Twitter Suspended Us For A Week Because We’re The Bad Boys Of Social Media And Said The Guy Who Pulled A Gun On The Cops Deserved To Die, Follow Our New Account

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Hey fam – if you’d like to support Turtleboy and what we do here, feel free to hit the donate button at the top. We basically have to run this site like a Bernie Sanders campaign now since we’ve been blacklisted by Google and Facebook, due to the fact that rabid SJWs keep reporting our posts. Getting blacklisted by Google is a death sentence for most websites, since it’s much harder to monetize. And we all know the damage Facebook has done. We’re never going to stop fighting for free speech, but in the meantime the best way for turtle riders to fight back is to donate to the cause. Without you people none of this is possible. We love you all.


For those turtle riders who follow @TurtleboyNews (our 3rd Twitter account), we are currently suspended for a week because we were “abusive” and engaged in “targeted harassment” because we told someone on Twitter that the guy killed by Chicago Police after pulling out a gun on them deserved to die:

Whatever. Just like with Facebook, this “competitor” is controlled by Silicon Valley pinhead robots. They’ve handed their platform to the mob. And for the record, I just want to be clear that he deserved to die 1,000%. If you pull a gun out on a cop during an arrest, you don’t get to live. You earned your death. I for one am sick and tired of watching police get killed by these maggots because they’re in fear of Internet mobs on Twitter and Facebook. Shaun King literally lies every day and sends millions of people after innocent citizens, teachers, and police officers.

But that’s because Martin Luther Cream is a white leader of black lives matter, and Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s CEO, is banging Deray McKesson, another black lives matter leader. They are protected status. We are not. It’s their platform.

Honestly, I’m starting to get flattered. All Twitter and Facebook are doing is establishing our street cred as the bad boys of the Internet. If you’re getting censored by these millennial hate speech pussies, then you’re obviously doing something right. We carry it as a badge of honor. Because guess what? Turtle riders are gonna find us. You can’t keep us off your platforms completely. You’re turning Turtleboy into punk rock. We’re the bad boy you don’t want taking your daughter out for ice cream fribbles. Except instead of deflowering her, we just throw hot takes at you 24/7.

Of course it happened right when we got this one retweeted over 500 times:

We picked up 1,000 new followers who are all gonna think we’re dead now or something.

But we’re never dead. We don’t rebuild, we reload. So make sure you’re following our fourth Twitter account – @SportsTurtleboy. Kind of works out well because it gives us a solid week to build up that page before coming back to @TurtleboyNews in a blaze of glory next Monday.

Oh, and we reported this one to Twitter, which is a woman urging people to shoot the police:

And of course it’s still up. Because you can urge people to kill cops, you just can’t say that people killed by police deserved their ending.

5 Comment(s)
  • WTrash
    August 9, 2018 at 8:26 pm

    Can’t We All Just Get Along is someone of color with a domestic violence arrest history. Go figure!

  • Turtleboy is so out
    July 18, 2018 at 9:25 am


  • brian albrecht
    July 18, 2018 at 6:21 am



  • KimberlyS
    July 17, 2018 at 3:29 pm

    “The reason the Gestapo was able to control the German people was the people were too afraid to fight back.”

    Actually, it’s because the government registered, and then confiscated, all the Jewish people’s (and other dissenter’s) guns. But . . . FACKS.

  • Dr. Ed
    July 16, 2018 at 1:56 pm

    Time for an anti-trust suit against both Farcebook and TwitList.

    Seriously, TB, you have grounds to sue them — a monopoly that restrained your business.

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