• Unemployed Babysitter Consumed With White Guilt Tries To Smear Decorated Boston Cop For Protecting A Trump Supporter From Her Violent Antifa Friends

    Unemployed Babysitter Consumed With White Guilt Tries To Smear Decorated Boston Cop For Protecting A Trump Supporter From Her Violent Antifa Friends

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    Check out this moron:

    So this basic white chick’s Facebook post about an alleged incident of police brutality has been shared hundreds of times:

    Because the idiots who gathered yesterday have no interest in the truth. This is the video where this Boston cop, who puts his life on the line every day, supposedly assaulted multiple black people and one basic white chick. There was a free speech protesters wearing a Trump shirt, who was obviously branded as a Nazi by the masked crowd of Antifa thugs. The cops were trying to get him behind a barricade to safety because as you will see the mob was out of control. Here’s the video:

    Now here’s a better version that they’re not sharing:

    “Fucking scum.”

    “Fuck you buddy.”

    And all because this guy wore a Trump t-shirt.

    The real crime here is that jumpsuit.

    Nice people though. The cop in question is seen in this video trying to keep this lovely woman back from going after the cops and the Nazi in the jumpsuit:

    This is why he’s being vilified. Because he held back this mad cow. Who then gave him a piece of her mind:

    “Fucking bitch.”

    I feel like all of these people’s problems would go away if they just got some good dick. Any volunteers?

    The commenters all questioned whether or not this was true, and asked why the protesters were acting so violently toward a guy for wearing a t-shirt supporting the elected President of United States.

    LOL. Just kidding .

    They immediately believed her, named names, and demanded the cop’s head:

    They saw a Facebook post from a white chick who is trying desperately to gain the approval of black people in order to prove that she’s one of the good ones. Therefore it’s true.

    She even named the cop – Sean Daniely. Surely if this guy was the thug cop that they were portraying we’d find some sort of disciplinary actions on his record or a history of being sued for brutality.

    Nope. Turns out he’s actually a highly decorated cop. Like that time he received an award for tracking down and arresting two individuals who had just committed an armed home invasion in Dorchester:

    Or that time former African-American governor Deval Patrick awarded him the Meritorious Recognition Award for tracking down a violent felon with a loaded gun and arrested him without hurting him.

    Nah, he can’t be a good guy. A white chick on Facebook said so.

    Who is this basic white chick anyway? Well, Brie Mainieri started a group a couple years back called the “Boston Knapsack Anti-Racism Group”:


    And according to her bio it took her 25 years to realize “what it means to be white in America.” Naturally she is now consumed with white guilt and “wants to make up for lost time” by starting this group and attacking decorated police officers along with those people who she disagrees with politically.

    She also has a tendency to attack small business with one star reviews whenever she thinks an employee has committed a “racial microaggression.”

    Whoa!! You mean a business that buys and sells clothing from strangers wanted to ask some questions to the brown skinned woman who was trying to sell them some clothing? That’s fucked up!! How dare they ask questions before completing a transaction for their business. Didn’t they get the message? It’s racist to ask questions. Because a basic white chick said so!!

    Also, FYI, a “microaggression” is when a white person says something nice to someone who isn’t white, and another white person finds a way to take it offensively.

    Funny that Brie was attack small businesses like this though. Ya know, since she owns her own photography business called Briezzy Photgraphy:

    Whatever you do, do NOT go on her company’s Facebook page and tell them that you would never, ever allow a dangerous woman like this to photograph your child. That would be a shitty thing to do. Not that it matters since she hasn’t posted any new work in years. Shocking that business is failing so badly.

    She’s also a nanny, and has a profile on savvysitterboston.com:

    In other words, she’s a grown woman who is a professional babysitter. She also graduated from Northeastern, and more than likely comes from an affluent, exclusively white community. She spent $200,000 on a useless degree that has gotten her nowhere in life. Now she’s angry at the world because she’s unlovable.

    No way would I ever let a predator like this near my child. She’d brainwash them into believing all cops are bad, and teach them that it’s OK to violently attack those who disagree with you. She’s a menace and a danger to society and SHE is the one who should be getting exposed, not the cop who was only doing his job.

    How quickly we forget that cops like Sean Daniely were praised for being heroes four years ago during the hunt for the Boston Marathon terrorists. One of them was shot, and a MIT cop was assassinated so that Timon and Jafar, your friendly neighborhood terrorists, didn’t kill any more civilians. Cops keep us safe every single day, and all these ungrateful piece of human garbage can do is try to smear their good names on social media. Don’t let them win. Sean Daniely isn’t the bad guy here. Brie Mainiero is.

    P.S. How long until they dismiss everything we just wrote because Turtleboy as a white nationalist/KKK/Nazi/sexist/homophobic/transphobic/Islamophobic website?


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    1. rexisfat

      True story: I actually know Brie. She dated my very good friend from college. She’s a real pig. He used to tell me she wouldn’t let him go home until she was satisfied anally. There was one time she blew my friend and his roommate in the men’s bathroom at the Harp. After they blew their loads she demanded that one of them fucked her in the ass. They both were out of gas and couldn’t do it. She got so pissed she literally punched my friend in the jaw and stormed out of the place. She was and always will be a fucking PIG!

      1. Noseface

        You have no idea how much I hope that is all true.

      2. Julie

        Frickin love that story..I pray its true!!

      3. suckittrebek

        yeah i remember that she said she needed a real anus stretching because she was constipated and had to take a mean dump.

      4. Bill Clinton

        What’s her phone number? I wonder if she’s available this Friday night.

      5. Danny

        Just because she likes alot of cock ! That dont make her a bad girl!!! Lol. An what does taking dick have to do with being a bully? Weardo.

    2. ?

      Luckily for the black woman, and Ms. Brie Maininero, in her cheesiness, she was apparently not arrested. Technically, I think she should have been.

      Doesn’t know about Boston, and or MA, but NYS has a precise penal code for such conduct:

      NYS Penal Law 242.20 Section 240.20 Disorderly Conduct: A person is guilty of disorderly conduct when with intent to cause public inconvenience, annoyance or alarm; or recklessly creating a risk there of: 1 Engagement in fighting or in violent/tumultuous or threatening behaviour (the black woman in picture when being held back by an officer) 2. Makes unreasonable noise; or 3. In public place, uses abusive/obscene language and/or gestures; 4. without lawful authority, disturbs any lawful assembly of meetings/persons; 5. Obstructs vehicular or pedestrian traffic; 6. Congregates with others in public place and refuses to comply with a lawful order of the police to disperse (take a hint Brie); 7. Creation of a hazardous or physically offencive condition by any act which serves no legitimate purpose (Anifar, take note) Disorderly conduct is a penal code violation. Ms. Maininero has committed at least 3 of the above (3, 4, and 6).

      Its understood that laws and codes differ from each state or locality, but seriously, Brie has gotten away. Chances are she’d been arrested if trying such antics again or elsewhere.

    3. Lifeisgood

      I would like to trade every child in every one of those major hospitals out there suffering for each and everyone of those people. Instead of suffering in some hospital down the road having to listen to very fortunate people whine about the color of their skin. You think you have it bad. Give me a break.

    4. J-Dub

      1) I can’t decide which is more discrediting. The fact this woman is named after cheese which smells like French feet or the fact this woman could have played Ann Coulter in that fake Sarah Palin porno

      2) Speaking of fake, TurtleBoy can’t truly considered a white nationalist/KKK/Nazi/sexist/homophobic/transphobic/Islamophobic website without a “fake black guy.” You’re welcome.

    5. Welfare Hater

      Send her to North Korea or some other shitty place. Lets see how far she makes it.

    6. […] (A local blogger who has a pretty big following) wrote up a couple articles about what happened. Unemployed Babysitter Consumed With White Guilt Tries To Smear Decorated Boston Cop For Protecting A… Antifa Terrorists Assaulted An Elderly Woman, Stole Her Flag, Threw Urine At Cops, 33 Were […]

    7. SanFrancesca

      “Actual Nazis” – these are not actual nazis, this woman needs to read a fcking history book.

      1. Rochambeau

        Well, she wouldn’t want that to be mistaken for that casual Nazi epithet.

    8. Stan the man

      She has those eyes that betray her inner craziness.

    9. DJ Trump

      Look at the beak on that bird fellas!

    10. Publius

      The Democrats may never win another election aligning with these nuts. Identity politics recipe for continued irrelevance.

    11. Marylee

      Seems funny when I look for help in the cities to work with teenagers I can’t find anyone to help me, I do it all on my own ! Going to the middle schools and help them learn about food and nutrition and positive thinking and fitness. Have all these activists but they don’t do anything- they don’t do anything for anybody else F this stupid white bitch
      I’m a white woman from a mostly white community who has 0 money and I do this in my own.
      I have probably about 50+kids over the years who call me Mom and none of them are white .
      These people have no idea what they are doing to thus country

    12. Seanomac

      I’m sure I’ll take shit for this but do we know if the guy in the trump shirt wasn’t the aggressor? He looked pretty drunk to me.. Not saying that he was but if someone got aggressive with me I’ll damn sure defend myself and depending on how mad I am, I may chase you down to give you another lump. I’m not even talking about the cop! I’m proud of Boston for no dropping the ball like they did in Charlottesville! I’m just saying that I didn’t see anything from the video that showed me that guy didn’t deserve a punch

    13. Craig

      The cops have to deal with these delusional people on a daily basis. The cops have so many restrains now, it’s difficult just to enforce the law and protect the public.

    14. Stunt Penis

      Brie is quite the beautiful woman. A blonde Jennifer Aniston. Physically, she won the genetic lottery.

      Too bad she’s fucked up in the head. No inner beauty there. Just a festering pool of hate, even though I’m sure she doesn’t recognize it.

      Could have made a normal dude quite the happy man, settle down, have some babies, live the American dream…. but instead…. a waste.

      1. StupidIsAsStupidDoes

        More like Sarah Jessica Parker on crystal meth. Gross.

    15. Mongo Shepard

      Did that eyebrow piercing come with a free Limp Bizkit CD?

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