• This Idiot Changed The Legalized Weed Bill You Voted For Because Not Enough Pot Shops Would Be Owned By Minorities And Women

    This Idiot Changed The Legalized Weed Bill You Voted For Because Not Enough Pot Shops Would Be Owned By Minorities And Women

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    Just like we called it – the Massachusetts State Legislature has taken an AWESOME bill passed by the people in November to legalize marijuana, and they have ruined it:

    “A bill that would repeal and replace the recreational marijuana law approved by the state’s voters in November cleared the House late Wednesday. Critics who lashed out at the proposal accused lawmakers of ignoring the will of the electorate and taking a hostile approach to the legal cannabis industry. The House bill, approved on a 126-28 vote, would raise the tax on retail marijuana sales from 12 percent to 28 percent.”

    The people said 12 percent, and your elected leaders, who just voted to give themselves a 40% raise, decided they needed 28%. In other words, the black market will continue to thrive. 

    Other provisions include stringent background checks and fingerprinting for all people who own or work in licensed marijuana-related businesses. The bill would create two new enforcement agencies, one within the Cannabis Control Commission, a five-member board that will regulate recreational and medical marijuana, and another within the state attorney general’s office. It also would establish standards for the testing, packaging and labeling of marijuana products, including edible ones, to assure those products are safe.

    Translation – we’re gonna create a bunch of regulations that will increase operating costs for businesses, which will then be passed on to the consumer in the form of higher retail prices. Also, connected people who know politicians will be appointed to these new boards we are creating to take all the fun out of smoking weed. 


    Rep. Mark Cusack, the House chairman of the Marijuana Policy Committee, argued at the outset of Wednesday’s session the bill makes “sensible and practical” improvements to the ballot question. “What is popular is not always right, and what is right is not always popular,” said Cusack, a Braintree Democrat. “This legislation gets it right. Right for the consumer, right for the industry and, above all, it gets it right for the people of (Massachusetts).”

    Translation – You are dumb and I am smart. So I’m changing this law you wrote and voted on, because “what is popular is not always right.” I’m always right though. Because I’m Deputy Dipshit. This is Mark Cusack, the Braintree rep leading the charge to destroy this bill:

    As you can see, he is much, much smarter than you, which is a direct result of his vast life experiences. This was him not too long ago:

    Pounding beers and posting about his slumber parties. Somehow this jackwagon can overrule the will of the people, and he gets away with it. 

    But wait, it gets even more ridiculous:

    An amendment was added to address concerns of black and Latino lawmakers who argued the bill weakened provisions designed to help minority-owned businesses gain a foothold in the cannabis industry. The amendment requires regulators to develop “diversity licensing goals,” and programs to recruit and train minorities and women to own or work in marijuana-related businesses.

    Wait…….what?? So now the law forces regulators to make up “diversity licensing goals” to make sure there are enough women and minorities selling weed. I told you people. I told you they’d find a way to fuck this up. Marijuana could work in a normal state. It works in Washington and Colorado. But it cannot work in Massachusetts. Our leaders are too fucked in the head. This is not normal. It’s not normal to look at a pro-weed bill and say, “Ya know, I really like this idea, but I just wanna make sure enough weed shops are owned by black women.”

    Why stop there? How bout we requirements that X amount of pot shops have to be owned by gender non-conforming non-binary fluid Cambodian femmes? How bout the morbidly obese? They shouldn’t be left behind either. At least 10% of shops should be owned and operated by people who weigh at least 300 pounds. 

    Oh, by the way, the dopes who had a problem with the weed bill passed by the voters are the same idiots who wanna create “safe injection sites” where addicts can shoot up heroin in front of a doctor. They’re down with that, but they’re not down with pot. This is why Massachusetts can’t have nice things. 



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    1. Kermit the Frog

      Ha ha ha ha… oh the irony!! 🙂

      Not enough blacks and latinos in the pot business, WOW!

      Next he could sponsor a bill creating a quota system of liquor, tobacco and lottery licenses for blacks, latinos and white women because that is most surely the path to a healthy and rewarding life.

      But that’s none of my business.

      1. Disgusted with politicians

        Maybe he will expand this to include gas stations, grocery stores, bars, restaurants, convenience stores, drug stores and every other business here in this once great country.
        Pay attention the 12% to 28% increase while they do not mention the 20+% tax on the wholesale side that equals a tax ox of over 40%.

    2. John

      Aaaaand, the sheeple will reelect these bastards again, and again because…. MA
      That’s OK, I’ll be retired next year, can grow my own. I like “gifting” to my friends.
      I like fine cigars and Scotch as gifts….
      We’ll just be gifters….

    3. gfldgadfly

      Go ahead and let a bunch of white middle class guys sell overpriced legal ganja and deal with the licensing headaches. Women and minorities will be happy to continue on doin’ the thang unimpeded by The Man.
      Everyone knows chicks can bake the dankest brownies anyway.

      1. Terry

        If your brownis are coming out dank you cant use eggs that been laying around your fridge for a month or to you need fresh eggs and milk and good browni mix your oven could be broken just because the oven says 350 dont mean it is 350 probably not hot enouf or your not good at cooking.

        1. gfldgadfly

          No mix. You gotta bake scratch, with good chocolate, and alter the egg content based on how much funny butter goes into the batter. And we ain’t talking ratchet belly pancake batter. Anyone with testicles can fill a tinfoil dollar store baking pan.

          1. DEntyne on ice

            thts called tea bagging then the pan is dirty and you get pubes in the pan an pubes in the cookies thats gross why woould anyone want that uless they r gay or pranking or something not cool to do than to sombody

            1. gfldgadfly

              Shit son take a joke or take a seat.

    4. Hanginpossum

      So are minorities more adversely affected at a disproportionate rate by weed being legal or illegal?

    5. The Executioner

      Vote that bum out next go around. Can you provide a list of all the Reps that voted for this paper shredder candidate of a bill? Any in my district will not get my vote…

    6. IRS

      The least diverse group are income tax payers. I’d like to see a more diverse and evenly spread income tax base. This bill will help.

    7. mike

      Keep it up turtleboy! i read the articles in the globe and they make it seem like its wonderful that this has been hijacked, and thats its for our own good. Why bother voting if they gonna do this?

    8. mike

      Rep. Jason Lewis is another one you should look into too.

    9. Chip Striker

      If you dig a little deeper Turtleboy you’ll discover that this state rep was the same guy who got caught in the statehouse getting a BJ, waa caught by security and lied by giving him the wrong name.

    10. Big Raymond

      “amendment requires regulators to develop “diversity licensing goals,” and programs to recruit and train minorities and women to own or work in marijuana-related businesses.”

      If you take the Massachusetts population and subtract minorities all that is left is whites. Then you subtract women and all that is left is white males.

      So another way to phrase this would be, the State of Ma will recruit All people except white males to own or work in marijuana-based businesses.

      That’s a interesting policy for government to make into law. It appears on the surface to be aiding everyone except white males but it could just as easily be the opposite.

      1. gfldgadfly

        I think you also have to factor in how women and minorities (or anyone sane, actually ) see the prospects for future regulation… meaning, who wants to be on a list until the feds agree 100%…

    11. Dirty Fish

      Yes, lets give minorities and women an upper edge in a business that going to be so over regulated that there is no room for profit. It’s just another way the man is keeping the people down.

    12. Barney Miller

      So glad I left this shit stain of a state long ago. I’m as far from being a pot head as possible, but it’s nice to be able to visit my corner dispensary here in Colorado and buy some reasonably priced, reasonably taxed quality Marijuana on occassion. Do these idiots even stop to think that simple economics drive market price and that if they get so greedy that they over tax Marijuana in Massachusetts, consumers will simply return to the black market and the criminals still profit? Considering every elected official from the governor on down opposed legalization from the start, maybe they are setting the tax so high in an effort to sabotage the bill. Afterall, how much money will prosecutors and law enforcement lose when they can’t bust the citizens for pot anymore?

    13. Ic

      Can i ask why marty Walsh is in the headline pic? Seems the story is about cusack. It’s a bit misleading.

      1. DD

        TB misleading.. .never! Didn’t MW start his DNC speech by confessing to alcoholism… what a fucked up city and state. Massachusetts we make Florida look sane.

    14. wabbitt

      Maybe they figure that blacks and Latinos are the majority of drug dealers, so we should help them go legit. Like the Godfather.

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