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  • Turns Out Woman With $20K GoFundMe For Dog With Cancer Is A Prostitute Who Has Been Neglecting The Dog For Years And The $3K In Quarters Story Was A Really Bad Lie 

    Turns Out Woman With $20K GoFundMe For Dog With Cancer Is A Prostitute Who Has Been Neglecting The Dog For Years And The $3K In Quarters Story Was A Really Bad Lie

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    The other day we published this blog about a Worcester woman who raised close to $20K on a GoFundMe for her dog after Fox 25 News broadcasted her sob story about thieves stealing $3,000 in quarters from her apartment that was set aside for a life saving cancer surgery for the dog.

    She initially messaged us to get her story out there, but we thought something didn’t smell like for a variety of reasons:

    • She said the thieves were in her house for 40 minutes, which means they were apparently taking a bubble bath, and yet they only took a speaker (which they threw in someone’s yard) and an animal cracker’s jar full of change
    • She said they stole 12,000 quarters, which is physically impossible for one person to do, especially when that person was clearly a small woman
    • They broke in the backdoor where there were no cameras, and the glass is on the outside, which would seem to indicate that it was broken from the inside
    • She claims the cops told her it was gang members, but they made her pinky swear not to give out their names
    • She keeps stressing that another house was robbed a year ago on her street, so naturally the same people have been casing her out for a long, long time
    • Worcester Police we spoke with tell us that they suspect she is lying
    • Her sob story on Fox 25 News seemed forced with crocodile tears:

    Well here’s a twist – Melissa Horstman’s real name was Melissa Proal. And she’s got some fun Google trophies in her closet:

    A Holden woman and her Worcester husband both pleaded not guilty today in Framingham District Court to prostitution charges. Police arrested Melissa Proal, 22, of 34 Wahlstrom Lane, and Andrew W. Morris, 24, of 12 Mendon St. at 1 a.m. today at the Red Roof Inn on Cochituate Road. Police said Proal was advertising herself as an escort on the website, backpage.com, and offered to have sex with an undercover officer for $200 at the Red Roof Inn. That’s where Melissa Proal posted her ad, promising “Sexy blond waiting for the call.” Morris drove to the hotel with Proal and sat in the car while she went inside, police said. Proal and Morris were both charged with prostitution. Morris was also charged with a restraining order violation. Proal has a restraining order against her husband.

    Oh look, she’s a prostitute.

    Never saw that one coming!!

    And according to someone who knows her, this is what is alleged:

    I remember when she first got that dog, she also had a female dog as well and she used to bring the male dog that supposedly has cancer to NH and leave it at random people’s houses to breed all the time to make money so it’s hard to believe that she cares for that dog so much. She’s a nasty person and I wouldn’t believe anything that comes out of her mouth. If someone did actually break into her house they probably stole her prostitution money or drug money and she made up the change story. 


    Here’s what someone from her street tells us:

    So the go fund me for Prince the dog. I have live on Melissa’s street since she moved in 4 years ago or so. She has NEVER ONCE taken that dog for a walk. She used to tie it up on her back porch, the dog was never even out there very often. The ground was covered in feces and it would get cleaned up every 6 months or so. And yes the dog does have a vicious bark, which I hear from several houses down the road. So for some one to break in, they had to know that dog I think. Also not that this has anything to do with it she is a hooker.

    Oh look, Turtleboy is the only media outlet that’s at all interested in the real story behind the story. Shocking. She obviously knew the people who “broke into” her house. This is obviously one gigantic money grabbing scam. The dog is clearly sick, but I’d bet money that it’s due to neglect and living with a chick who more than likely has the “disease” that’s been going around.

    The most insane part about this story is that she messaged us first to look into it:

    Here’s a piece of advice going forward. If you’re a veteran hooker neglecting your dog, staging a break in, telling an unbelievable story about 12,000 quarters being stolen from your apartment, while benefitting off of a fraudulent GoFundMe, don’t ask us to investigate. Because we will, and unfortunately for you we will get to the bottom of it and it will not be the kind of blog you were hoping for.

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    1. Irishcurse

      She earned those 12,000 quarters 1 at a time at the Red Roof In

    2. 2wEntEe

      I wouldn’t mind getting Turtle boyed for $20,000

    3. Elf on shelf

      TB dominates again! great job. What the hell would you do with 12000 quarters anyway? One things for sure, that $19000 will buy plenty of junk for all three junk boxes. Anyone want to bet which one OD’s first?

    4. MG

      What happens to the money that was donated? Did the donors get the money back due to fraud? what a scumbag.

      1. Itsjustme

        I’m not sure how gfm works but I bet by now she has removed the money. This is why I never donate unless I know the person personally. The only one I donated to was the real family that lost their baby due to cancer when TB did an article when someone stole their baby’s pictures and was using them for a fake gfm.

        1. SVU

          Oh god that was awful. I remember that story clear as day. I can’t imagine any parent that really loves their child making up lies that their baby was ill. And then to steal the pictures of a baby that actually passed. That girl was evil. God bless that family.

    5. James

      Someone need to notify the GFM admin

    6. SVU

      Wow! Just fkn wow!! Someone needs to take that go fund me money, get that dog the help the poor thing needs, find him a new home for the dog, and arrest her for staging a fake robbery. I also will bet that they filed a homeowners or renters insurance claim. This is disgusting. Go fund me was meant to help people in need, so many people have used it for the wrong reasons that I think it’s time for it to just be shut down. This dirty pig. It’s almost as bad as the Claremont scam.

    7. #knewtherewasmore

      What a moron, does she not understand what Google is? Do none of these scam artists not know what google is? Once you’re arrested and charged it’s public record, your name will show up with the dirty ass crime you’ve done. What a scam, what a waste of trust on this trash.

      Anyway, thank you to those of you who actually cared that my dog passed unexpectedly, the Boston Terrier with the broken back. I was too busy letting that asshole know that pets are family and disposable accessories, since he didn’t understand helping them at all. Kind words mean the world to me, more than ever these days since I’m trying to live without him. And to the asshole who said to “let it go”, no, I’ll never let it go, compassion is what you need in your life, or a kitten, grow the f up.

      1. SVU

        Well said. “Let it go” is a heartless asshole.

    8. Jaypeetee

      Knew she was a fraud…something smelled fishy (literally, in this case). $3000 in quarters weighs 150lbs! There’s no way.

    9. Some Guy

      Goddamn! Were people (other than the undercover police officer) actually shelling out $200 for sex with that? She looks like the type that does $10 handies behind a dumpster at Cumby’s. If I was shopping for a whore and willing to spend $200 bucks for some pussy and this thing shows up, I would be fucking pissed!!!

      1. Red Roof Quarter Bouy

        I was

      2. ChrisInShrewsbury

        Comment of the week.

        Uh, could you tell me more about $10 handies?

    10. pro trump

      cops need to cook up some sort of excuse that ends with them emptying their clips into the back of her head. another providence highway standoff.

    11. Low Morals

      Apples and Oranges here. Just because she’s a whore it doesn’t change the fact that the dog is sick and has cancer.

      If she really cares about the dog she should start a new campaign under the theme ‘I’ll suck your dick if you give $20 towards my dog with cancer’. If that’s the case I’ll gladly whip my fuck stick out and my wallet.

    12. Dennis

      Again good job uncovering the truth. Channel 25 should be ashamed about this story, not checking sources correctly. Just the way news is reported in 2017. They could care less.

    13. Low Morals

      Don’t judge me. I’m just a regular guy with two rolls of quarters!

    14. Sad story

      During her Prostitution days these criminal masterminds must have told the tricks to go use the coin dispenser in the laundry room at the Red Roof Inn lol so they can’t be traced.

    15. Ralph

      Thank you TB for revealing the truth

    16. Kat

      Red roof probably called it in after customers kept complaining about no change in the machine. They make a small profit on laundry and if $500 is put into the machine and after it’s all taken out only 4 loads of laundry were done something smells fishy.

      Or maybe it was the line of guys standing outside her rented room with hardons and pockets full of quarters weighing down their pants.

      I suppose the real question here is does Turtleboy have the clout to have Fox 25 to report the true story?

    17. Court

      It’s hilarious how they break in the back, just to go out… The front.

    18. Inspector detector

      I’m no crime expert but the carwash next door to the Red Roof inn is always out of quarters and the stairway leading up to her room are full of dudes jerking off. Her husband must be a pinnacle of the local community?

    19. Michele

      What happens with the money in the GoFundMe now that she has been found to be a liar? Does she still get it?

      1. uh oh

        Yes she does Michele and so could you if you want to blow 600 strangers at a motel 6 and make up lies about your dog.

    20. They call me Ponch

      Bust in her back door = 3 rolls of quarters

    21. gravy queen

      she can suck my turkey baster anytime. deep throat fucking with a gravy finish

    22. Justice for All

      Cracked ANOTHER one wide open, TB. I hope she is prosecuted and forced to hand over that money to the ASPCA. What a piece of shit trash. Loser!

      1. Jim McGovern

        better yet, execute her, hang by the neck until dead

    23. foul balls

      She must have one tired coin slot!

    24. Maine Drag

      The husband is a sweet heart to –
      2009 – Andrew W. Morris Jr., 21, of 12 Mendon St., Worcester, charged with two counts of resisting arrest, two counts of disorderly conduct, and disturbing the peace, placed on probation for 1 year, ordered to attend three AA meetings a week, $50 victim witness fee.

      2011 – Busted carting his hooker wife around, but slapped with restraining order violation. The 2009 Disorderly was probably for knocking Mel around, but she dropped her testimony, which led to the state lowering the hit to DC.

      2012 – Andrew W. Morris Jr., 24, of 12 Mendon St., Worcester, charged with assault and battery, continued to April 11 on $500 cash bail.

      He then falls of the face of the earth. Tehre is a FB page for a guy who looks ust like him, for an A Morris down in Arkansas, but not enough to confirm. She must be working pimpless right now.



    25. Melissa Proal

      when I went to cash them in the bank teller asked ” you hoarded them ‘ all by yourself ” I said no my sister whored some of them too

      1. Johnny5

        thats fucking funny. good job

    26. Save the dog!

      Someone please take that poor dog away from her.

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