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Counting Down the 100 Biggest Blogs In Turtleboy 2017, #100-91

Counting Down the 100 Biggest Blogs In Turtleboy 2017, #100-91

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We’re counting down to 2018 by bringing you the 100 biggest Turtleboy stories from 2017. When it was all said and done we had over 30 million views this year, including over 15 million unique individuals. We couldn’t have done it all without turtle riders, who continue to be the smartest, funniest, wittiest, and most physically attractive people with the best taste ever. We’ve linked each of the top 100, including the total number of page views that blog got, so you can catch up on what you’ve missed if you’re new, or relive the classics if you’re a ride or die turtle rider…..


100. Mustached boy wins girls 100 meter district championship, because….progress


This Freshman Boy With Mustache Destroyed Every Girl At The CT District Championship Track Meet Because Transgenderism Is A Direct Assault On Teenage Girls


99. SJW babysitter tries shaming decorated Boston Cop for doing his job by protecting a Trump supporter who was having piss thrown at him by mob of tolerants. 


Unemployed Babysitter Consumed With White Guilt Tries To Smear Decorated Boston Cop For Protecting A Trump Supporter From Her Violent Antifa Friends


98. Brockton Fupajuicer blackmailing her ex-husband after catching him with kiddie noodz decides to end agreement after he stops paying her. 


Brockton Fupajuicer Princess Announces She Caught Ex-Husband Making Tummy Pancakes To Kiddie Noodz And Is Ratting Because He Stopped Paying $200 Monthly Blackmail Cash


97. Palmer junkie repeatedly robs and terrorizes veteran who took him in and gave him a free place to stay. 


Help Us Find This Palmer Junkie Who Robbed A Disabled Vietnam Vet Of His Entire Pension In Series Of Three Horrible Break Ins 


96. Springfield lickalotapus has a beefalope of a girlfriend who defends her honor in rathtastic style after drug arrest. 


Springfield Beefalope And The Ratchet Patrol Defend Gangsta Lickalotapus Friend Who Was Featured On Turtleboy


95. Worcester salon refuses to give massage to terminal cancer patient because they don’t want to spread her cancer. 


Woman Battling Stage 4 Lung Cancer Turned Away By Tu Moda Spa In Worcester Because They “Don’t Want To Spread Her Cancer”


94. Worcester ex-hooker makes up lie about thieves stealing $3,000 worth of quarters for dog’s cancer surgery. 


Worcester Woman Obviously Lying About Thieves Who Stole $3,000 Worth Of Quarters From Her House For Dog’s Cancer Surgery, Raised $19K From GoFundMe



93. Breastfeeding while taking bong rips Mom has a fun history of bike thievery. 


Ratchet Mom Ripping Bong Rips While Breastfeeding Newborn Was Previously Arrested In A Bike Theft Sting Operation


92. Chudstuffer’s wife finds out he just had a baby with another woman because he posts baby and shower pics on Facebook. 


Chudstuffer’s Wife Finds Out He Just Had A Baby With Another Woman Because He Posed For Pictures At Her Shower And The Hospital Like An Idiot



91. State Senators vote to double their salaries after voting against small measure for bullet proof vests for police officers. 


State Senators Who Voted Against $300K For Bullet Proof Vests For Cops Just Spent $18 Million On Pay Raises For Themselves





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