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  • Tony Deyoung Accepted Our Offer To Challenge Uncle Turtleboy In Freestyle Battle, Then Pussed Out When We Wouldn’t Promote His Crappy Album

    Tony Deyoung Accepted Our Offer To Challenge Uncle Turtleboy In Freestyle Battle, Then Pussed Out When We Wouldn’t Promote His Crappy Album

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    Since Tony Deyoung is gonna be on Dr. Phil on Monday we agreed to have him on Turtleboy Live tonight under one condition – he has to accept the challenge of a rap battle with Uncle Turtleboy. Teams are slaughter. Everyone knows Uncle Turtleboy would put him in a body bag. But Tony agreed because ultimately the only thing he cares about is promoting himself because he’s the most attention starved person who has ever existed.


    But once he realized how badly he was gonna get served he got cold feet and pussed out:

    You have no idea how many requests we get from people to roast them. I swear to God, this is a thing now. Every day in the inbox there will be at least three or four people begging us to write a blog making fun of them. Some people are just that desperate for any sense of relevance. And Tony Deyoung is the worst offender of them all.

    No Tony, we’re not promoting your stupid album and giving you exactly what you want. We gave you a chance to rap against a legend and you got scared and backed out. Dr. Phil is having you on because he’s not a real doctor and you’re not a real rapper. Dr. Phil is just Jerry Springer with a fake degree. You’re on there so everyone can laugh at you.

    Either way, the invitation stands. Message Clarence and beg to come back on and he’ll probably give you the green light. You won’t. Either way, we’ll be live at 10:00. Who should we have on as a cohost this week?

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    1. SVU

      We all have dreams as children to grow up and be in the NFL or be a Rock Star. Then we grow up. He steals Eminem’s music, steals his quotes. It’s not gonna happen for this guy. How doesn’t he see this. Idk which one is worst. Him or 860 money crew

      1. TortugaNiño

        He’s worse, far worse, at least the 860 money crew are still what the libs call “children” and have some degree of naivitè to which they can attribute their delusions. 860 also attepts to replicate a type of rap the likes of which is already lost on older generations, this asshole likely mimics and mutates the the style of the genres golden era.

    2. GQQSER2

      I vote for David Attenborough as co-host. Pretty Please!!!

    3. Ice Haus

      I’m so confused about whether I do or don’t want to hear “Balls Deep”

      1. Tony’s not Eminem

        It’s awful, he steals his beats from Eminem, and his quotes. He sounds like a studdering fool. He can’t rap to save his life. He needs to wrap a plastic bag around his head and tie it. That would be doing something good for the world and his children that got in the way of his so called career

    4. Steven Stover

      Have the old jerk racist school teacher from North High as a guest. That would be funny.

    5. chrissy

      *ONE LOVE*

      uncle would destroy him, he def scurred

    6. chrissy

      have been able to watch first part of the turtleboy show so far and great discussion on the #metoo

      NSTB almost as good as intern turtle as a sidekick dj!

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