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  • “Guttermuppet” Making It In To The Urban Dictionary Is Just Proof That We Have The Best Fans In The World

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    I can’t stop laughing over this one. Shout out to the dude who took the time to submit it. It really made my day yesterday. 

    I know there are probably loads more of our colorful array of insults on there that we’ve missed. This was just the first one brought to my attention.  If you see one, send it in! If you do submit them please give Turtleboy Sports a shout out. Every little bit helps to spend the word to expand Turtle Nation! 

    In related news: You asked! We listened! I’m almost done with our Turtleism Dictionary and will be posting it soon. This will be your one-stop guide to turtleisms. So, if you ever wondered what the difference between a cheese hog and a Fupasloth was – you will have a nifty resource to call them what they are! 

    If you have any suggestions for terms that should make it in – just comment on this Facebook post and I will add it in. 

    Happy Monday Turtleriders! 

    South Shore Turtlegirl

    [email protected] Covering the dirty South Shore and Coast. Email me with tips, send me some hate mail, or just say hello!

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    1. brian albrecht(the real one)

      Wow great accomplishment for Turtleboy. Urban dictionary…..YAWN. YOu’re supposed ot be form the south shore. Lube up that dry sandy Vag and do something. YOu’re better than these worcester trash bags. and if any of you pussys want to prove me wrong lets meet up. IF NOT SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTHS. PUSSY ASS NIGGAS

      p.s Hey turtlegirl. SUP?

      1. South Shore Turtlegirl

        Where did this kid come from again?

        1. brian albrecht(the real one)

          Weymouth. where you from girl?

        2. TheRealZephyrCat

          Sewer. He’ll get bored at some point.

        3. BobnMic

          My name is Bob and I have a drinking problem.

          1. BobnMic

            My penis is so small I named it Fivel.

            1. BobnMic

              I’m a little Bobflake, icy and round.
              I fall from the sky (and I don’t make a sound).
              When it’s cold I’ll stay all day.
              When it’s warm I’ll melt away.
              I’m a little Bobflake, look at me.
              No other Bobflake is just like me.
              I’m so unique, as you can see,
              And just as special as Bob can be!

          2. My Cousin Vinny

            We all do, Bob. Ain’t nothing to be ashamed of.

        4. TheRealZephyrCat

          Although he’s a hardo so he might get arrested before getting bored.

        5. I hate stupid people.

          If I had to guess he is what happens when a drunken night mixed with a shit ton of drugs gets deposited in some cheese hogs stinky clam box and some runs down her leg (cause that’s where the best part of this clown went) instead of her mouth.

          1. TheRealZephyrCat

            I hate stupid people. Are you tough? maybe you should meet up with brian in weymouth. He’s really getting me and little kevin lynch’s upset. Although he absolutely has a point about kevin lynch’s family being just an insult to humanity. They all should have been aborted. We need someone tough to stand up for us!

            1. I hate stupid people.

              Wouldn’t waste my time or energy with that kid. Plus I have been taught through training to have self control. Personal protection and protection of other people is the only reason to fight. Believe me I would love to slap some sense into that moron but it won’t make a difference. Plus he strikes me as the type that would call the cops once someone beat the ever living shit outta him. I’m sure in time he will get what is due to him. He will pick a fight with the wrong person and wake up in the hospital. It’s called Karma.

            2. Brian Albrecht

              HAHAHAH I hate stupid people. you must hate yourself you fucking inbred. You wouldnt touch me before i had you praying to allah to rewind the clock before 1pm monday febuary 27th so you could rewrite history and the mistake of you ever crossing me you fucking terrorist. Any time you feel tough lmk ill swing first so you can claim self defense.

      2. Woot

        Do you even know what a dictionary is? Imma put odds on maybe, but never actually saw one or looked up a real English word.

    2. brian albrecht(the real one)


    3. brian albrecht(the real one)


    4. brian albrecht(the real one)


    5. brian albrecht(the real one)


    6. brian albrecht(the real one)


    7. brian albrecht(the real one)


    8. brian albrecht(the real one)


    9. brian albrecht(the real one)


    10. I hate stupid people.

      Turtleboy I have one for ya

      Brian Albrecht: A small penised man who like to troll websites bragging about how awesome he and Weymouth are.


      Man I was tired of that guy Brian Albrechting every website

      1. South Shore Turtlegirl

        Consider it in.

        1. brian albrecht(the real one)

          dont do it! thats the attention he wants.

      2. TheRealZephyrCat

        I actually have grown to love Brian. I have an unhealthy obsession with him, and masturbate constantly thinking about him. I think Little Kevin Lynch has the same thing, him and his gross nasty family.

        1. brian albrecht (the real one)

          Man I wish I was as smart as you muthafuckas yo. I kinda just keep repeatin the same shit. I need that book with words. Watcha call it? A dinosaurus?

          1. TheRealZephyrCat

            You mean a thesaurus?

            1. brian albrecht (the real one)

              Yeah! See. You muthafuckas are all alot smarter than me. I think my mother squeezed her legs too tight when she was pushin me out. Kinda fucked up my brain. I think some of it came out with that liquid shit that comes out when a bitch has a baby.

          2. brian albrecht(the real one)

            get a new schtick and stop backpacking off my name. NO ONE FUCKING LIKES YOU ZEPHYRCAT. YOU FUCKING PUSSY!! where do you want to meet? Catch this battering right hand right off your jaw you pussy ass nigga.

            1. brian albrecht (the real one)

              Nah man, just fuckin wit you my homo. Yo, imma lookin to hook up later bro. I hear you got a big ol’ bone in them drawers o yours. Man, I could use that creamy filling you got dawg. Hit me up!

            2. Brian Albrecht

              its funny i keep saying lets meet up so i can beat the bag out of you, you dirty creep. Keep hiding, I’ll find you eventually.

            3. brian albrecht (the real one)

              What I mean to say is I beat the cream outta that big bag between your legs. Not that I’m gay or nuthin. I just need a little protein. My diet’s been a little lean lately man. Help a weymouth bro out. I need a little wey in my mouth in weymouth. See what I did there?

    11. "I LOVE TURTLES!!!"

      I was at my local CVS, out in the effin boonies, and was chatting with the cashier about about TBS. At that very moment, the guy behind me says, “I am turtleboy!” The Turtle is Everywhere!!!!!!!!! Sincerely, Kim Richards

    12. ImNewHere

      Ive got a suggestion,

      Fake news = any piece of journalism i come across that isnt from TBS.

      Keep it up guys, your doing great!

    13. BobnMic

      Turd Burglestein FEBRUARY 27, 2017
      3 1 Rate This

      If you write a real apology letter to SSTG and then stay far out of her way, maybe, and that’s a BIG MAYBE, she’ll take pity on you and let you back, but that shit you came out with last time was very insulting. I mean seriously dude, did you read that shit or do you just not comprehend how a normal person would present an apology. Maybe you should have someone review your next attempt before you submit it.

      Just a friendly tip.

      BobnMic FEBRUARY 28, 2017
      0 0 Rate This

      Ok Turd I’ll take your suggestion. And thank you for that. God knows I do not deserve it:

      An apology to South STG that is honest and not condescending. I did go off the rails with my comment to you. My reasoning is because I think the trolls in here will be the downfall of this blog. I think they need not to be paid attention to. And when they do, they go on a roll. As we are seeing in here currently. I’ve always said that I am a TurtleBoy Sports supporter. I believe this blog has tapped into an untapped audience and I believe that I was one of those in that untapped group.

      But in the end the trolls are none of my business. That is up to you guys to deal with. I am just a proactive helpful person and pro business and that is all. And in this instance a little bit too much on the helpful front. So with that I am truly sorry. BobnMic.

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