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Worcester Woman Obviously Lying About Thieves Who Stole $3,000 Worth Of Quarters From Her House For Dog’s Cancer Surgery, Raised $19K From GoFundMe

Worcester Woman Obviously Lying About Thieves Who Stole $3,000 Worth Of Quarters From Her House For Dog’s Cancer Surgery, Raised $19K From GoFundMe

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Last week a woman named Melissa Horstman messaged us to get the word out that her home had been robbed, and her dog’s surgery fund was taken by the thieves:

Here’s the video:

As you can see she has taken the video down. It happened while we were speaking with her and she got pretty defensive. No worries, we always save a copy because this usually ends up happening:

We wanted to actually investigate this before sharing anything. Ya know, because we like facts and stuff. But Fox 25 News is more interested in cheap page views, so this time instead of stealing a story from us they rushed to break this one first.

Except the fucked it up:

In the video, a white SUV can be seen just before and again shortly after the items were taken, and Horstman is hopeful that helps catch the people responsible. Two neighbors say a similar burglary happened next door this time last year.

So they’re saying that this white SUV was seen before and after the robbery. As you can see in the video above, this is the white SUV that drove by before:

That’s clearly a newer model Honda CRV, while the second car that drives by is obviously a different car, which is easily noticeable when you look at the back windows:

I’m sure the turtle motor heads will know the make and model in a heartbeat, but I’m thinking that’s a Toyota. Either way, a Honda CRV it is not. So Fox 25 News threw fake news in your face because they thought you were dumb enough to believe it.

That’s strike one.

Strike two is the time:

So the thieves broke in the back door at 9:20, and left the house at 10:00. And in 40 minutes of ransacking a house where they allegedly did not know the owner, and thus had no idea if she was gonna come home any time soon, all they managed to take was a speaker and an animal cracker container filled with quarters? Sure thing.

Strike three was the amount of quarters that were stolen, which naturally were specifically earmarked for her dog’s surgery:

Yup, $3,000. That comes out to 12,000 quarters. Here’s what 1/3 of that ($1,000 worth of quarters) looks like in a sack:

Ad here it is compared to two smaller sacks:

Here’s how much a sack of 4000 quarters weighs:

Fifty pounds. But of course they stole $3,000 worth of quarters, not $1,000, which would make it a 150 pound bag of quarters. Which is insanely heavy. Never mind the fact that it’s insanely odd to have money for such an important surgery left in animal cracker container in your house. Oh yea, this story’s doing well so far.

Strike four, suspect #2 was the one allegedly carrying the quarters. Does this look like someone carrying 150 pounds of quarters stored in an animal crackers container?

Notice the shoes that person is wearing:

Yea, those are women’s boots. That’s a chick. Pants are a dead giveaway too. The person who pulled off these feats of strength is a woman. And from the looks of it she’s holding nothing. Even if they did have something in their hands buried in the sweatshirt, it sure as shit isn’t an animal cracker container filled with 12,000 quarters.

Strike 5 – check out the backdoor that the thieves conveniently broke into, because they knew the front door had a camera:

Notice all the glass broken on the outside. Which is weird if someone smashed the glass from the outside. I’m not exactly Bill Nye but I’m pretty sure the laws of physics tell us that glass would be more on the inside of the house. Unless it’s just a sloppy coverup job and someone broke the glass from the inside.

Strike 6 – the second you saw a dog like that you’d move on to the next house. Unless of course you knew that the dog was sick, which would mean the people who robbed the joint knew Melissa. But Melissa claims she doesn’t know who they are, and that they’ve been watching her carry the dog into her house:

Wigwam Hill Rd is a dead end with no access to anything except Plantation Street. If there was someone staking out your house for that long (like you have the Mona Lisa inside) you’d notice them.

Strike 7 – they’ve made almost $20,000 on the GoFundMe:

As you can see, the GFM was not started by Melissa, but by a friend named Patricia Pianedosi. And if you questioned the many holes in this story she basically redefined what it means to be shady:

First of all Patricia, there’s nothing normal about having that much money in quarters in your house. This isn’t the Great Depression. We can trust banks now to insure our deposits. It’s called the FDIC. Fancy new invention brought to us by big government liberals that everyone seems to hate so much.

Secondly, the mere fact that she calls people “sick” when they show hesitance to contribute to this shady cause, further makes me believe that this is indeed a scam.

Strike 8 – she claims they didn’t want the speaker and ditched in a neighbor’s yard.

Strike 9 – she associates with “fuck the po-lease” people:

Yup, that makes sense. Go through all that trouble to steal a speaker and then ditch it. Definitely.

Strike 10 – where are the fingerprints?

Weird. Because I’ve had my house in Worcester broken into before. The cops had someone over within hours to print.

Strike 11 – why didn’t the dog bark? She claims he’s not friendly with anyone:

I understand the dog has issues with it’s leg. I had no idea this also affected the poor thing’s ability to bark loudly.

Strike 12 – we spoke with her tonight, and she claims the cops have it narrowed down to a couple gang bangers, but she can’t release their names:

For the record I don’t doubt for a moment the dog is getting surgery and she loves her dog. But the fact of the matter is that she’s clearly lying about 12,000 quarters being stolen from her house. It’s undeniable. And if she’s willing to lie about that, then what else is she lying about? My guess is she didn’t have the money, desperately wants to save her dog, and came up with this scheme to save her dog’s life. She actually seems like a nice woman when I spoke with her. I just think she’s desperate and willing to do anything to save her dog. It’s a shame it took a lie in order to achieve that.

Either way she obviously cannot be trusted and you’d have to be an idiot to consider donating to this. Then again, it’s really Fox 25 News and the MSM that’s lying to these idiots in the first place, instead of doing their homework like we do.

P.S. Celia’s back……

27 Comment(s)
  • chrissy
    November 26, 2017 at 1:14 am

    the quarter heist! *tears of lulz* excellent story, excellent work as usual

  • Fact Broker
    November 25, 2017 at 5:22 pm

    Strike #69. Less down-side risk. ALWAYS hit the home with the sick Rottie, never the one right next door (possible assault-kitty).

  • msheadkracker
    November 25, 2017 at 3:16 pm

    So this dumb ass has $18k to do what she wants with, yet I sat and suffered and called every pet charity nationwide looking for funding to help me when my Boston Terrier broke his back, started a youcaring account that went to my vet directly, didn’t get $1 of help, couldn’t come up with the deposit to save my life, and I had to make the gut wrenching decision to put him down, and this bitch makes up a story, fakes a break in, lies about how much change is in a jar(no way it was $3k with how much change weights, I had a completely full large pickle jar that weighted 30 pounds and it was just under $60!), and people just pour money into this chick. This is what’s wrong with people, they will believe some off the wall bullshit like this, but when someone truly needs the help they question it and leave them high and dry. I don’t believe her, she made this up, I’d put money on her not donating a dime of the funds to the pet reduce she says she will, and she’ll have a house full of new shit claiming it was after care for that dog. Do you know how many dogs $18k could help? Back injury dogs would be at least the $1k deposit, 18, not her one old dog with cancer that probably won’t make it anyway. I’m sorry, after what happened to me I’ve turned cold hearted, I had to put my baby down because no one would help, I haven’t even picked his ashes up yet because I’m having a hard time squeezing $150 out of my already tight budget. These scam artists make it hard for the rest of us honest people that could really use help, I’m just having a pity party. She should open her account and go pay for my dog since she said the rest will be donated…

    • Pup
      November 25, 2017 at 4:02 pm

      I’m so sorry. Our pets really are our babies and when they are gone they take a picece of us with them. At least you will always have your good memories with him.

    • Kate Boyle
      November 25, 2017 at 4:32 pm

      I am so sorry that this happened to you. It is not fair at all and we would do anything for our fur babies. My heart goes out to you.

    • Let them go
      November 25, 2017 at 5:59 pm

      If you don’t have 150.00 to pick up a dogs’ ashes then you can’t afford to have a pet in the first place. Dog people are nuts.
      “He broke his back”. Doing what? How does a Boston Terrier break his back? Fetching a tennis ball?

      • msheadkracker
        November 25, 2017 at 10:41 pm

        Accidents happen, he was extremely hyper and it started as a pinched nerve jumping off the couch, haven’t you ever tripped or stepped wrong? Dogs do it too. He ended up having a stroke the weekend before I had the vet do what I didn’t want to do. Not that it’s any business of yours, but I value my pets lives as much as my children or people I love, when you have a soul you know this. They are just pets, they are family memebers. When you stop thinking about just yourself and soul search a little you’ll see that any living thing has its own soul and purpose for life. And yes $150 is a lot when you live paycheck to paycheck, some of us weren’t born with silver spoons in our mouths or living on welfare, we can still be responsible pet owners asshat. Try not being such a mega douche bag next time.
        I’m actually a regular on TBS comments, I just # all my names to match the current trend of the article.

  • pro trump
    November 25, 2017 at 11:10 am

    Figured she was gonna be black. What an absolutely worthless slut.

  • Hughbo Mont
    November 25, 2017 at 10:19 am

    Why no police involvement?

  • Insurance
    November 25, 2017 at 9:49 am

    There are a lot of people who like animals more than people. If she started a go fund me from the start, people probably would have donated to her. She most likely wouldn’t have gotten as much money though. Do you think she also filed a claim with her homeowners insurance. I would bet that was the main reason for this whole story. They didn’t have the money to get the dog it’s sugery so they made up a story to get insurance money and it turned into a lot more then what they thought it would. It looks like a inside job once your fill in all the holes in the story. The biggest one for me was the glass on the porch. It should have been all in the inside if it was broken from outside just like TB said. She does seem like a nice woman. But even nice people lie too sometimes.

  • Kate Boyle
    November 25, 2017 at 8:07 am

    Wigwam Hill Drive* has two entrances

  • Charisma Beauty
    November 25, 2017 at 8:06 am

    How long have they been saving quarters? Was that done specifically for the dog’s surgery? If so, that’s hell of a lot of quarters they accumulated. Let’s say the dog was diagnosed with cancer 1 year ago (I know, but let’s just say)! That would mean they ended up, on average, with over 32 quarters per day each day of the year. I don’t know about you, but I’m lucky if I get 3 or 4 quarters in change in a typical week.

    • Hughbo Mont
      November 25, 2017 at 10:16 am

      And why just quarters? Sure, more $$$ per pound. But takes longer to hit target than if you put all your change in a bucket each day.

      • Anonymous
        November 25, 2017 at 3:19 pm

        Laundry money?

  • Gina
    November 25, 2017 at 7:55 am

    Last piece of bullshit is about the doctors at Tufts. I had to bring my pug up there he was desperately sick with severe bracheycephalic syndrome he needed to have a tracheostomy. It cost me over $10,000 to have the surgery I couldn’t get anybody to donate any money to me on a gofundme.. I had one friend who gave me a hundred bucks that was it. I still have a bill at Tufts that I’m trying to pay down it’s on an account anybody could call over there and give the credit card or write a check to them and they would take the money. So to say that Tufts told them that they can’t accept payment like that can’t be true. I’m assuming if they said anything to her it was that they can’t set up a fund for her pre-surgery and accept payments before any Services were performed….. my poor dog he was not even 3 years old and even with the trach still at issues and we ended up having to put him down and I still owe them $10,000 for a dog that I don’t even have anymore. And like I said I could only get $100 from one of my friends to help cover these bills. I should hit her up and ask her for the rest of her funds to help pay my bills Jesus!

    • John
      November 25, 2017 at 1:01 pm

      Google pet health insurance.

    • Let them go
      November 25, 2017 at 5:56 pm

      10,000 for a dog surgery? People are nuts. When dogs can’t function as a dig, you pray, end their life, and bury them in the backyard.
      What a bunch of fools bringing dogs that are going to die anyway to Tufts. Bunch of suckers.

      • Really?
        November 25, 2017 at 7:08 pm

        Have you ever had a dog that you actually loved. Believe it or not their are people that love their pets. Their have been men who served this country and lost limbs, and were ready to give up on life, and then got service dogs. Those dogs gave them a reason to go on. The love they give is unconditional and that is just what some need. You have no right to decide how much they should love their pet or not.

  • Kitchensinktv
    November 25, 2017 at 7:28 am

    Like it or not, this I said what investigative reporting is supposed to be. It is getting right down to facts, then applying those facts to the story accounts.

    People and organizations used to win awards for this.

    Great job TBS

  • No donations from me!
    November 25, 2017 at 7:21 am

    As soon as I heard this story on the news, I told my husband that it was a bullshit story. Why would someone stop to take a pic of the broken glass door and the broken glass pieces all over the dog? I think my first reaction would be to check the dog and make sure he was ok considering hes so sick! Plus, the dog doesnt move at all? no bark? just sits there as someone breaks the door? nope, not buying it. The dog may be sick but I dont care how sick a dog is, if a stranger is breaking it, it will at least move! And then the jar of quarters, thats a lot of quarters and it would be very heavy. Nope, not buying it at all and its sickening to see so many people fork over their hard earned money to scumbags like this. She reminds me of the other skank from Claremont who has made a shit ton of money off her white son who was “lynched” (any updates on that story TB?)

  • Sam Jackson
    November 25, 2017 at 3:26 am

    MElissa, dont listen to these tools. TBS has a mission to expose the dirst bags of society. Unfiortunatley, the crew has let it goine to their head. They will make a story where there isnt one and will not ever admit they may be wrong. I think it is geat they jump on some of the literal deadbeat mofos that are bringing this state down. Sadly, TBS has not set bondaries for themselves. I know your story, and I know youre one of the mos thonest people I know. TO a fault actually. Just do what you do. Hopefully it all comes out good.
    Peace, E

    • Dan from Auburn
      November 25, 2017 at 6:01 am

      Your so confident that you give a fake name?! I agree that sometimes TBS takes it to far but I know plenty of thieves and criminals and NOT ONE would break into a house with a Rotti sitting there even if he had 2 missing legs!!! Also they wouldn’t smash the slider (from inside!) when you can rip them open with no noise from glass shattering! I saw news and felt horrible for her until I read the facts and TBS got this one right!! So keep hiding behind Sam Jackson!!!

  • Chuck
    November 25, 2017 at 1:19 am

    I saw it on the news & was questionable from the start. I would bet she is lying about this. But one thing is sure, you’ve been known to the Boston media for a while. Especially since news leg work is basically extinct out there.

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