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  • Do NOT Call This Phone Number: 413-325-1764

    Do NOT Call This Phone Number: 413-325-1764

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    Someone from the 413 apparently does not like Turtleboy blogs. This brilliant human being texted an associate of ours, wrongly operating under the belief that he was contacting “Turtleboy” (because there’s only one of us, right?). Seeing as he contacted the wrong person, this individual passed on the message to us. Perhaps turtle riders can identify who this person is so we can send them a prize!!

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    I’m sure whoever this person is trying to contact Turtleboy on behalf of is an upstanding person who din du nuffin. Because generally the kind of people we blog about are productive, law abiding members of society who never exhibit ratchet behavior in public. Ever.

    Anyway, we once again urge people NOT to call 413-325-1764 and inform this person that YOU are Turtleboy. Because even though we ALL are Turtleboy, since Turtleboy is a lifestyle, not a person, you still should NOT call 413-325-1764 to tell the person who answers that you are Turtleboy. We would HATE to see this person’s phone bombarded by hundreds of calls from various Turtleboy’s. That would NOT be hilarious.

    P.S. Note to self – don’t pick fights via meaningless threats with anyone who has 56,000 Facebook followers.




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    1. Twat tickler

      Keith Bazzaio? Don’t know if the last name is spelled right but it’s phonetically (Baz-i-O). Punk ass stoolie.


      Don’t ya just love these internet threats? People are so fucking stupid. I could be sitting right next to you at, let’s say, Bennie’s having lunch, and you wouldn’t have a clue it was me, stupid fucking asshats

      1. Twat tickler

        What the fuck are you talking about?

    3. Turtle Rider

      A simple Facebook Search comes up with the name Keith Bezio

    4. Agent Bob

      Whoever it was probably used a spoof app.

      1. Barry

        Unless the person really was texting from 413 in which case it’s probably the town barber/mechanic/abortionist acting as attorney for someone turtleboy pissed off

    5. Wtf

      I emailed a couple of things , I don’t know who the person is related to but the number come up to a guy in greenfield and then when I typed his name it came up with a same first name sex offender. So I don’t know for sure and no FB for either name I found. But I am def not to good at FB stuff , I have no friends. Cuz this bitch will snitch. Lol

    6. Emily

      I feel like this has something to do with the hillbilly no teeth having family from Montague. The one where the dad took a plea bargain for sexual assault on a minor and the daughter/wife went all “he didn’t do nuttin” all over FB. Montague has the 413 area code.

      1. Emily

        It’s the most recent article from the 413 and involved a whole family. The texter said they didn’t like people talking bad about their family. Franklin county, where no one gets their teeth cleaned but the Suboxone clinic has a mile long wait of cars.

      2. turtlekiller

        oh sweetie, how wrong you are!

        1. Emily

          Actually “turtle killer”, I was 100% correct in my prediction (as you can see in the subsequent article TB posted after this one) So you can go fuck yourself sweetie. Have a great night though!! Xoxo 🙂

    7. Dindu Nuffin

      Went to voicemail

    8. notdickhinkle

      This is what I found when I did a search of the number. If it’s true I would hate having the name Dick Hinkle.
      Rick Hinkle Vernon St Greenfield Massachusetts 413-325-1764

    9. White Pride White Power

      Antoine Tarnigger

    10. Joe Shmidlap

      Just left vm for this clown announcing that I was the turtle boy. Called back again and now it’s not a working number. Fucking pussy. This kid is acting like a 14 year old girl getting her period for the first time.

      1. Itsjustme

        That didn’t take long.

      2. Fuck off Joe

        Yes, because girls can’t handle getting their period. They go into hiding, change their phone number and cry. Dickhead.

        1. Joe Shmidlap

          Bears are attracted to the menstration.

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