Turtleboy Sports NFL Week 2 Experts Poll

Turtleboy Sports NFL Week 2 Experts Poll

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Obviously a lot has changed since then, except for the Jets. They’re still the craptacular abortion sandwich we all knew they were.

Here’s this week’s poll:

As you can see the big losers were the Texans, Bengals, and Colts, who are all a million times worse than we ever could’ve imagined. The Pats have fallen off the top spot, but they’ll be back on top in no time. The Vikings, Chiefs, and Rams all climbed the most. Although I dunno if beating up on the crapbag Colts is worth anything for the Rams, but maybe they’ll actually be a competitive team this year.

Here’s how the Turtleboy experts voted for week 2:

As you can see, I got the Raiders #1. They look good man. Tennessee is a really good team, and they went into Nashville and whooped em. I had the Chiefs lower than everyone else because that game was a fluke for Alex Smith. I still think the Steelers are overrated and the Browns are underrated.

Now here’s why each of my colleagues is a moron:

Dr. Walsh

  • The Falcons had trouble with the Bears. The BEARS!!! Anyone who thinks they’re better than the Cowboys, Patriots, or Raiders is high.
  • I know the Dolphins haven’t played yet, but having them above the Eagles is a joke.
  • The Vikings beat a team that amazingly seems to get worse on defense every single year. If you can make Sam Bradford look good, you don’t deserve to be a NFL defense. Overrated Vikings.


Crap Factory

  • His list was the closest to mine, only differentiating a spot or two on almost every team. He’s been a good turtle.
  • My biggest grievance is his treatment of the Browns. How can anyone think they’re worse than the Colts? They gave Pittsburgh a game, and easily could’ve won if Kenny Britt knew how to catch a football in the open field. Mean Indy got murdered by the Rams. The RAMS!!!


Intern Turtle

  • This kid sweats the Steelers. I’m telling you, they’re a 9-7 team this year.
  • Simma down with Detroit. It was one game, they beat a mediocre Arizona team. They’re still the Lions.
  • The Titans are too low. The Raiders are wicked good man. After a million years we’ve finally reached the point where it’s OK to lose to Oakland.


So which expert’s list is the most accurate? We’ll see how the games play out this weekend. Probably Uncle Turtleboy.


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  • Lt Dan
    September 15, 2017 at 5:24 pm

    “After a million years we’ve finally reached the point where it’s OK to lose to Oakland.”

    It’s never ok to lose to Oakland you faggot

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