• This Hoodrat Popping The Question While Handcuffed And Under Arrest Is The Most Ghetto Thing We’ve Ever Seen 

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    I always think that I’ve seen it all and then something like this lands in my lap.

    Brandon Thompson was a man with a plan. He loved his queen bae Leandria Keith and decided it was the perfect time to propose. He got (stole) the ring and decided to pop the question during the Fourth of July / birthday party at his momma’s house. The one thing Brandon didn’t see coming was the the po-po crashing the party and arresting his stupid ass on six felony warrants. You’d think that Brandon would have haulted his plans for engagement. Nah, he decided to ask Leandria while in handcuffs. No shit.

    The whole thing was caught on a Muskogee Oklahoma cop’s body cam. The police officer’s partner even ask if what he was witnessing with his own eyes was serious.

    “When the other officer told me he was gonna propose I think my initial response was, ‘Are you kidding me?'” Lincoln Anderson, Muskogee Police Department spokesman, said.

    They even let him rip a butt in celebration.

    Yep, this is the most ghetto thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Nothing says “successful future together” like having the guy asking you for your hand in marriage as hes being locked up for burgulry, possession of a firearm, and having a controlled dangerous substance. Why the fuck not, right?

    Homegirl accepted and the two will probably get married after he finishes serving like 20 something years.  I’m guessing they already have four kids so ain’t no need to worry about them conjugals.



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    1. Barry

      The colors they are reping are confusing me. Will it be a Crips ceremony or a Bloods ceremony?

    2. Leandria

      Grandma is kind of traditional and wants a Crips ceremony but said she would still attend if we decide to do something secular. She says as long as he keeps it 100 and I’m his ride or die it doesn’t matter.

    3. Dirt McGirt

      The real challenge will be whittling down to pool of 19 (22 pending paternity test results) potential flower girls and ring bearers.

    4. johnnyb

      Brilliant…No need to hire a videographer. Memories that will last a lifetime..

    5. Devils Mouthpiece

      You just cant make this shit up…

    6. DeusVult88

      Niggers gonna nig

      1. Star Struck

        Seriously? Really? Are you not going to delete this fucking statement but you delete those that are contradictory to your warped view? Who the fuck are you? And why do you do that?
        And what is happening here South Shore Turtle Shit? Just go away loser!!!

        1. DeusVult88

          What the fuck are you talking about? Why would anyone delete my astute observations about the black subspecies?

    7. Inspector Gadget

      You go girl! It’s all down hill from here.

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