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  • Meet PJ Tucceri, The Guy With Chunky Brewster When She Stole The Kitty Cat From MSPCA Adoption Center In Methuen

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    An hour ago we published this blog identifying Cheryl Descavich, AKA Chunky Brewster, the woman who appears to have stolen a kitty cat from an animal adoption center in Methuen. But they were also looking for the other guy who was with her:

    Didn’t take long for turtle riders to figure out his name – PJ Tucceri:

    And when you go to his Facebook page look who is all over it:

    Chunky Brewster:

    She’s also commented on one of his pictures, declaring her love for him with what appears to be her grandchild:

    At least she’s good with plow….

    We messaged PJ on Facebook, but have not received a response.

    Oh, and PJ’s kid claims to be in law enforcement. So that’s not a good look for Daddy. Although in fairness in the video he didn’t steal the kitty, and he actually went back into the store after she left. Almost seemed like he was having second thoughts. Who knows.

    As far as Cheryl’s background goes se has been the defendant in a couple paternity cases:

    We’ll keep you updated if there are any other updates. If you know something we don’t feel free to email [email protected], or message us on the Turtleboy Sports Black Lives Matter Facebook page.

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    1. Kitty litter

      This website is a fucking cat astrophe. I can’t believe I click on this shit.

      1. C ya

        So stop doing it. Nobody will care believe that

    2. Sick of Dumbass People

      What a piece of shit these two are! There are 3 videos posted on the MSPCA page showing them. The last video shows chunky ass walking to her car and the kitty falls out of her bag and she continues walking as the cat is sitting there, stunned on the ground! She then realizes kitty fell out and goes and scoops it up. WTF is wrong with these people?? Cant afford a kitty, dont get one! AND surely DO NOT go to a shelter and steal one! How the hell was she able to be alone with the kitty anyway….the kitty is seen sticking its head out of her bag…no one noticed?? I hope kitty is found and I really hope chunky and her side kick are very embarrassed to know their pics are shared everywhere!

    3. ElJefe72


    4. SVU

      So now that we know who she is, has the kitten been returned? Is the animal okay. The not the wilder beast

      1. SVU

        Sorry is the kitten okay? …. not the wilder beast

        1. Since you’re making corrections

          It’s actually wildebeest.

          1. SVU

            Thank you. Sorry about my spelling errors or any other mistakes I have made when posting a comment.

    5. Cat mom in Vermont

      UPDATE…I just watched the press conference the MSPCA at Nevins Farm did at 4:30pm today. (It is also posted on their Facebook page)…the kitty is on its way back to the shelter! In the press conference the person mentioned TURTLEBOY as the one who was able to find this woman and give them the identity!! Whoohooo Turtleboy gets a mention! Good job as usual! You guys dont waste no time getting the real stories out there! Thank you for figuring out who these people were and getting the kitty back to the shelter! I bet she will be adopted real quickly now!!

      1. Cat Mom in Maine

        AThanks for the update!

    6. TJB

      The Turtle does it again! That beast should get locked up for this. I hope the SPCA press charges. Great job!

    7. 3 Chainz

      Yo Turtleboi WTG bustin up that dangerous gang of cat burglars!

    8. Lou P

      Hey PJ  – isnt it embarrassing enough that you are paired up with and porking that skanky pig, Cheryl Descavich ?
      Now you are Turtleboy famous – linked forever to being an accomplice with stealing a cat from an animal shelter.
      How much lower are you going to go ?

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