• Turns Out The Victims Shot On I-93 Were Related To The Racist Diesels Of New England Facebook Group And Since The Suspect Is Black You Can Imagine The Reaction

    Turns Out The Victims Shot On I-93 Were Related To The Racist Diesels Of New England Facebook Group And Since The Suspect Is Black You Can Imagine The Reaction

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    CBS: A man suspected in the shooting of two motorcyclists on Interstate 93 in Dorchester has been arrested on unrelated charges, according to WBZ-TV’s Cheryl Fiandaca. Lance Holloman, 30, of Dorchester, was acting erratically and detained in Franklin early Monday morning on a probation violation involving gun charges. On Sunday around 5 p.m., a father and son were riding their motorcycles in the southbound lanes when they were shot near Exit 12, the exit to Route 3A south. Police believe the shots were fired from a red Jeep Renegade, which took off with two people inside down 93 south after the shooting.

     The son, a 32-year-old from East Taunton, is in critical condition at Boston Medical Center with life-threatening injuries. The father, a 54-year-old from Raynham, is at Tufts Medical Center with serious injuries that are not believed to be life-threatening, according to State Police. The men, who have not been identified by authorities, were driving home from a baby shower, a relative told WBZ-TV, when the father was shot in the back and the son in the head.

    Sources told Fiandaca that the SUV was rented by Holloman’s girlfriend two days earlier. Later Sunday night, she was shot and killed in her Dorchester apartment. The I-Team has learned Holloman is also a person of interest in that case.

    Damn, things have really gone South for Tiger Woods!!

    Holy shit though, this guy’s kililng EVERYONE!! Remember this the next time you think about getting into a dick measuring road rage contest. These people are out there. Just let them win. Yea, they’re assholes for not letting you cut in when the lanes are merging 100 feet in front of you. But just let him go. You’ll be a fraction of a second later than you thought you’d be, and you’ll feel slightly emasculated. But you’ll move on with your life. Sure beats, ya know, having a psychopath shoot you in the head.

    I’m sure more will come out about this as far as the motive is concerned as time goes on. Why would he feel the need to kill his girlfriend if she’s the one who rented the car? Was it just a road rage incident gone bad, or was there more to it? According to trusted source Tom Duggan at the Valley Patriot, there might be more information coming out:

    Time will tell.

    But, this story does connect to a previous story we wrote in May. Anyone remember these cheddarmuffs?

    Yup, the racist clamstrips over at Diesels of New England (DONE) Facebook page. Turns out the victims on the highway shooting are related to Maurice Butler, the dickmongrel who refers to biracial children as “nigglets,” when speaking to their stepfather. And as you can imagine, when two of their’s gets shot by a guy who is black, things remained civilized and orderly:

    “Let’s bring back lynching.”

    “Skin him alive.”

    “Typical jungle bunny.”

    Hey shitheads – believe it or not there are ways to to hate this guy without being a racist piece of shit. He isn’t a “typical jungle bunny.” Most black people typically are law abiding citizens. And ya know that lynching thing? Yea, kind of a sensitive issue since mobs of white people used to take people like him and hang them from trees without due process. Then again, this is what we’re dealing with:

    Nuff said.

    Edward Caron had some hot takes as well:

    Yup, it’s “statistics” to refer to black people as, “well done.” That’s a stat. You can put it on a graph and shit.

    Anyway, I’m not gonna shit on these idiots too much because in the grand scheme of things shooting two people on the highway and then killing your girlfriend is a million times worse than mean words on the Internet. Just crazy the six degrees of ratchetness and the ties to a Turtleboy blog every time we turn on the news.














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    1. Stunt Penis

      I must lead a sheltered life. WTF is “Diesels of New England”? A group for vin diesel fans? Or vin diesel look-alikes/wanna-bes?

    2. Your mom

      You really have this much free time that you need to go after a Facebook group? Pathetic. Get a real job

    3. Fucked your mom in my chevy

      HAhahaha you are posting comments of people making jokes… get a Fucking life half these guys would lay down there lives for any person black white or brown American or not… you are a joke.

      1. Your GF Loves It Too

        You mean they would lie down and take some BBC, right?

        Typical closeted ‘mo’s projecting hate for that which they love more than life itself.

    4. GutterMuppet

      I’m glad he is able to take a selfie while driving in his Peterbilt truck. I wonder what his employer has to say about that…

    5. They call me Ponch

      Unbelievable connection in this story.
      Like a Freddy Rodriguez movie.

    6. Anonymously Pissed Off

      You have your sources wrong and should take this blog down immediately. The victim if the I93 shooting is NOT related to Maurice Butler. Get your facts straight. This young man lost his life on the highway because that piece of shit shot him in the head and you want to turn this into something racist? Grow the fuck up.

    7. Peckerwood

      Dats how dem niggas do, don’t bees surprised.

    8. You're a retard turtleboy

      Scott wasn’t related to Mo…. he hated Mo. Your a fucking disrespeectful piece of shot for posting this!!!

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