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This Woman And The Guy All Over Her Facebook Page Look Exactly Like The Two People Who Stole A Cat From A Methuen Adoption Center

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Yesterday a pet adoption center in Methuen put out an APB for this Chunky Brewster and her male companion who had stuffed a cat named Caramel into her purse and left with the poor thing:

Today they released video footage:

Also today a turtle rider sent us a name of someone who they insisted was the woman in the video – Cheryl Descavich. Naturally we went to check out Cheryl Descavich’s Facebook page, and sent her a message asking if it was her in the video. We gave her a couple hours and have not heard back. So we went to see if the pictures matched up. You be the judge:

I dunno, it’s pretty close. I don’t understand why every surveillance system in every store in America has to look like it’s straight out of 1985.

But she also had this picture on her page:

And that gentleman right there has a striking resemblance to…..

He has literally the exact same hair pattern and color. It’s clearly him. And what are the odds that a woman who a tipster claims is Chunky Brewster, looks a lot like Chunky Brewster, and has pictures on her Facebook page of the guy who helped Chunky Brewster, would not be Chunky Brewster?

She’s also from Woburn and lives in Malden:

Both of which are a straight shot up 93 to Methuen.

Then there’s the fact that her Facebook posts have all the telltale signs of a woman who clearly has a few screws loose:

She also claims to have recently gotten married:

Not sure if the guy in the video is her husband, or if she’s even really married, but he does look a lot older than her in pictures:

But according to the Internet, Cheryl is 56:

The woman in that video does not look 56. But ya never know. I find that these Life.com search results are generally pretty accurate. Just sayin.

Anyway, if you have anything to add about this woman let us know. Someone messaged us and said she was in jail previously, but we can’t find anything to back that up. Either way, the guy in the video is undeniably the guy in Cheryl’s Facebook pictures, so the two are clearly connected. If you know who he is, or who’s fucking who here, let us know so we can help get Caramel back to the adoption center.

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