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  • The Fact That The Bounty On Turtleboy’s Head Is Only $1,000 Is The Most Insulting Thing Anyone Has Ever Said About Us

    The Fact That The Bounty On Turtleboy’s Head Is Only $1,000 Is The Most Insulting Thing Anyone Has Ever Said About Us

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    The Fact That The Bounty On Turtleboy’s Head Is Only $1,000 Is The Most Insulting Thing Anyone Has Ever Said About Us








    How much do you think a bounty on Turtleboy’s head is worth? Because I’d like to think we’re worth more than this:

    A thousand bucks?? That’s it!!??? What kind of bootleg bounty is that?

    Evidently these upstanding gentleman are upset about South Shore Turtlegirl’s blog the other day about the police shooting in Fall River and the family riot that happened in the hospital afterwards.

    Honestly, I read her blog on it and it’s one of the tamest and least offensive blogs ever published on Turtleboy. She could’ve gone all North Shore Turtlebabe on their ass, but instead she was sarcastic, respectful of the deceased, and stuck to the most important part of the story – if you riot in the ER, you’re not gonna help your cause. If you had a point it gets completely lost because of the way you acted. If you think your friend was killed unjustly there are procedures setup to review each incident so you can try to get justice. A great way for people to assume you’re all a bunch of assholes though is to riot in the ER.

    I guess Angel here didn’t like the fact that SSTG used some of his quotes:

    Nevertheless the hunt is on for the identity of “Turtleboy”:

    Uhoh, someone bout to get merked!!

    Hey guys, if you really wanna know who Turtleboy is you shouldn’t just asked. We got tons of pictures right here

    Honestly though, $1,000? That’s it? Why are we even doing this if that’s all our heads are worth on the Facebook death threat market?

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    1. Turtlelover

      Is pay 20,000 to meet you turtles! I’m obsessed

      1. Turtlelover

        I would pay**
        I should pay for a spelling tutor

    2. Frank Dux

      Kyle is nice with computers, but not with spelling.

      1. jackell

        you mean sepeling don’t you? you Maroon!!

    3. Johnny5

      get rugged, dawg

      1. Stuart P

        You forgot the hashtag, yo. 🙂


      The guy that is going to track down TurtleBoy and is “good wit computers” doesn’t know how to spell Worcester. Send the kids to the summer house with meme and pepe TurtleBoy the Wangsters are coming ! The Wangsters are coming!

      1. Goose

        I’m picturing this intense movie hacking scene, techno music, it all goes on for minutes. At the end, the ghetto-loser has only managed to login to Google and searche “TURTleBoy WHO DAT” a few times.

      2. Pandaboo

        I just like the fact you said Meme and Pepe.

    5. chrissy

      it’s okay turtles we’ll protect you <3

    6. Deedadee

      How much is that in food stamps

      1. wise guy

        about tree fidddy

        1. TortugaNiño

          I WISH i could like this a million times…..

    7. Sloppy

      Turtleboy only has 2 weeks to live!
      (That’s when the December welfare checks come out and that tool can get his hands on $1000 bucks)

    8. I like Turtles

      I think he means $1000 in EBT cards.

      1. Wtf

        So that would be $500.00 in real green cash money right? The math tends to be a bit difficult. Lmao.

    9. Finn

      “I’m nice with computers” = “I can google like no one’s business.”


    10. Turtle 4eva

      Angel Sanchez is a pole smoking fucking faggot!

      1. White Nationalist Turtle Rider

        niggerfaggot lol

    11. Jason

      Couldn’t they have at least thrown in a Aaron Hernandez jersey to sweeten the bounty?

    12. Stephen Hawking

      Let’s do the math: the spics pimp their ho’s for $40 a trick because that’s all those ugly Latinas can get. Normally that’d be 25 tricks but the girls will take half to get more tats on their fat thighs so it’s most likely 50 tricks. But the spics will blow the money up their nose or in their veins as soon as they get it so your looking at maybe 250 tricks. By that time the ho’s meat waffles will be infected and oozing and very stretched out so they can only get $6 for an oral.

      In other words, $1000 is unreachable. If the bounty was $11.31 I’d watch your back!

    13. PhilSimmsSucks

      The bounty is probably going to be paid out in food stamps, baby formula, and gubmint cheese…

      1. Idiots and Fools

        I would think a hit on TB is worth at least a 1000 bucks and a $20 gift card from Bed and Bath…jeez cheap asses:/

      2. Gubmint official

        ^^^ LOL right there^^^

    14. The Rant Queen

      I just love the idiots who claim to know someone who knows who Turtleboy is or lives down the street from him. Fucking posers! Haha!

    15. The Rant Queen

      Also, that doucheslug doesnt have $1,000 lulz

    16. Jojo

      So he used #getruggedseason, and I am nervous that I haven’t prepared. Is it like the holiday season where there are big family dinners and presents, or is it more like the fall season where people start breaking out the sweaters? I need to know, I have a severe case of FOMO. Also, he wants everyone yelling F.T.P (File Transfer Protocol) which I’m guessing is a shout out to his boy who’s “nice” with computers, but it seems like an odd thing to yell out loud and have everyone else yelling as well. He must really love his nice with computers friend.

      1. Dee

        All the things

    17. Straight up

      If Kyle Cook hasn’t collected his $1,000 from Angel Sanchez that makes Kyle Cook a punk ass bitch

    18. Publius

      El Chapo Javi come to daddy. We make nice. Seth too. We waitin.

    19. Publius

      Hey Angel look to your left. Look to your right. Meet Turtle Boy.

      1. Everywhere

        ^^^ great post! 😉

    20. chupacobhra

      I’d say you’re worth at least 5 x your followers. Oh and fuck the country of puerto rico. Lol lol its so great there i wanna go and live there instead of here.

      1. Goose

        It’s not a sovereign nation, BTW.

    21. Jason

      Brian Seth cock teasing Angel with a yo I gotta guy who lives two blocks away from Turtleboy but damn I got too many fb friends so I can’t remember his name post

    22. EBT Crew

      A grand is like a million dollars, to these inbred punks. In their monkey brains, the offer is huge.

    23. Thanks jess

      Facebook search matty mo. Pay me

    24. whatevuh

      Angel couldn’t find anything, he has his head stuck too far up his ass he ain’t got $1,000 and never will, stupid punk ass spic

      1. fuckboy

        tough guy behind a computer screen..your the minority now fucking cracker. This site just makes you inbreds feel safe to see there’s a couple of other hick pussies out there who are into fucking their cousins as well. Eat a dick scumbag

        1. SVU

          Your right we are the minority now. We didn’t start breeding at 14 and continue to make children that we leave to their grandparents to raise and to take them for monthly vists to their sperm in prison.

          1. Publius

            SVU. Disagree. The silent majority is woke. And it isn’t on some fake racial lines. African Immigrants, Asians, White, and hard working Latinos, men and women tired of blood suckers in society. Woke.

        2. Goose

          lol, sure, we may be in a minority now. But society can’t survive without whites (or Asians), so good luck!

          Please, show me a African or Central/South American nation that isn’t either a shithole or incredibly dangerous (or both). I’ll wait.

    25. Everyting Free in Merica

      10 to 15 Hispanico relatives trashing an emergency room… that has become routine… nigga please.

      Does anyone believe that this greazy bounty humper has $1000. to pay or would ever pay? Hope your willing to accept payment as food stamps, a stolen cell phone and speakers ripped from a car.

    26. Come on man!

      It’s a well documented “secret” that Turtleboy lives on Cedar St. in Fitchburg. 48 to be exact. I’m surprised Mr. Good with Computers didn’t pull that shit up right away.

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