do her thid way? Hey, black lives matter, but is there even a a United Negro College Fund) left to donate to anymore??? “Because a Mind,,, is a Terrible Thing to Waste”…. Of course, probably easier to have some aspirations other than food stamps, welfare, section 8. AFDC – mean, do we continue to provide handouts, or do we begin to demand you apply yourself?

    8. Jgzigzjf

      I swear to God that dog filter is the flat-brimmed Chicago Bulls hat for girls

      1. Alma

        When I started reading TBS, I thought TB added dog features to pictures to make fun of people. Good Lord, they willingly do this to themselves!

    9. Fanofturtleboy

      prime example of wtf is wrong w this country , filthy bed bug bitten degenerates w nipples firmly attached to my wallet . I hang w criminals ? wtf is that ? you mom must be proud as well as dad , oh wait.

    10. Rock

      She doesn’t have any kids because she always swallows! Did you see that tongue ring? Woop Woop!

    11. Barry

      Studies show that upwards of 20 cents of every SNAP dollar spent is on sweetened drinks and sugary snacks. Obesity rates are higher among SNAP recipients than non recipients including those who are eligible but choose not to accept SNAP benefits.

    12. JoeMomma

      It doesn’t look like she hustles much…..

      1. ElJefe72

        Only when the local buffet is open

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