• Top 14 Most Offensive And Triggering Mass High School Mascots That Need To Be Changed Immediately

    These mascots are EXTREMELY triggering!!!

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    So as you know the Turners Falls Regional High School Indians are being forced to change their mascot because a bunch of white people with too much time on their hands decided it was offensive. Par for the course at this point. But this is only one notch in the belt for social justice warriors. They have LOTS of work left to do. There are tons of mascots that still need to be changed. Here’s our Top 14 most offensive high school mascots in Massachusetts…

    14. Bromfield/Bridgewater-Raynham Trojans


    You’re not allowed to depict real human beings as mascots, regardless of their historical significance. Plus, they stole Helen of Troy against her consent, so glorifying them as a mascot promotes rape culture.



    13. Amherst/Hoosac Valley Hurricanes


    I lived through Hurricane Bob back in the 90’s. Traumatic shit. Every time I see a mascot like this I get triggered. Very insensitive.



    12. Shrewsbury/Acton-Boxboro Colonials


    I’d be OK with this mascot if they called them what they really were – white trespassers. Haven’t we done enough to indigenous peoples? Must we rub it in their faces by naming our sports teams after these devils?



    11. Gloucester Fisherman


    So offensive to fishermen everywhere. You think ALL fishermen are angry little men who go around picking fights with everyone? Fishing is a noble profession, not some some sort caricature for you to mock.



    10. Whitinsville Christian/Carver/Groton-Dunstable/Bishop Fenwick Crusaders


    Talk about Islamophobic!! It’s only about 1,000 years. Way too soon.



    9.  Winthrop/Triton/Wareham/East Bridgewater/Rockport Vikings


    How come every time they depict a Viking it’s some angry looking guy with horns and way too much facial hair? Do their fans where Viking hats to games? How is this any different than wearing a headdress to an Indians football game? Oh yea, it’s not. Very insulting to peaceful Scandinavians everywhere.



    8. East Longmeadow/Monument Mountain/Oakmont Spartans


    Oh look, another race of people we’ve turned into mascots. What about people who grew up in Sparta and didn’t turn into brave shirtless warriors? You think it’s OK to stereotype them all like this? Not cool.



    7. Charlestown Townies

    When you Google Charlestown Townies you find this:

    Is there anything more insulting than having your entire neighborhood depicted by this guy?


    As if a bunch of white trash wannabe bank robbers is an appropriate mascot for a high school.



    6. Arlington Catholic/Quaboag Cougars


    Beyond demeaning towards older women.



    5. Holy Name Napoleans


    Besides the fact that it’s insensitive to the Germans, the Russians, the Eyptians, the Austrians, the Belgians, and everyone else who had their homes invaded by this tyrant, it’s also offensive to short people everywhere.



    4. Doherty/Somerville Highlanders


    A man in a skirt. Playing a bagpipe. Because all us Scottish people are the same to you, right? We all love playing the bagpipe and wearing skirts.



    3. Dracut Middies


    This is offensive to people who smoke kind bud everywhere.



    2. Wachusett Mountaineers


    Because everyone from Rutland and Princeton is a bare-footed hillbilly with no teeth named Jebediah.



    1. Clinton Gaels


    A Gael is basically anyone who comes from the area where people once spoke Gaelic. As you can see, they have turned my people into some sort of mutant halfhorse. I’m glad that my people are so amusing to you all that you’ve turned us into mascots. #GaelsLivesMatter

    What did we forget? Any other mascots triggering you people? Let us know.




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    1. Gabe Asher

      Dandy = homosexual

      1. Auburn is still ghey

        They’re the “Rockets” now…

      2. AJ

        Burncoat Patriots- offensive to anyone outside of New England

        Uxbridge Spartans- Spartans…….they were a force up until 371 B.C. How many millennials are directly impacted by this?

        Tantasqua Warriors- I’m sure “warrior” offends some douche nozzle somewhere.

        Algonquin Tomahawks- dangerous weapon that triggers snowflakes

        St Peter Marian Guardians- sounds like a word that would fit in the safe zone at Brown University, but is fitting for an offensive word for SJWs to feel scarred by.

        Murdock Blue Devils- feel free to fill in how this offends you……

        Brockton Boxers- The word “Brockton” would offend anyone……

        Leominster Blue Devils- refer back to Murdock HS to be offended

        I can do this all night…….Fuck off snowflakes….and everyone that has time to be offended by high school mascots……

    2. Paul Larson

      Crusaders… pfft.

      The Spanish Pope, Borgia, or Alexander, divided the world between the Spanish and the Portuguese, otherwise known as Hispanics. He told his Hispanics to enslave Africans and convert them to Catholics. The Portuguese Inquisition would hang Muslims, Jews and Protestants on the gallows unless they converted to Catholicism. If they converted, the Portuguese would break their neck, and then hang them. Crusaders are just the military arm of these “democrat” “religious” leaders.

      Paul Larson

    3. Rk

      St John’s Pioneers deserve a slot. Also, they don’t allow broads

      1. Duke Westwood

        Southbridge is the Pioneers too…

    4. Goggles

      As a senior attending Wachusett I find #2 Highly hilarious. But you forgot the rest of the towns… There WAS a push last year to remove the gun from the mascot supposedly… Nothing really came of it though besides some laughs and arguments. Pretty certain the femnazi’s we have will make him end up in a wig or something by the end of the year…

      1. Mountaineer

        Goggles, I think the Wachusett mascot used to carry a jug of moonshine, which was removed. I’m surprised the gun is still on him, it’s only a matter of time before he is disarmed.

    5. John Cook

      My real name is Jebediah (I am actually from Rutland) and this is grit in my mangina and I won’t tolerate it!

    6. christopher rinne

      Assabet Valley Aztecks

    7. wtatnuckgangsta

      Can you take your dick out of the Turtle so I can fuck it. I think I’m in obsessive love.

    8. wtatnuckgangsta

      Oh and wait. Some stupid question since HS (I went to SPM so I’m a bit retarded). Why are the Clinton Gaels pictured as Centaurs?

      1. Ben Dover

        Because Clinton was prominently an Irish/Gaelic town and dipicted their selves as Galloping Gaels. And since horses don’t have arms to catch a football they resorted to the next best idea, the centaur.

    9. JoeMomma

      I’m new to this SJW shit so help me out here….as an Irishman, should the Notre Dame mascot offend me?

      1. Talisman

        You’re drunk, go back to sleep Paddy

      2. Tony

        Wow such an original take

    10. Walter St.Dennis III

      I came from Gateway Regional. Our mascot was the Gator. Horribly triggering, especially after that kid was eaten in Florida.

    11. JC

      You forgot the Nashoba Chieftains…highly offensive! Especially to the Gaels…haha.

    12. juror seven esq.

      Millbury Woolies offensive to all those unshaven feminazi’s!

    13. Rutland Redneck

      LOL is TBS becoming a SJW? Beautiful TBS. If we can’t have Braves, Indians, Chiefs, why have all those others? Fair is fair. Poor peaceful Vikings.

    14. BobnPaul's Chat Shack

      Ah, reminds me of my high school days when I broke every state record in every major sport (obviously not soccer, that’s for sissy SJW libtards). The school changed the mascot name to the BobnMics for a whole year!

      Oh, did I mention that I was on President Reagan’s security detail and single handedly took down Hinckley. Pussy cried like a liberal as I raped his ass- thats how I roll!

    15. Ray Beam

      There aren’t very many cougars that graduated from Quaboag. Lots of cows though. Still paying alimony to one.

    16. Not a Liberal

      I’m triggered by any school with the Panthers mascot, talk about an insensitive generalization of large black cats. What we can’t call them leopards because they’re black?

    17. Christopher

      Narragansett warriors

    18. Graftonite

      Grafton Indians. They’re not from India, dammit.

    19. Tertle Jerkle

      To hell with school mascots! Why on earth do we have a “White House” for the POTUS residence. It should be a “House” !! Separating it by color is demeaning and causes people great pain.

      Don’t get me started on sports team names.

      Anyone want to start a petition to have Cambridge secede from MA and join Verm ont!!

      1. JoeMomma

        What about that racist Mother Nature?
        Why are only white sharks great?

    20. juror seven

      I have another late entry. Maher Regional HS in Orange. They are the Senators. Causing a lot of confusion for the SJWs. What kind of Senators? They’re good if they have the correct letter attached, (D) but very bad if they have (R). Perhaps they need to start an on line petition to demand an answer.

    21. This is stupid

      This is honestly the most idiotic post I think I have ever read. It honestly gives me cancer and makes me want to kill myself. Are you offended by what I just said? Good.

    22. Salsassin

      Pure stupidity as none of those are racial names

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