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Tennessee Tunaflap Gets Hit By Chinderella Twice With SUV, Gets Up, Gives Her Beating Of A Lifetime After Chinderella Threatened To Kill Her Kids 

Tennessee Tunaflap Gets Hit By Chinderella Twice With SUV, Gets Up, Gives Her Beating Of A Lifetime After Chinderella Threatened To Kill Her Kids

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This is one of the most amazing fight videos I’ve ever seen. It comes from Tennessee and it involves two Tennessee sperm spongers fighting over child support. One of these cheesehogs was allegedly threatening the other one’s nieces and nephews because of something involving overdue child support. Who knows? It’s the south. There’s no rules. Anything is possible. Could’ve easily just been over whose turn it was to tip 8% at Denny’s. All I know is, the chick driving the SUV hits the chick in the bikini while she’s driving in the parking lot, not once, but twice. And bikini chick not only wins the fight in the most dominating fashion I’ve ever seen, she gets right up after getting hit by a car:


Holy shit! Does this chick got like a GoFundMe or something? I feel bad watching that for free. I’m about to pay $100 to watch Conor McGregor get knocked out in less time than that. Let’s check out the tape.

Emily Carter was doing what most girls from Tennessee normally do on a hot summer day in Tennessee – standing in a parking lot with a bikini top on, waiting to either fight someone or get pregnant – whatever came first (no pun intended):

Next thing you know the chick hits her, backs up, and hits her once again:

But she’s not even the least bit fazed by it. She gets right back up and challenges the rival hoodrat to come out of the vehicle and engage in fisticuffs. Her challenger agrees. Unfortunately this was the highlight of Chinderella’s fight:

It was all downhill from there. Once Tennessee Tunaflap used her thunder thighs to get Chinderella down on the ground and they started doing the Tennesse Tango:

Once you’ve reached the point in the fight where your opponent is standing over you as you put your hands over your face, it might be time to surrender. Not Chinderella though. She was thirsty for more. She attempted to grab her hair and give her the hoodrat helicopter:

It wasn’t going very well at first, but then she managed to pull the ol switcheroo in a vain attempt to pull of the spandex suplex:

But the Tennessee Tunaflap has hammies on top of hammies, and looks like she just went through Bear Bryant’s training camp, so it was pretty easy for her to power her way back on top.

After that they did some dixie dancing in the parking lot

Before they both got the fuck out of there.

But yea, what a beating that was. Usually in these chick fights the punches are pretty bad. But damn, the Tennessee Tunaflap was not fucking around. You mess with her nieces and nephews and bad shit happens. You can literally run her over with a car TWICE and she won’t be the least bit rattled.

There’s five billion comments on the thread which has been shared close to 200,000 times on Facebook, so there’s no way I’m digging through all of those. But I did find the messages that Chinderella sent the Tennessee Tunaflap’s sister…..

Of course this is over dick. What else? This is Chinderella, whose real nae is Mariah Angeline Hearld on Facebook:

This chudstuffer looks like he used to be the balogna baton in her ham sandwich. I’m assuming he’s the winner she’s threatening to hurt children over. But I’m also confused because it looks like since the chudstuffer left her she’s moved on to take some swimming lessons in the lady pond:

Ripping Camels. Classic. The South sure is confusing. This is the Tennessee Tunaflap’s sister, and mother of the children that are being threatened with a bludgeoning:

She might not look old, but it’s Dixie. Most chicks her age have already on their third marriage.

That’s when the Tennessee Tunaflap jumped into the conversation:

Oh, and Mariah Angeline Hearld appears to have a litter of children on her Facebook page. So there are great people on all sides of this dispute.

Anyway, great fight. Usually the chick fights are a big let down, but this might’ve beaten that Brockton crack fight SSTG blogged about last month. I’d pay good money to watch Newportia and the Tennessee Tunaflap go at it.

Update: This actually happened in June and wasn’t posted until this week. Chinderella was arrested and was placed on $50,000 bond.


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4 Comment(s)
  • Yo Mama
    April 24, 2018 at 7:53 pm

    Surprised “tuna flap” hasn’t cranked out a litter of her own yet, as all of the Carter whores end up teen moms looking for sugar daddies to help raise their illigets.. although she did supposedly “miscarry” while still in high school, so who knows! 😀 Sad thing is, this is a family who is proud of their trailer trash legacy, as she and her sisters bragged about this WWF scene on Facebook.

  • September 3, 2017 at 4:15 pm

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  • Finn
    August 24, 2017 at 6:04 pm

    Does anyone else think Emily Carter looks like Ronda Roussey’s slower, duller, and fatter cousin?

    • ChrisInShrewsbury
      August 25, 2017 at 12:14 am

      I have to agree with this in the sense that Emily Carter uses her legs VERY effectively. Most hood rats are just punching randomly. Emily is perhaps one of the best woman street fighters I’ve seen on YouTube.

      Once she establishes the rear mount she dutifully goes to town, striking with both hands. Bravo. Wish she had tried for the knock out, but she focused too high in her strikes.

      While I’m naturally not into big girls like this. There’s something so hot about how Emily goes about her business. I’m fascinated.

      BTW, the dumbass filming needs to turn the camera sideways, stop smoking and pan appropriately.

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