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Two Years Later, The Flaws In The Freeh Report Finally Come To Light

Contrary to popular belief, this never happened.

Contrary to popular belief, this never happened.

By J-Dub

Even since the Jerry Sandusky scandal broke at Penn State three years ago, my position on this story has been both clear and consistent. You can research the Dubsism archives to see it for yourself, but for purposes of this discussion, it can be summed up in a single compound sentence. From Day One, people lost sight of what should have been the focus of this story should have been how we as a society need to protect our children.

All you had to do was to read the Freeh Report to know that was not going to be the case. Honestly, you had to be living on the dark side of the moon to not know it before then; the Freeh Report just became the perfect example of how even a tale this tragic can become just another vehicle for the advancement of a political agenda.

In particular, I was especially critical of the Freeh Report for several reasons, but most notably that it attempted to place Joe Paterno in a similar position of guilt as the three university officials who are facing federal charges. The reason why that was done was simply to put the face of Penn State football closer to the actual crime in order to make Penn State a more politically-acceptable whipping boy for the NCAA.

And now CBS Sports is reporting that fact is now beginning to come to light.

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