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The Clustertruck Food Festival In Lancaster Is How Turtle Riders Can Support Local Farms, Stuff Their Faces With Amazing Food, And Get The Kids Out Of The House

You know Turtleboy likes to promote three things – local businesses, helping the needy, and saving the environment. After all, turtles are green. Well we got a festival coming in Lancaster on August 26 (with a rain date of August 27), that will kill three birds with one stone. It’s called the Clustertruck Food Festival, and it’s fun for the whole family.

So this is a food truck festival, in which over thirty trucks and fifty businesses from the best five New England states will be meeting up for a Clustertruck at Kalon Farm in Lancaster (339 Seven Bridge Rd). They’re gonna have everything too – meats, seafood, produce, you name it. And it’s all locally grown, which means you’re supporting New England farms by stuffing your face with amazing food. Pretty sweet deal.

Look, everyone knows that healthy farms create local jobs, boost the LOCAL economy, and creates less waste which means fewer greenhouse gasses. It means the food tastes fresher, better, and takes less time to get down your gullet! They’ll also have over fifty artisans and farmers market vendors selling everything from maple syrup, to jewelry, to wood working, to clothing. It’s like the Big E except you’re not miserable and no one wants to sell you a mop.

The good folks at Clustertruck wanted to make this a family event, so it’s priced right for you fine people. Parking passes purchased in advance on Eventbrite are only $10 a car load, and admission is free. Access to the Garden patio is only $15 and includes a beer, a glass of wine, and free wine tasting. Kalon Farms is also introducing their Hillside Cellars wines and newly renovated winery. Just try not to have TOO MUCH fun, or you might end up on Turtleboy. Can’t go wrong either way, unless you’re under 21.

Kids can have a great time too though, since there will be zombie laser tag, zorbing, and bungee races. Everyone knows kids are crazy in the summer, so what better way to spend a hot Saturday in August (right before they have to go back to school) than letting them blow off some steam by shooting each other with lasers and falling down on gigantic inflatable pits?

Clustertruck is also running a food drive for the Worcester County Food Bank at the festival. They’ll be funding the raffle with food truck bucks that will be awarded throughout the day. They’re also giving away prizes from Wachusett Brewing, Kalon Farm, and other local businesses. All items and funds donated will be distributed to parter agencies throughout the country.

So yea, check this place out. It’s a great time and you’re not only supporting local farms, the local economy, and saving the environment, you’re also supporting Turtleboy Sports.

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  • Diane Woods emerson
    July 4, 2017 at 9:22 am

    Best thing I have read all day. We will def be going. And I would never have known about it with out TBS. thanks

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