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  • Twitter Just Suspended Us For Sharing Our Blog About Why We Hate The “Hate Has No Home Here Signs”

    Twitter Just Suspended Us For Sharing Our Blog About Why We Hate The “Hate Has No Home Here Signs”

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    We just wrote this blog about how we hate the “Hate has no home here” signs you see in white suburbs.

    We shared it on social media. Within minutes we were put in Twitter timeout:

    Amazing. I really hate the kind of world that assholes social justice warriors are trying to create. Fuck your stupid safe space. Turtleboy will never, ever, ever stop saying the truth. I don’t care how many Facebook pages and Twitter accounts we have to create. We will never, ever, ever stop using our First Amendment rights to be the voice of the silent majority. Ever.

    On second glance it looks like we can still tweet, but the only people who can see us tweet are people who already follow us. At least when Facebook suspends you it’s a real suspension. What kind of fake ass safe space is this?

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    1. chrissy house

      let’s everyone on twitter send a msg

      1. chrissy

        it’s all viewable now!

    2. Twat Tickler

      Come on dude. I love coming to turtleboy to read about everyone’s ratchet behavior, and i agree with everything about those chodes virtue signaling and being queefs. You guys have at least tried to pepper in some positive reinforcement feel good stories in the past but i haven’t seen it lately. Constant negative reinforcement gets bland. I’ve had jobs where it’s easy to be cynical all the time and it’s miserable falling into that mindset 100% of the time. Hope to see more positive stories soon!

      1. Can't deal

        All turtle has is negative slander and fake are stories. He ruined a good blog with his personal garbage

    3. hahahaohreally

      We want you to freely express yourself, just not like that!!! That might be the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read.

    4. Whitney

      Isn’t getting suspended by Twitter a badge of Honor now?

    5. Independent Thinker

      This is why we all need to boycott social media sites, such as facebook and twitter. I believe in free speech. I do not believe in censorship. Not only do those sites censor what people post, they are also responsible for what people actually read for news.

      Facebook has no product, other than the personal information that people post on their site. If everyone stops using it, they will go out of business.

      1. Queef Olbermann

        Nailed it

      2. Hughbo Mont

        thinker, you are 100% correct. In fact, if “everybody” got together and boycotted, they could probably make a deal with FB to get paid a very small amount per click and/or post to end the boycott. Never happen. Too many people wouldn’t know what to do with themselves if they couldn’t access FB 50 times a day no matter how short the boycott would be.

        1. Hughbo Mont

          Maybe a FB Users Union is needed. LOL!!

      3. mitch

        actually , FACEBOOK does have a product, YOU. every tiny digital bit that is posted on fb is saved forever!! they are selling you, and YOU gave them the product to sell. what they do with it is their business, you have NO say in the matter because you gave it to them. i am stunned when i see that people don’t realize how insidious and dangerous Facebook is. can you imagine what stalin, hitler, or hillary clinton would do with all of the information that has been gathered? the killing machines would be running 24 hrs a day.

        1. Smartypants

          Mitchy, You are so smart!!! I never knew about those tiny digital bits, But always wondered how/why I was getting bombarded with Ads/Emails from everywhere that I had visited! Brilliant!!!!!

          1. Tired of Don't Snitch Pussies

            Even your sarcasm is low rent. Strive to do better – despite your obvious disabilities.

          2. mitch

            use adblock plus. it’s open source, so it’s free. no more ads or being bombarded. speeds your computer up bigtime as well. good luck

    6. Don

      Social media is the antichrist. The bad far outweighs the good. Everyone should dump it. Watch how fast everyone’s “passionate opinions” and social justice bullshit stops when they don’t have an audience.

    7. Wtf

      So if only followers can see tweets when ur pseudo suspended , then all the riders can retweet and message follows? Or do they stop from retweeting? Which would be the smart thing. But now I would just tweet more w instructions to retweet all day.

      1. Can't deal

        Turtle riders are more gay than Dennis rodman

    8. Precious the Snowflake

      Love Trumps hate… Unless you’re a Trump supporter… then I hate you…

      1. Pedo turtle

        eeeeeeemmmmmmm you blow. All of you. My sick, your mouths, 1 by you can’t all taste my home brewed vinegar. Special batch for turtlebitch but he’d rather flag his name than stop fucking kids and show his nasty little troll face.

        1. Tired of Don't Snitch Pussies

          Were you typing that while you were getting your ass blasted, or are you just that illiterate?

    9. Can't

      Finally fuck your shitty page u fucking loser. Full of sshit

    10. Really? Hahaha

      No idea why. Maybe because you and your blogs are a bunch of faked bullshit. You are a scam my lonely obese fugly friend. Turtleboy blows boys. Hes the turtle head that pokes in n out your childrens ass. Nastu a.i.d.e.n. k.e.a.r.n.y. You are a pedophile fairy fucker. Who eats dick in a hotdog contest and still wins. For most cocks swallowed ever hahahahaha

      1. Tired of Don't Snitch Pussies

        How many times can one troll virtue signal under different names? Just curious – I’d love to know how many times it takes before you are at peace with your self-righteous delusions?

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