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Woke Hingham Fruit Center Mob Says Turtleboy Is Racist For Assuming Sanchez-Martinez Is A Hispanic Last Name, Already Blaming Turtleboy For “Death Threats” From Random Nobodies

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Hello Turtle Riders. As you know if you follow Turtleboy we are constantly getting censored and banned by Facebook for what are clearly not violations of their terms of service. Twitter has done the same, and trolls mass reported our blog to Google AdSense thousands of times, leading to demonitization. We can get by and survive, but we could really use your help. Please consider donating by hitting the PayPal button above if you’d like support free speech and what we do in the face of Silicon Valley censorship. Or just buy our award winning book about the dangers of censorship and rise of Turtleboy: 


Yesterday we published this blog about a mob of woke white people from Hingham that was attacking and trying to financially damage a well respected fruit market after a woman shared an unconfirmed, third hand anecdote about being called a racial slur and working in a place that tolerates sexual harassment of employees.

(see entire thread in blog linked above)

It’s important to publish blogs like this, because since the inception of Turtleboy Sports we have always been the defender of small businesses who get unfairly attacked by Internet mobs. Did it happen? Probably not. For one, it makes no sense to call this girl the n word since she’s not African-American. Secondly, it’s hard to imagine that a place that has been lauded for their treatment of employees would have a manager who thinks nothing of using racial slurs to describe employees in front of other employees. Thirdly, they have great reviews from former employees on Indeed, and credible sources like Iraq war veterans have nothing but good things to say about their time working there.

The accuser also dates the second hand source who told her he heard the racial slur,

and recently started a GoFundMe for tuition to an unnamed college, which hasn’t gotten any donations.

Now she’s the town darling, and people are much more likely to consider donating to the cause.

Well, Ms. GoFruitCenter apparently loves the attention until she doesn’t. And predictably she did what many ratchets before her have done when becoming Turtleboy famous – victimize themselves. Of course we did nothing to victimize her, because all we did was call out her tactics of smearing a small business while concealing the alleged proof because of “legal” reasons. So she whined and attempted to tie us to the “death threats.” We get death threats on a regular basis at Turtleboy Sports. If they sound serious we just call the police and document it. To this day no one has ever followed through on a threat, because words on a computer screen are just words on a computer screen. And whining about it on Facebook doesn’t make you a victim of anything.

It started when the high school kid who said he didn’t want us covering this story posted a threat he received.

“Anyone else who has an opinion has opened up to harassment like this.”

People who say stuff like this are just trying to stop people from voicing opinions they don’t agree with by blaming them for threatening messages received. Newsflash – the only person responsible for threatening messages are the people who send them. That’s it. Beware of anyone who tries to silence someone else’s speech on the basis that their speech could provoke violence. All this is is an end-around to censorship.

It goes without saying that we are anti-death threat. Always have been. If you read our blogs and choose to send threats then you’re not one of us. We actually hate you, and would prefer if you didn’t read our blogs. But it’s a free country so we can’t stop you. All we can do is control our speech, stick to the facts, and call out bad people doing bad things.

Tricia got one from Matt Sloane too.

Again, if you’re worried that this individual will hurt you, you should probably call the police, because they likely committed a crime by doing this. This is between you and them. Blogs do not make people commit crimes. We won’t stop exposing people doing bad things because people might send death threats as a result. That’s not how freedom works. I can’t even find Matt Sloane’s Facebook page when I search for it so I have no idea who he is, or if that’s a real name. If it’s his real name then he’s just another stupid criminal.

But wait, it gets better. Evidently we’re racist for assuming that Tricia Sanchez-Martinez is Latina.

You’re probably right Sonya. Here I was thinking that someone with not one, but TWO of the most Hispanic last names that have ever existed, were in fact Hispanic. Turns out I’m just a big ol’ racist! Little did I know she was actually from Andorra. Or it could be her step-parent’s last name, and she just happens to have a very similar skin complexion to many people who come from Latin American countries.

Yea, who CHOOSES to associate a last name to a race of people? When I hear the name Declan O’Sullivan the first thing I think is “he might be from Monaco.” Or when I met Carlo Digiovanni I definitely considered the fact that he might be from a remote village in Mongolia. I’m just open minded and tolerant like that.

Then again, we’re dealing with a woman who drags people out into the woods and makes people take pictures of her in order to try to get people to hire her for whatever hippie bullshit she’s peddling.

Plus, she’s gotta be telling the truth because, “what does she have to gain?”

Gee whiz, that’s a tough one.

Although the sweetest victory was probably getting revenge on the boss who didn’t give her a big enough raise despite her completely lack of marketable skills.

These people were NOT happy that people of their ilk were called out on Turtleboy, and quickly pointed out that Turtleboy is NOT a trusted news source.

Right. We’re the only ones who try to monetize our websites. The mainstream media is devoid of advertisements and click baiting headlines.

Remember Botox Bonnie?

According to her she caught us telling lies.

Hey Botox Bonnie, here’s a lie – your claim that the Attorney General’s office is investigating a Facebook post.

As for the “Turtleboy isn’t real news” nonsense – it appears as if the “real news” disagrees with us, since they use us as a source quite frequently. Ya know, places like NBC:

The Boston Globe, which credited us with taking down and exposing massive corruption in the State Police.

Then there was the Boston Herald.

How the pieces fell into place in incident report-scrubbing flap

And Masslive.

And the Washington Post, which said the following:

The story on the editing of the police report first surfaced in October in a local blog, Turtleboy Sports, which said it had heard from several state troopers who expressed “outrage.” Other local media picked up the story soon after.

So it appears as if “other local media picked up the story soon AFTER” we did, because we reported the story FIRST.

Nevertheless the people who choose to believe shitposting on social media were not impressed.

Hey Alex, how bout I print a copy of our blogs, add a Sodoku, fold it up, charge you $2.50, and then send it to you? Because that’s the difference between a newspaper and a blog. And newspapers likely will not exist in print 20 years from now because no one reads print newspapers except for the old guys at the deli.

Our work is done here.

26 Comment(s)
  • randiguy2006
    Randall Guy
    December 28, 2018 at 12:28 pm

    TB writes in book about getting death threats…says that’s bad.

    TB butt boys make death threats based on TBs “reporting”…it must be FAKE NEWS!

  • Hugh-Bo Mont
    December 28, 2018 at 12:17 pm

    She should change her name to Derty-Sanchez. Problem solved.

  • Independent Thinker
    December 28, 2018 at 9:54 am

    There is no excuse for death threats. However, one needs to keep in mind that when you attempt to bring someone down, others may react rather harshly towards you, and if your accusations result in someone losing their job, they may just snap and come after you. There’s a lesson to be learned here — stay off of facebook, twitter, and all the other social media platforms. Your future employers will take your posts into account in deciding whether or not to hire you.

  • Rats Nest
    December 28, 2018 at 8:42 am

    She sure looks like my neighbor down at Mcmurdo Antartica. I swear I shoveled out her car…..

  • Sympathetic Sam
    December 28, 2018 at 7:46 am

    My sympathies go out to Justin Deane. He worked 5 years at the grocery store to become a produce manager. Just to throw it all away after hearing third handed that a supposed slur may have been said.
    Now the sad prick will probably have to start his career all over again at a Family Dollar stocking the dreaded cat toy isle and working his way back up!

  • Botox Betty Rocks
    December 28, 2018 at 7:28 am

  • The vorlon
    December 28, 2018 at 3:10 am

    Giggitty giggity goo goo! Splat!

  • On and on
    December 27, 2018 at 10:12 pm

    Wow this is like Deja vu or Groundhog Day all over again? We get it, your favorite fruit stand got a bad review from a former employee.
    Nobody really cares but you. Give it up.

  • Barbecue Bill
    December 27, 2018 at 9:30 pm

    Solie AKA botox Bettie  looks great for 60 

  • Oodle the talking Poodle
    December 27, 2018 at 8:38 pm

    Ah! those crazy Latvian women!

  • Old Guy At The Deli
    December 27, 2018 at 8:11 pm

    HEY! What is the Sam Hill do you asshats have against old guys reading newspapers at the deli? Is the inky fingerprints on the coffee cups? Is the long, loud, and kinda wet farts that sneak up on us? Oh wait, I know. Its the fact that your young lady friends gaze covetously at us with those wanton eyes as we do our crossword puzzles, and you stare at that infernal electronic device in your hand. Well good luck rubbing one out with Pornhub tonight while we nibble the nectar from Roxanne you inexperienced simp.

  • Rats Nest
    December 27, 2018 at 7:24 pm

    Obviously, the ones she has opened her stench trench for are the ones defending her. … You know they gotta prove “loyalty” before they get a taste…

  • Daddy Brokebucks
    December 27, 2018 at 7:12 pm

    All this bullshit back and forth, yada yada yada. Lets face facts, this tricia martinez chick is a sexy piece of ass, very pretty face. I think she would have a much better result looking at sugar daddy websites. If i had the funds, id put her on the payroll

  • Wade Boggs Taint
    December 27, 2018 at 6:13 pm

    I knew a guy that said he heard another guy call this guy’s friends mothers third cousins roommate a something that HAS to be offensive to someone, so I demand reparations . Stand with me Hingham chardonnay moms and beings of indiscriminate sexual identity. Your Facebook faux concern and heartfelt OMGs give me the strength to persevere. #maybemetoo

    • z
      December 28, 2018 at 3:10 am

      I know that roommate!!!

  • Dindu Plantation dot com
    December 27, 2018 at 5:42 pm

    Mudshark spick trash!

    • Back away from the keyboard, sloooowly
      December 29, 2018 at 6:03 am

      Considering the fact that she was on the arm of a blindingly white boy and that she herself is a brown person, the term “Mudshark” does not apply.
      If you’re going to throw those kind of names around, at least know how to do it.

  • White Power Tie
    December 27, 2018 at 5:12 pm

    Who’s the tranni in the floppy hat?

    What racism, blacks and illegals get equal opportunity on TBS for their crimes and bullshit same as the white people do.

    Judging by the patio-posse’s reaction you would think TBS called them N*qgers and Sp*cs. TBS didn’t call them N*qgers and Sp*cs. Lezzie Warren followers and greedy J@ws with cobwebs in their cunts making trouble for working folk.

  • Disco Dan
    December 27, 2018 at 4:54 pm

    Judging from the pictures of your last blog this store couldn’t be more diverse.
    The pictures show happy employees from the ages of 18 to 65, men and women of all nationalities, genders including LQTBG so what have they done wrong?
    The odds are good that a couple of black guys unloading the produce truck were like ‘That Tricia is fine my ni@@a’ which is perfectly fine because blacks are allowed to use the N word.

    If you stop rapers from using the N word rap will die like disco did.

  • Patrick O'Shaughnessy, Nairobi, Kenya
    December 27, 2018 at 4:52 pm

    How dare you assume to assign a race or ethnicity to this poor young…. person! I will not stand for your microaggressions any longer!

  • Yuck
    December 27, 2018 at 4:25 pm

    Hey Solie, your suck looks like a prolapsed asshole. I guess if that is the look you were going for, it worked. Personally, I prefer the starfish between butt cheeks not on the fucking face.

  • MrSmiley
    December 27, 2018 at 4:14 pm

    Professional victim status achieved! No one notice it’s the same troll w the death threats? If you haven’t been threatened online before you’re not doing your job. One person threatening you is minor league shit. Her gofundme will max out and this will continue until college where the next bs story will take place.

  • Lars Eriksson, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
    December 27, 2018 at 4:08 pm

    How dare you not take into consideration that she may have been part of the huge Andorran American population of MA

  • Sick of these Ratchet Fucks
    December 27, 2018 at 3:42 pm

    Hey TBS! How could you pick on this sweet, suntanned Jewish Girl? I mean have you no shame? These people are showing the world that the only skills they have are baggers at Trader Joes.

  • mcf1122
    December 27, 2018 at 3:27 pm

    The low infos are calling anything that they don’t like racist or nazi without knowing what the definition of either one of them is.

  • Manuel Labore
    December 27, 2018 at 3:26 pm

    I hope the owners of this store take this to the absolute limit and do whatever it takes to protect their good name from this attack by an ex-employee and a bunch of morons who are blindly supporting her. If you know in your heart you are innocent, apologize for NOTHING. Settle for NOTHING. Don’t cower and give into these dopes in hope that it will placate them and make them go away. They will never stop until you are either out of business or you sell. F— every last one of them.

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