• Why Are Cumberland Farms & Barstool Sports Employing Typecasted Actor Michael Rapaport As He’s Attacking A 2 Year Old And Sexually Harassing Women On Twitter?

    Why Are Cumberland Farms & Barstool Sports Employing Typecasted Actor Michael Rapaport As He’s Attacking A 2 Year Old And Sexually Harassing Women On Twitter?

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    Yesterday we published this blog about D-List typecasted actor, and current Barstool Sports employee Michael Rapaport. He once played a pedophile on Law and Order SVU, so you know his career is going great!! Oh, and he’s wicked funny because he says “fuck” a lot:


    You might not remember him from his critically acclaimed roles like “Mailman with tax notice” in Next Friday. But you probably recognize his voice because he’s the official spokesperson for Cumberland Farm’s coffee:

    Basically this guy’s whole schtick is, “I’m a loud guy with a New York accent who likes to swear a lot, and because I can’t find good work I’m going full SJW to someone in Hollywood will notice me.” And he thinks this gives him license to say whatever he wants to whoever he wants, even though he’s a representative of Barstool Sports, Cumberland Farms, and the Chernin Group, which owns Barstool. So long as he remains employed by these people they are condoning everything he says and does on his social media. Like attacking a small girl for being “cockeyed” because the girl’s father doesn’t agree with his political opinions:

    We pointed this out yesterday, and it’s all still up today. Naturally he’s doubled down and continued to go after this small child for her physical appearance:

    See? It’s funny to attack small children because he used the term “homeboy.” Get it? He’s urban, edgy, and unfiltered!! Hilarious stuff.

    For the record this girl looks perfectly normal and very sweet:

    And yet the boycotters and protesters are coming after Turtleboy for exposing corruption and criminals. Meanwhile, this is what Barstool Sports and Cumberland Farms is endorsing – a grown man demeaning a child’s physical appearance relentlessly.

    Human. Garbage.

    He also tells his haters that he’s fucking their wives:

    He also demeans women on social media for their physical appearance, and asks turtle riding females “what dat mouff do”:

    Once again, he is a representative of Barstool Sports and Cumberland Farms, sexually harassing women, telling men he fucked their wives, and degrading what appears to be a two year old child.

    Oh, and he’s taunting people who are telling him that they’re no longer drinking Cumby’s coffee because they employ him:

    This is how confident he is that Cumberland Farms won’t cut him off.

    Well, let’s see about that. I’m disgusted by this piece of shit. We urge you all to email Cumby’s at [email protected], and let them know that they are employing a person who makes fun of little girls for being “cockeyed,” sexually harasses women, and tells people he’s fucking their wives.

    We can’t find Barstool CEO Erica Nardini’s email address, but here is her Twitter account., and here is her LinkedInFeel free to flood her mentions on Twitter with links to this story.

    Time to put this meatstick in the Turtleoby graveyard.



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    1. Long Time turtle rider

      Boo turtleboy booo.
      Now you’re just grasping.
      It’s time for me to split, like the others have.
      Good luck with your blogging

      1. Johnny5

        its getting sad. I’m all for calling out / shaming the local hood rats and addicts. Those are great blogs. But his national takes are horrendous. Who gives a fuck about Jemele Hill or Michael Rapoport? Just my opinion. Thumbs down me all you want.

        1. Tired of Don't Snitch Pussies

          See ya, snowflakes.

          Say hi to Old Balls while you’re gone!

        2. Lala

          Lmao hahaha! Ya mad bro? I can’t!!

    2. Kevi bashed in my skull

      I can’t stand him. How does Cumby’s think they’ll sell more coffee in mass by having this new york dipshit be their spokesman?

    3. Long Arm of the Law

      Emailed Cumby’s.

      I don’t agree with Longtimeturtlerider or Johnny5.

      This guy is an assclown.

      1. Mark D

        I’m very proud of ya

    4. Irishcurse

      The guy is on a show on Netflix and he plays the father of a kid with autism. He is making fun of a child? I usually don’t
      Give a fuck about celebrities and their stupid opinions. Most of them would have shit jobs if they weren’t entertainers because they don’t have the intelligence or the ability to grasp reality to hold a normal job. Fuck this guy.

    5. wabbitt

      I haven’t been in a Cumbie’s in years, and I’m not starting now.

    6. chrissy

      idk it seems like he’s just fucking around

      1. Tired of Don't Snitch Pussies

        I don’t think he’s that bright, he is an “actor” after all.

        He’s a monkey that gets paid to dance for my entertainment.

        Dance, monkey, dance.

    7. chrissy

      trash talk i.e. jokes
      i think he’s doing the kind of trash talk he does on the basketball court but doing it online doesn’t go over quite as well but yeah… jokes.

    8. chrissy

      i guess you haven’t seem him in some of his heavier roles then…..

    9. chrissy

      when he replies that “groupie on my D” thing to our turtleboy he’s clearly just being ridiculous and has no idea who he is talking to. in those types of situations it’s just a random green avatar he’s replying to. he’s just rich as fuck and killing boredom on the internet. he’s filthy rich cos he’s a famous beloved actor so he doesn’t care. there’s no personal vendetta there or I’d say, get a pitchfork we’re a’comin for ya rappy!

    10. BubbaFunk

      Nardini has single handedly turned Barstool into a catlady hugbox “blog” and the dudes that work now there should just cut their dicks off already and get it over with – they’re all 100% pussified now. It used to be a funny site and now the only thing remotely good about it is Frank the Tank (who was a joke hire that turned into the only legit sports blogger they have). They should just rename themselves Gawker already and pay for a gender reassignment surgery for Riggs as their final hurrah (he’s the biggest faglord there) and then shut that shithole down.

    11. They call me Ponch

      Someone convinced me to try the Cumby’s coffee.

      It’s sucks. Bigly.

    12. Labor Rules

      Cumberland Farms was caught stealing wages from their employees in RI so this doesn’t surprise me at all.

    13. Rightwinger

      This has nothing to do with him, It’s all about bashing Barstool! Same MO, time and time again!

    14. chrissy

      I’m not familiar with Barstool, clearly

    15. HeyBooHowYou

      You’re reaching on this one. Apparently you’re not familiar with Barstool Sports. While you’re at it, you should contact Foxy Lady to tell them that one of their employees posted nudes on IG.

    16. Kevin

      That stooge also has 100k fake followers. I only checked cuz I never heard of the punk and yet he had 250k followers. Sorry d list d bags don’t have that many real followers. He’s a Fraud

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