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  • Teen Shot By Fall River Cop For Running Officer Down With Car – Fam Jailed For Riot At ER, Catches Dindu Nuffinitis, And Say Police Are Covering Up His Murder

    Just. Listen. To. Police. 

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    Right and wrong. It’s not usually a hard line to determine.

    Cops say hault – you hault. 

    Laws say don’t do it – Don’t do it. 

    You get stopped – Cooperate. 

    I’m sure by now you’ve heard about the teenager who was shot and killed by a Fall River cop a few nights ago. It’s a sad situation when a young person dies no matter what the circumstances are but man, let me tell you, blaming the cops is the last thing anyone should do here. This family isn’t just blaming the cops – they started a fucking riot in the hospital where the kid was brought and are coming up with these far-fetched conspiracy theories to pass the buck. 

    The dude killed was 19 year-old Larry Ruiz-Barreto and he was from good ol New Bedford.

    Handsome kid. Seems he was going to be a dad.

    Well Larry had a fondness for racing cars and flashing gang signs. If you look up Fall River Street Racing on YouTube you’ll see the same spot where the incident took place. Its kind of the place where this shit happens. Wow, here I thought they were knitting.  Larry and his boys took the cars out to race that night and someone called the cops. Seems the caller had heard loud pops that sounded like gunshots and lots of smoke. Fall River PD dispatched to scene and everyone started to flee. Including Larry. The officer had to pull his gun and shot him.

    Now of course everyone who knew Larry said he was innocent, his hands were up, the cops were the bad guys.

    They said the whole crew of hoodlums was “having fun” (illegally racing their cars) and that Larry had his hands up.… as he tried to flee the scene… in a car. (Uh.)

    His father Jose Ruiz-Hernandez actually called the cops “assassins.” Other relatives tried to block reporters from taking pictures of family, who was later arraign for acting like animals in a hospital, while another said that this was a police cover up for murder.

    God, I really hate to roll my eyes at a grieving family…. but fuck.

    Now Larry’s posse is calling on the squad to fight the police. 

    Oh that’s nice. It’s like best of New Bedford presentation. 

    I’m sure Angel, whose real name is Miguel, is a fine, upstanding citizen…. 

    Flat brim Bulls hat… drinking Henny in the car? Star witness in the cliche court of ratchetry. 

    -eye roll- 

    The Bristol County DA is doing a full investigation and won’t comment until they have completed it. So, logically, the family is claiming the cops are hiding shit and not cooperating. 

    The cops don’t have to cooperate until the investigation is done. 

    That means this group of family and friends have zero care about procedure. Sensing a theme? 

    I have heard from five different sources, some of whom works inside the system, that the perfect little angel had allegedly hit an Officer with his car while trying to trying to flee the scene. The cop was said to have been dragged bybthe car, which had become a legal weapon at that point, and Larry was shot.

    Hell, it was even all over the community pages. Shit was split like a Capulet and Montague battle in downtown Verona. You know, if Verona had a black market for food stamps, drug sales, and toothless whores of the pasty variety dropping N bombs. 

    Backup was called along with a rescue crew and Larry was transferred to the hospital. Family and friends gathered in the waiting room and started a near-riot when they heard he didn’t survived.

    Look, I understand flipping your shit when a loved one is gone too soon but this was proof that we weren’t dealing with upstanding folk here. I’m not sure but the kid above barking about the cops after posting he was drinking and driving might have been a clue… 

    Five of the hoard of people were arrested because of it. Larry’s father and uncle were included in that. 

    So, needless to say I’m rather eager to hear the outcome of the investigation. I’m also hoping that more charges are filed for the people who fled the scene and are now playing the valme game after evading arrest. 

    You play stupid games you win stupid prizes. I’m just sorry this never-learned perpetual lesson of JUST COOPERATE means an unborn kid has to grow up without a dad. Judging by the company Larry kept, and came from, he didn’t have a chance to learn the right thing to begin with. 

    South Shore Turtlegirl

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    1. The Executioner

      I love it…there should be a case like this everyday to help eliminate the vermin from the gene pool. If you are that stupid…please be dead and not in jail where my taxes need to support your POS ass. Write me in on your next ballot for State Rep! MAGA

    2. Agent Smith

      Hahaha, love the pic of the skell in the dock with a bandaid on his forehead! I hope he got his bell rung good during his tune up….shitbird

    3. The Rant Queen

      I love that they claimed the 19yo had his hands up, while driving in a car, away from the police. How does that work? And I’m guess the “friends”, who fled police that night, said this? Yeah I’d definitely take their word for it! Ugh, it’s people like this, they claim they hate/fear police because “Ya’ll be killin’ us!” and MSM/SJWs feed them those lies, and they fan the flames, but the truth is…they just WANT to be victims. Period. There’s no fear. They hate cops because cops keep them from getting away with breaking the law and hurting people. They know the cops won’t kill them unless they intend to harm them/others. So, they set out to harm the cops/others, thus receiving a shock from a taser or shot. Now they’re victims of police brutality forever. Idiots.

    4. Johnny Rocket

      I’m stunned, stunned I say to find they were drag racing. He was just tiring his life around. He was a good boy ! He was lived by all. He was so kind. Did I forget anything ? Playing lifes’ games have consequences. Sadly, this time it was death.

    5. Rich

      What a family. Wonder what the collective monthly benefits are costing us for this fine group?…

    6. don


    7. Irishcurse

      Did they at least make animal noises when they were throwing shit in the hospital?

    8. Stan the man

      Put yourself in dangerous situations and bad shit will happen.

    9. Sloppy

      Do all these shiftless layabout welfare fucks put that doggy nose shit on their Facebook photos, or does Turtleboy photoshop that on there?

    10. Brian

      Sometimes there is a scumbag that makes a family look bad. Sometimes like in this case an entire family is scumbags. They should really just kill them or jail them all before they have more and more babies that I pay for. Welfare for illegals is not good

    11. Troubled Nostrils

      Our sons have been raised by my wife and I to be decent people who understand right from wrong (which is really easy to do vs. raising them to be hoodlums). As such, if my kids were to get shot by police, I’d be overcome with grief from my loss, yet still wonder WTF they did to get themselves into a situation to get shot. My first instinct would NOT be to blame the cops – I’d be upset over my son throwing his life away doing something stupid.

    12. Rhonda

      These people lost a son , father brother, cousin and friend..were any of u people there ? Have any of you people ever been to the races? No probably not . You writing about him and his family judging them but how would you feel to loose someone unexpectedly?talking about them acting like animals calling angel sarcastically a” upstanding citizen ” but look at you using this story to get likes or attention from a grieving family. I read and enjoy turtleboy but not today shame on you

      1. Wunderbar

        Hey Rhonda, do stupid shit, win stupid prizes.

        1. Rhonda

          Like I said before probably none of you ever been to the races .the cops come and everyone leaves . No reason for the cops to shoot him

          1. hahahaohreally

            Yeah, its not like cars are deadly weapons or anything. Your point is invalid due to not knowing the difference between lose and loose.

          2. christpeople make me sick

            Hey Rhonda. i spend my summer at the races every weekend and guiess what they are at a legal racetrack not on Main St shitholesville MA. Get with the program.

            1. Rhonda

              U proved my point ..how old are you like 55 shut the fuck up and don’t comment on my shit

          3. Woodiculous

            Rhonda-the cops had reports of what someone thought were gunshots.
            The cops had no idea who the people hanging out and roaring around in cars were. The fact that some fled probably gave the cop, who had the report of shots fired, pretty nerved up.

            Try looking at it from the cop’s side as well.

            Whats the over-under on the number of days that the lawsuit against the police is filed by the people who busted up the hospital that we all have to use and whoch did nothing but try to save the kid.

        2. DJ Trump

          Nice shot Officer.
          Training, proficiency & a sense of duty helped this cop make it back home to their family that night.
          That is all that matters.
          You have to support the people who put their their lives on the line day in day out dealing with the criminal population of this state. People that would just assume kill them, rather than catch a charge and bond out.
          Are these soft as shit pussies really that scared of a trip to lock-up when caught? I’d think it’s better than the morgue.

          1. Savage Squaw Bitch

            And you figure getting locked up for 2r hours would get them some street cred.

            1. Savage Squaw Bitch


      2. Publius

        certainly wouldn’t bust up a hospital. that is some ignorant sh*t that fills in most of the blanks. we know the little bull did what he did.

      3. Savage Squaw Bitch

        “SHAME ON YOU SHAME ON YOU SHAME ON YOU!” Lol, shut the fuck up with that bullshit! The scold phrases of today are “shame on you!” and “it’s not okay!”

        Read this and think about it really hard now: THIS FAMILY ACTED LIKE A BUNCH OF ANIMALS.

        Seriously? Rioting in a hospital emergency room? Lockdown? Let me point out that I was waiting for admission to the ER for sepsis during an ER lockdown. I was feverish and in severe pain and I thought I was going to die. But hey, who cares about people in that position when there is a grieving family conducting themselves like a bunch of wild gorillas fighting over a sack of blueberries in the middle of the ER? Yeah, fuck those other people…oh, and FUCK civility and manners! These rabid gorillas lost their rabid gorilla baby and need to take it out on everyone else who actually acts appropriately in public.

        Yeah, go fuck yourself.

        1. Rhonda

          Too bad u didn’t die cunt did u get it from shooting ur heroin

          1. Savage Squaw Bitch

            Nope! Never touched drugs in my life, so you and I can’t relate. I got it from having an episiotomy, if you reallu wanna know. Too bad I didn’t die? Tsk, tsk. Nah, too bad them cops didn’t shoot that gorilla family down like Harambe, biatch!

    13. Cooper

      Viva Fall River…

    14. whatevuh

      savages, glad he’s dead now I won’t have to pay for his welfare . . . . fuck him, waste of oxygen

    15. Rhonda

      You people talk all this shit behind fake names I bet u wouldn’t say it to the families face tho …fuck the police …fuck y’all probably heroin junkies living off the system nothing u say matters anyway cause u don’t know him or his family or the situation

      1. Chip Striker

        Hey Rhonda, fuck you and those animals. Glad that piece of shit is dead, now get out of MY country and go back to the shithole you came from you drain on society cunt?

        P.S what time do the races start? Will he be honored at the next one?

        1. Rhonda

          Hey how about u go suck a dick this isn’t your country u faggot piece of shit why don’t u climb back into ur moms smelly vag u dumb mother fucker

          1. JuanValdez

            “don’t know him or his family” – Well, them chanting “FTP,” threatening people and starting a hissy fit chicano riot in a hospital speaks volumes.

            By the way, great command of the English language you’ve got there. Do you leave our letters when writing in Spanish as well?

            Oh, and Angel Sanchez sounds GAF (“my young bull”).

          2. Bc

            Her insults sound like she’s as dumb as him

          3. DJ Trump

            Rhonda, you sound like a PuertoRican cum dumpster.
            Please challenge a officer of the law as soon as possible. Maybe they can tune you up some for the good of society

            1. Rhonda

              Yeah cause Rhonda is such a Puerto Rican name . Ur ignorant as fuck go back to sucking pig dick you faggot

          4. Angel Sanchez’s ghost

            I’m glad I’m dead. My family was driving me nuts. Fuck those people.

            1. Rhonda

              Your stupid cause that’s not his name

      2. Sarah

        Hey, news flash Rhonda! If we were all doped up we wouldn’t reading and commenting on blogs. Nice try though.

      3. Savage Squaw Bitch

        Lol, the “you dont know him!” argument. Ahahaha!!!

    16. Publius

      any wonder were the deceased got his values from? f everyone one of these ratchets.

    17. Tigger

      I dream of the day when shitbags like this are not allowed to breed.

    18. Dr. Proctor

      This has become a huge problem at the the hospital in Methuen as well. They had to limit the size of the ER waiting room. For some reason people from Lawrence need to bring their entire fucking family to the hospital.

      1. Savage Squaw Bitch

        Well, they all gotta carpool to the nearest strip club. Sis gotta dance, daddy needs a lap dance from her co-worker, mommy needs to suck some for $$ in the back alley…the ER is just a necessary stop on the way sometimes.

    19. […] these upstanding gentleman are upset about South Shore Turtlegirl’s blog the other day about the police shooting in Fall River and the family riot that happened in the hospital […]

    20. Johnny5

      Rhonda, you sound pretty. When can we fuck?

    21. Hall oats

      An we just deport everyone whose name ends in a “z”? Except for Pedro Martinez, he can stay.

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