• These Are The People Who Owned The Car Driven By Auburn Cop’s Murderer

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    An Auburn Police Officer was shot last night at 12:30 AM, and has died today, as reported by Masslive. The suspect who is still on the run was driving a white Infinity SUV with attached plate reg ‪#‎4PJX80‬, according to the Auburn Daily News.

    This car was towed on May 16 by the Massachusetts State Police for an unregistered and unlicensed driver named Jorge Zambrano. It was picked up the next day on May 17 by this woman:


    Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 10.06.02 AM

    Heather Philip of Rutland. She was or is an employee at the Riviera strip club:


    She has rejected my Facebook request today, which means she is currently active on social media and is aware of what happened.

    Jorge Zambrano has a lengthy criminal record. In 2006 he was arrested for resisting arrest, selling, using and possessing a firearm silencer, and trafficking cocaine.

    Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 10.19.21 AM

    Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 11.15.26 PM

    In 2011 he was sentenced to what amounted to over 20 years in prison for a variety of offenses:


    Three years later he was NOT in jail….somehow….and was arrested for driving without a license and failure to stop for police.

    Most recently on April 4 he was in Worcester District Court facing charges of assault and battery on a police officer, resisting arrest, and driving with a suspended license:

    Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 10.14.07 AM

    Unreal. 25 Queen Street is one of the SMOC houses we wrote about. This is where six figure taxpayer financed employees throw junkies in a house together without any conditions of employment or incentive to get clean. Somehow this guy was not only allowed to roam free despite all of these charges against him, his living situation was paid for by the taxpayers. This is how America works in 2016.

    A BOLO has been issued for Jorge Zambrano:


    The man is armed, dangerous, and there is likely nothing he won’t due in order to remain free. He allegedly was involved in killing a cop and he knows it. He’s desperate and he’s out there. Please protect yourselves from this individual.

    As for the woman I certainly hope she’s in handcuffs too. When his car was towed on May 16, she picked it up the next day because he doesn’t have a license. She not only chose this dangerous person as a boyfriend, she let him around her child. She aided him in getting this car back, knowing that he does not have a license and is extremely dangerous. She is a big reason a police officer is dead right now.

    Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 10.31.08 AM

    It’s just so disgusting that this is what my country looks like right now. Morons are so concerned about us locking up too many people, and meanwhile this person has spent his entire life as a dangerous criminal and he is free. And as a direct result of that a police officer is dead in the quiet town of Auburn. Police officers are under attack in this country.


    Not to make this political, but how can you not? We have a candidate for President who openly shits on cops whenever she can. She talks about reforming the criminal justice system that she helped create, because allegedly it’s too harsh. She wants people like this guy to stay on the streets because they make up a part of her voting base. It’s disgusting. But please, tell me more about how bad the other candidate is. I can’t believe this is the state of the country I currently live in. RIP to the brave officer who sacrificed his life so the rest of us can be safe.


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    1. DannyBoy

      Does he own the suspect car or the car the plate belonged to?

      1. Frankie

        Update: Straight to Hell.

        1. Yurly

          If you look up baby brianna from new mexico, the baby who’s uncle and other relatives raped and killed her while the mother did nothing, honest to God this guy looks just like brianna uncle who slain her

    2. Maggie the Cat

      Turtleboy Sports is the absolute best source for background info on important breaking news.

    3. Spankster

      Why is it that T.B. Gets these stories and the T&G has nothing. Can’t wait to hear how Jive Clive and Old Balls turns this into Trumps and the cops fault

      1. Mr. Frosty

        This is contrary to the T and Gs agenda. They support so -called criminal justice “reform”, where judges take NOTHING seriously.

      2. Corrector

        One of the pictures is from a T&G article from today…

      3. Dave

        No, obviously it’s Bush’s fault.

    4. Mojo JoJo

      Thank you TB for getting this information out there. Your investigative skills are top notch. May these monsters be caught and executed on the spot.

    5. Jack Mahoffer

      I lay blame partly on Carlo and Clive. No doubt they had some influence on these animals.

    6. kittykicker

      First off, my deepest sympathy and condolences for the fallen police officer’s family, friends and coworkers. This truly is a sad day for local law enforcement!! Shit like this is completely unacceptable! The Massachusetts judicial system is a complete fucking joke! If they were to have done their jobs, this piece of shit would not have been able to roam the streets of the Commonwealth!! He should’ve been away for a long time! Now there is clearly nothing he will not do to remain a free man!! This puts many more people in danger now! I can’t explain the sorrow and anger I feel right now! It’s only going to get worse…there is absolutely no respect for law enforcement or human life!!!

      1. Huberte

        my thoughts exactly

    7. Rob

      She should be executed.

    8. Michelle

      I don’t think plastering people faces online is smart. . I hope u get sued.. taking my pictures I will sue

      1. Robin

        No law against it.

        1. Robin

          Directed towards Michelle.

      2. Mojo JoJo

        Good luck with that you fucktard

      3. Elias Phakakname

        And you will lose. Idiot.

      4. Mike

        A cop is dead, who cares about being sued. Think the cops kids will give a fuck about law suits about pictures? Go hang yourself, you’re part of the problem.

      5. Buttafuco

        Sue this.

      6. Alexander Knight

        Perhaps you shouldn’t post them publicly online, where there is zero expectation of privacy.

        1. Cindy Cozzens

          Perhaps they shouldn’t commit the crimes that made their ” mugshots ” public in the first place

      7. City-girl

        Screw you bitch

      8. Ben

        You’re a dumb one aren’t you. He reposted information she put in the public domain. But i will post your info if you want someone to sue. And then i will bankrupt you in counter suits. K pumpkin?

      9. Cin

        You’re an idiot. No lawyer would take your case–you plaster your ugly mug all over FB and then get pissed when someone “borrows” your pic? Your FB crap isn’t copyrighted dumbass. Don’t want it shared? don’t post it.

      10. Mike

        You’re a moron. In case you don’the know and I see you don’t. Any pictures posted to the Internet or social media become public domain and may be used freely.

        P.s. TB I have money for your bail any day and a legal team at your disposal. Keep it coming!

      11. Elizabeth

        It’s on social media right to privacy is diminished. It’s also mandatory public record when arrest and I’m pounds are made hence getting her name, she has a public social media page which is free reign to anyone to share a picture. Now if he went and took the picture himself and she said no don’t take my picture then she would have a case.

    9. Ron

      Shut up cunt. I hope you rot in hellhe’

    10. kittykicker

      There’s not a lot of things I can think of more dangerous than a Cocaine Trafficking drug dealer with a firearm and silencer! It’s time to eliminate the liberal agenda of this state, and adopt a common fucking sense agenda!!!!! Who are the idiots that thought this shitbird would reintegrate back into a civilized society??? This is insane!! How many more of these assholes are back on the streets, and have resumed their previous drug trafficking, gun possesing, cop assaulting, home invading, armed robbery lifestyle…??? We are far from a civilized society! And the notion of “people are inherently good”, is quite a stretch! I hope this piece of garbage is captured or better very quickly!!

      1. Beth

        I will always say they should come down on Drug dealers and put them away for attempted murder by selling illegal drugs

      2. Keep it Real

        Massachusetts has decided that possession of drugs isn’t a serious offense, and lots of DAs will plead down a distribution charge to straight possession. That is how they get back on the street. Gotta keep the “conviction” rates up if you want to keep your job, it doesn’t matter if the charge is 1/1000th of the original crime.

        Parole boards can only go on what the conviction is, not what arrest was. And evidently being a “model” prisoner is a fairly easy thing to be.

        System needs addressing no doubt Too many people slip through the cracks. Too many dangerous people are let go.

        1. Derrick

          Honestly this has been the most reasonable and logical comment i’ve read on this article. The rest in my opinion have been rooted deeply with personal feelings or agenda. This isn’t a political issue….this is an issue of the lack of respect for each other we have grown to have in our society. Fake men calling women derogatory comments because they don’t agree with their opinions. Cyber bullies who hide behind a computer. I challenge all of those reading this article to be a part of the solution and not the problem. These senseless crimes against police and people in general start with a lack of respect for each other.

          1. Elizabeth

            I agree completely with you and keep it real.. my one and only issue with this story is bashing of the woman with the kid, having been in a domestic violence relationship, what’s right and wrong is not EVER black and white. With not any background info on her and the relationship no one can say if she was willing of her own agenda or not. Based on this guy’s rap sheet alone I wouldn’t be surprised at all if DV was involved and if you’ve never truly been in a relationship like that or helped someone get out you can’t say well it’s her fault she should’ve left because it is NEVER EVER that simple. If you are diminished by a person that claims to love you physically, verbally, emotionally, and/or financially you are molded to believe you can’t go without them. However if this is not the case then she absolutely needs to be charged as an accessory or something

      3. Buttafuco

        How many more? I got 4 houses in my neighborhood with at least 2 people each, plus within 1/2 mile of my neighborhood 3 more dealers, all armed, all doing B&E s as well, and their customers are doing B&Es to afford thier services, and I got WPD telling me EVERY neighborhood has this issue, we can’t help you. And at least 2 cops and a city councilor lives in this same neighborhood (westside). So how many? A LOT. Hell, the clown they’re looking for today lived on Saxon Rd, 1 street over from the former mayor and Lt Gov! So it’s everywhere.

      4. Mirror Mirror

        Thank a lib.

    11. Independent Thinker

      The T&G failed to report any of this vital information which would be helpful in providing enough information to the public so they can report any sightings to the police.

      My condolences to the officer’s friends and family.

      There should be an automatic death sentence for anyone who kills a police officer.

      1. Me

        Death sentence delivered

        1. Frankie

          Oh well. Lesson learned.

    12. Publius

      Once again the Telegram is useless.

    13. Ex northie

      Heather used to be such a beautiful girl when we went to North high. Now she’s a heroin feigned stripper. What a shame.

      1. Linda-Linda-Linda

        Hope they take her child away. Imagine making a child grow up surrounded by drug dealers and strippers. Nice lifestyle – wpuld have been better if she put the child up for adoption when it was born. It might have had a chance at a normal life that way.

        1. Lewis

          As of today, they will.

    14. Bob Jones

      Was a nice article until you told us to vote for Trump. Won’t be reading this agenda pushing drivel again.

      1. CM

        Agenda pushing drivel? You’re a fucking moron who is probably better off not reading TB if that’s what you got out of it. Loser

        1. Practical

          The blog called out the Governor for allegedly politicizing the death of that cop for his weed crusade.

          What exactly would you call this Trump plug?

          1. Mirror Mirror

            Libs need a safe space from Trump or anyone who dares expose the truth!

            1. Finnish Goalie

              I think “safe space” is the 2016 buzzword of choice. It will be thrown around by all and for whatever reason.

      2. Ben

        No where in this article was there a recommendation to vote for trump. He did point out the insanity and hypocrisy of the far left on the ‘hill’. But clearly that is a microaggression, so you need a safe space. Trigger warning, get fucked.

        1. Safe Space Violated

          Lol shocked that you didn’t add cuck in there somewhere. Looks like I “triggered” you in your turtleboy “safespace”. Really lets me know what kind of person you are. I like the local news coverage exposing the area’s darker side but not a fan of the author pushing his political opinions everywhere. I guess it makes this site more of a blog than anything remotely credible.

    15. Adam

      I usually agree with you on things but why is this directed at her? He is the scumbag that killed the officer. People throwing stones in a glass house acting like they never got a car out for a friend with no license. who is the car registered too? maybe its HER car. End of day this is very tragic and I hope that piece of trash gets what is coming his way.

      1. Statistics don't lie

        Well I guess you got a big fat F in reading comprehension Adam. The car is involved and the police are looking for it. The car is theirs. Nobody has a positive identity of the shooter yet. The real problem is there are so many violent criminals in Worcester there is no way to know exactly who did it.

        1. Adam

          Guess you can’t read they are looking for him not her. they know her whereabouts and he is on the run. The eye test says he did it no?

        2. Carole

          Has anyone thought about the fact that this woman may be in an abusive relationship with this guy? She may fear for her life and her childs as well. He’s definitely a bad dude and let’s face it, he’s probably not any better with her, so before we prosecute this woman, you should walk a mile in her shoes before you judge her and honestly, last time I looked her profession isn’t illegal. As long as the public still goes to strip clubs, this woman will be employed and it’s not illegal.

          1. Phil Fish

            Strip clubs are prostitution , and that is illegal. Plus the majority of the girls in those clubs are underage, exploited runaways. That’s illegal too, carole.

          2. Ben

            Typical SJW bullshit. You know who goes to strip clubs? Assholes. Self respecting men dont partake. Walk a mile in her shoes? So no one is responsible for their choices? You are one special snowflake.

          3. City girl

            Carole, what are you, a frigging idiot! Who gives a fuck about her when there is a child involved. She’s with a piece of shit, who is violent, drug addict, scumbag, and not worth shit. If she ” was in a abusive relationship, he was in jail many times, she’s a hoe who makes money stripping, with many peeps around If She Needed Help! She’s a piece of shit herself. She knew what he was liked. She got the truck out for him. She sucks and do do you. IDIOT

      2. Adam is Funny

        Adam, we should be warned about who this guy hangs around with. It’s also a public service announcement… She’s back on the market for those that are HIV+ It’s not like she wasn’t turning tricks at the club anyway.)

    16. Ken

      This post is in regards to Jorge he is a drug dealing scum bag but Heather is not his only girlfriend chelsie salois is also one of his bff well mid chelsie I hope you are HAPPY hanging out with a COP killer I hope your children are proud of you

    17. Statistics don't lie

      This is just a precursor of the type of summer Worcester can look forward to. Every year violent crime rises in the summer as Worcesters best and brightest invite their cousins, uncles, aunts, brothers and sisters from New York to “crash” at their apartment in Worcester. The police are severely out numbered and the hospital ER is so packed the waiting line is down the street.

    18. Ginger

      According to her Facebook she studied “criminal law” at WSU so I guess she’s abandoned those dreams!!

      The whole state of our society makes me sick to my stomach! They are both scumbag pieces of shit and he deserves to die the same way he murdered that poor officer! And yes he’s a murderer but unfortunately this liberal effin state we live in will house him and feed him all on our tax dollars for the rest of his natural life it’s a disgrace! Perfect example where the death penalty is warranted! You chose the life you chose the consequence

      1. Mr. Frosty

        She drove down Chandler St. PAST WSU once. They have Criminal Justice @ WSU, not criminal law.

    19. Joe Max

      Looks like he should still be in jail, especially with all the felony charges against him. Especially with a gun silencer. Pretty sure that’s a federal offense too. Either way with the charges, he was freed way too early. Also, not surprised if he was or in a gang. Goes with the territory usually.

    20. Fuck You

      Jorge is a fucking punk loser. HE WILL BE DEAD SOON. Girlfriend needs to go to jail. There are laws against enabling unauthorized drivers. Crack down on all punk losers. Stop babying the criminals. Cops are the good guys. Some of them are bad. This is one reason they beat and kill their prisoners. Turtleboy needs to shut up about political races. Fucking guns and booze ads on this website.

      1. Statistics don't lie

        Politics are relevant. On any election year the politicians will crow about how arrests are up 25% and 300 dangerous criminals have been arrested. What they don’t tell you is they just released 500 criminals early from prison to cut the budget and make room for the new ones.

      2. Trump's Cum Is in My Hair

        Crack down on all punk losers, indeed.

    21. Reddog

      Never trust a guy with eyelid tattoos. Scumbag. Hope he doesn’t get hurt when they arrest him. Poor cop will lose his job.
      Condolences to the family of the officer that was murdered.

      1. LuluBean

        What is with those, I don’t understand? Eyelid tattoos, really, how gross.

        He was such a nice man, father, husband, son, friend, officer. So sad.

        All you people battling with TB get off, leave them alone, this is their website and they can post what they want, if you don’t like it no one is tying you here.

        I hope they get them both very soon, and they don’t see it coming.

    22. Publius

      It would be fantastic if somehow this couple resisted and never saw another Monday morning.

      1. Fuck you

        It would be great if Trump never saw another morning.

        1. Abe Frohman

          What a clever screen name you have! And what pithy retorts.

    23. Jon

      So ‘yeah, yeah, yeah’ we all know MA is retardedly lenient with drug offenders. However, it’s one thing to be in possesion of an illegal substance (most of those people do need treatment and not jail) and another to be in possesion with intent to distribute/trafficking – as this man was convicted of doing.

      My main concern, as to why he got released so early (or never sent in the first place), is that he also had the “assualt and battery” convictions. Now I’m pretty sure we’re only supposed to be lenient with NONVIOLENT drug offendors, but here we’ve got this douche bag who is OBVIOUSLY VIOLENT.

      What the fuck is up with that? I get it, MA has some issues with the leniency…but it would appear as though the roots of this particular situation run much deeper than what’s been uncovered so far.

      Something is very fishy about this whole situation….and it led to the loss of one of Auburn’s finest…I want to know why this dangerous drug offender was still, and IS still, on our streets. There is NO excuse as to why he should not be in jail already. He obviously wasn’t “dodging” custody because he would’ve been arrested for ‘driving with a suspended license.’

      It’s one thing if the judge gave him a week to report to jail to get his affairs in order, or something. If that was the case though, he should’ve been on house arrest with an ankle monitor and police detail….because this guy is DANGEROUS!!!

      1. Julianna

        I font know if that’s done in mass. Usually, as far as I’ve seen (and I’ve seen plenty), if you end up with a sentence, they take you directly to jail, no ‘get your affairs in order’ time or leniency.

      2. Fred

        NO users get locked up. NONE. Unless they commit serious crimes WHILE using, like B&E, or violent crimes or serious motor vehicle offenses. When you hear about criminal justice reform, thats code for coddling drug DEALERS like THIS GUY!

    24. paul

      And yet all the libtards out there complain the police are so quick to use their guns. As far as i am concerned, they dont use them enough. Rip officer…thank you for your service

    25. Twosmokes

      I went to elementary school and high school with her. I can’t believe she’s hanging with that kind of trash. Bad life decisions girl.

      1. BobnMic

        Did you ever give her a porto rican crab punch? That’s when she’s gobbling your knob and just before you break off your load you punch her in the back of the head so it spits out her nose?

        1. Jocelyn

          “Puerto”. Christ you’re a goddamn trashy retard.

    26. BlackandWhite

      Time to build more jails. We’re going to need them.

    27. Ryan B. MacDonaldd

      This is wildly irresponsible and troubling on so many levels. If you think reform of the most Draconian criminal justice system on earth is “shitting on cops” you need a reality check.

      1. Turtleboy

        Yea, America has the most draconian criminal justice system on earth. Way worse than Russia, North Korea, Cuba, and Saudi Arabia. You are so worldly.

        1. Rbm

          Well you deleted my comment so I guess you ascribe to Lord Trump’s and Putin’s version of free speech. Assuming you read the comment, you now know that the US has the largest per capita incarceration rate in the world. (Sorry for the big words)

          1. Jafreese

            Other than stats and numbers, please explain exactly what makes it the most draconian. Several other countries punish drug trafficking with the death penalty. Would you say that is more or less draconian?

            1. Rbm

              This is so typical. Essentially your argument is that my argument is wrong because it’s based on facts. To compare America to authoritarian regimes who execute drug dealers is a nonsense false equivalency. I suppose, however, if your candidate wins, you’ll probably have the fascist state of your dreams. But, to answer your question, our practice of locking the most people up for the longest amount of time by far makes us the most draconian in the world with respect to criminal justice.

            2. Rbm

              The fact that my argument is supported by facts doesn’t make it wrong. The fact that we incarcerate more people for longer than anywhere else gives us by far the most draconian criminal justice system in the world regardless if there are laws in authoritarian countries with stricter penalties. However, good news – if your candidate is elected you’ll likely get the fascist state of your dreams.

            3. Jafreese

              Hahah what a joke you are. Not one counter point. Just regurgitation of something you heard someone else say. There should be a bobblehead doll of you, and when the cord is pulled you just keep repeating that same statement. If you’re gonna say your argument is based on facts, please have some facts to back up your argument At least one. But you didn’t miss a chance to throw in something about the election even though that had zero to do with anything. Saving the race card for a rainy day?

          2. Mirror Mirror

            Yes – and it should be higher. And we ought to put lib enablers in jail too – after all they are the ones ultimately responsible for the increase in lawlessness in our society. We could start with Hillary & BO.

    28. wabbitt

      They need to find this fucker and put him down. And her right next to him.

    29. Orange Don

      Sheesh, what’s this world coming to? Has anyone seen photos of the strippers down at the Riviera Club? I mean who pays money to watch tattooed fat girls sweat? Jeez, some things ya’ just can’t unsee. How do you say salads & Planet Fitness in Spanish?
      Anyway, when I’m president I’m gonna’ shut down the North High School to strip club pipeline for good. I’ll build a wall around the place so high that no fat stripper wannabes can graduate until they’re in shape. They’ll be fitter than Navy Seals(without the beards), you better believe it. No more “Miss Housekeeping” on my watch.

    30. Dick Hurts

      He went to Sullivan/South. Has a brother named Giancarlo. Scumbags.

      1. Llc

        A quick search also shows he’s no winner at life either…what a surprise.

    31. ProfessorM

      As a Professor I fail to see how this impacts the love affair between my well spoken lawyer lady friend and her relationship with Bob.

      1. Rational Person

        Time to let it go.

    32. Go eat a salad

      In b4 shiestylawyer

    33. Nug

      Yes you are correct Giancarlo is his brother He lives between Millbury and Miami travels back and forth with DRUGS weekly Google Amanda salois flip o gram this is GIANCARLO or Yankee ,news just reported brother is at the scene trying to negotiate great two drug dealers, a innocent police officer lost his life my heart goes out to family and fellow Auburn police

    34. Street rat

      People are shooting or stabbing each other in Worcester on a daily basis. Shout out to Turtleboy, why only report about cops being shot?

    35. FiestyLawyerLady

      Well I would stuff a dido up his ass until he was puking plastic out of his ears and then I would chop off his balls and make a soup because that’s how real lawyers talk. I would hire the Acme piano moving company to drop my organs on his head. I would slap him with my labia….. no really I am a Lawyer……call me. P.s. BobnMic is not my boyfriend!!!!

      1. Yessss


    36. Steven Stover

      When they bring the shitbag in if he has a black eye Carlo and Clive and the rest of the Democrat living off of others crowd will be screaming police brutality.

    37. Realist

      So let’s get this straight. You just implicated a woman in a murder for:

      1. Having a shit bag for a boyfriend

      2. Picking up a car the shit bag got impounded.

      Am I wrong? Do you have anything more than that? Is SHE on the run? Is SHE wanted for any crime?

      If that’s all you got…. that she picked up a car and was involved with a piece of shit, and you just accused her of being responsible for a murder, this is hands down the most irresponsible thing I’ve seen that you’ve written.

      I knew a guy once who many years ago killed some people. A lot of people in this city did. Does that make me guilt of manslaughter or something?

    38. Frank

      Haven’t read the comments but who were the defense attorneys for his previous charges that kept him on the streets? Hopefully none of them are advertisers @ TurtleBoy…

    39. Give Him Hell

      Judge Andrew L. Mandell had the opportunity to meet Jorge first hand back in April, and saw fit to let him walk out of a courtroom on the laundry list of charges below. I sure hope he gets a good night’s sleep because the Turtleriders have an excellent opportunity to make this an extremely long week for him….

      Jorge A. Zambrano, 35, of 25 Queen St., Worcester, charged with assault and battery on a police officer, resisting arrest, and driving with a suspended license, continued without a finding for 1 year, ordered to pay $100 victim witness fee.

      1. anonono

        May 18, 2016 – from the TG Courthouse Records:

        Judge Janet J. McGuiggan

        Jorge Zambrano, 35, of 170 James St., Worcester, charged with driving with a suspended license (subsequent offense), amended from driving with a suspended license, driving an unregistered vehicle, and license plate violation to conceal ID, continued to June 9.

        1. anonono

          Well, well, well…I was shocked not to see this judge’s name sooner…but here he is!

          May 20, 2011 – from the TG Courthouse Records:

          Judge James R. Lemire

          Jorge Zambrano, 31, of the Worcester County Jail and House of Correction, West Boylston, was sentenced to two concurrent terms of 7 years to 7 years and a day after pleading guilty to trafficking in cocaine and possession of cocaine with intent to distribute (subsequent offense). He was sentenced to four concurrent terms of 6 years to 6 years and a day in Walpole state prison after pleading guilty to trafficking in cocaine, distribution of cocaine, and two counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. He was sentenced to a concurrent term of 4 to 5 years in Walpole state prison after pleading guilty to assault with a dangerous weapon. He was sentenced to five concurrent terms of 2-1/2 years in the House of Correction after pleading guilty to two counts of assault and battery on a police officer, two counts of resisting arrest, and selling, using, or possessing a firearm silencer. A charge of distribution of a class B substance was dismissed.

          1. anonono

            Feb. 13, 2014
            Judge Robert J. Pellegrini
            Jorge Zambrano, 32, of 3 Euclid Ave., Worcester, charged with driving with a suspended license, speeding, failing to stop for police, making an improper turn, trespassing, disturbing the peace, and carrying a dangerous weapon (folding knife), continued to April 9.

            September 25, 2006
            Judge Martha A. Brennan
            Jorge Zambrano, 25, of 3 Euclid Ave., Worcester, charged with resisting arrest, selling, using, or possessing a firearm silencer, possession of cocaine with intent to distribute (subsequent offense), and trafficking in cocaine, continued to Oct. 10 on $50,000 cash bail.

    40. UsualSuspect

      Fuck you Jorge and fuck the pussy judges of MA that keep these shitbags on the streets!

    41. Fuck You

      I told you he’d be dead soon! I hope the next time the cops take out scumbags like this before the cops get shot or killed. Time to fuck up all the shit heads that are worthless drags on society. The fuck up everything. It’s just a matter of time before they kill someone so let’s KILL THEM FIRST!

    42. Rivieras stank whore Phillips

      The ghetto primate is a corpse…his girlfriend will have a real hard life from here on out so I hear.

      1. I. M. Sickofit

        No. We will be supporting her with free housing, cars,
        CelIphones, ebt, you name it.

    43. Realist

      You guys are complete idiots. If he plead guilty and got concurrent sentences, that is highly likely to be a plea deal. Why don’t you blame the DA… you know the one who kept a 17 year old in jail for two years after to troglodyte detectives told her “just say you did it and everything will be ok” for a few hours straight. Then he blames HER lawyer. NO don’t blame that piece of walking trash though, who never saw a case whee the police did even the smallest thing inappropriately.

      Continued without a finding is probably a plea, or they didn’t have anything. The rest of those are arraignments.

      1. Franco

        Yeah, and arraignments are the time to hold without bail!

      2. Mirror Mirror

        Now now Jeffy. Don’t get your panties in a bunch when commenters don’t know the ins & outs of the legal system like you do. Try being compassionate instead of just a whiny little lib bitch.

    44. Henry Gondorff

      The people of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts are partly to blame for always electing Democrats who have turned your state into upside down land. Enjoy paying high taxes for the leisure class of thugs ? Then move to Mass.

    45. Trigglypuff

      So sad that two people died. There is a lot of support for the officers wife and kids but I can’t find anywhere that I can give a donation to this underprivileged victims babymamas and their 18 children?

    46. Boom

      Ship these animals back to wherever they came from.

      1. Buttafuco

        That’s offensive to animals.

    47. Robert Smith

      I don’t see how this is relevant at all. TB is looking for something to write about.

      In other news….

      Aidan Kearney, 26, of 24 Howland Terrace, Worcester, charged with malicious destruction of property over $250, dismissed upon payment of $632.50 restitution.

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